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Former Engineers Arms Hotel
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All my life I've had a fascination for old places or ones that are abandoned, disused, desolate, deteriorating etc. Any kind of place will do, from the site of an old World War 2 airfield that is now a field with a road through the middle of it to old shops, sheds and stores! Maybe its the curiosity we have about the people who were here, who they were, what they were like, what happened to them....

Whatever is is that makes me like them, I'm hooked! My interest also extends to the related field of urban exploration and when I have more time I'll get into that more also. I hope you enjoy the photos; more will be added regularly, as I find them.

In some places it is illegal to enter abandoned buildings. Trespassing laws vary from place to place and the penalties can be severe. Know the laws before exploring and avoid a call to a Dayton criminal lawyer later.

Click on a location to see a Featured Site or scroll down for more photos of interesting places.

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Abandoned Queenslander in Holland Park West Abandoned Fire Station at Mt Gravatt Abandoned strip shops in Mt Gravatt Abandoned Art Gallery in Springbrook

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Allora - Disused Railway Station

Allora Railway Station dates back to 1897 but is disused now, along with the grain sheds alongside. The old wooden sleepers are becoming badly deteriorated.

Billinudgel - Abandoned Railway Station (26 Jun 2008))

The train don't go here no more. The sad old railway station at Billinudgel. Bypassed by the highway and with the train service ended, you'd swear the authorities are trying to kill off these emblematic small Australian towns.

Blacksoil Abandoned Roadhouse

This abandoned roadhouse is by the side of the Toowoomba Highway at Blacksoil. Although damaged, it's not as trashed as you would expect. It must have been a very ugly building in its day!

Blacksoil Abandoned Roadhouse

Some of the fittings are still there on the service counter of the abandoned roadhouse at Blacksoil.

The Last in Line

On the corner of Nudgee Road and Kingsford Smith Drive at Ascot in Brisbane, this is the last in what was once a long line of shops. All the rest are gone now, I wonder if this one, "the last in the line", is lonely.

Old WW2 Igloo

You'd never know, unless you saw it from the side, that this architect's office at Fortitude Valley in Brisbane was in fact an old World War 2 igloo!

Abandoned Ambulance Station

This is not something you see often, an abandoned ambulance station at Thynne Street in Brisbane's Morningside. There's an excellent mango tree at the back; I wonder who'll be picking them now.... maybe I'll be back in December!

Brisbane - South Brisbane - Former Municipal Offices

The former South Brisbane municipal offices date back to when South Brisbane was a separate "city" to Brisbane itself. I believe that it was one of General Macarthur's headquarters during WW2. It now belongs to the adjacent Sommerville House private girls school - see this page for the full story.

Former Princess Theatre

The former Princess Theatre opposite the Mater Hospital in South Brisbane is now home to various businesses.

Moreton Rubber Works

I've always neem drawn to this iconic old building in Brisbane's Wooloongabba; the old Moreton Rubber Works.

Former Paragon Theatre in Childers

This is the former Paragon Theatre in the historic town of Childers. It's a big weatherboard building but now is partly occupied by clothing outlets. I couldn't get in but could see through the main doors that the ticket booth and entry were still intact. Wonder what's inside....

Chillingham - Former Butcher Shop

The quaint former butcher shop, built 1923, is now functioning as a picture gallery. Located next to the main intersection leading north to Queensland, south to Murwillumbah or west to Tyalgum, and across from Crystal Creek, it really catches the eye.

Coominyah - Former Railway Station (Dec 2006)

The old railway station is in excellent repair and is used by local interest groups as a meeting place in Coominya.

Coominyah - Old Railway Route (Dec 2006)

The old railway line route through Coominya now lacks tracks!

Esk - Former Railway Station (Dec 2006)

The Esk Railway Station served the town from when the railway opened in 1886 until the line was closed in 1993. Unlike most old railway stations I've seen in the Brisbane River Valley, this one is NOT being preserved and is beginning to show signs of decay.

Esk - Interesting Sign in Former Railway Station (Dec 2006)

Despite being abandoned for 13 years, the old Esk Railway Station hasn't (yet) been trashed or heavily defaced by grafitti. This old chalk board notice dates back to 1993 and is surprisingly still legible. It reads "Fares as from 1-2-1993 are as follows: Brisbane single $10.10 return $20.20, Ipswich single $6.90 return $13.80, Pensioners and children half fare. Ticket to be purchased from Bus Driver. For long distance bookings contact Station Master or phone Toogoolawah 1-3pm."

Forest Hill - Abandoned Fire Station

The old Forest Hill fire station with its water (?) tower appears abandoned now. There are a few disused or "recycled" buildings around town.

Forest Hill - Original Station

The original Forest Hill railway station has been restored and is now the centrepiece of a nice picnic area near the war memorial.

Forest Hill - Recycled Movie Theatre

Another "recycled" building in Forest Hill; this time it's the old movue theatre. It's been converted into two spacious apartments. I tried to find out the name of the old theatre from an elderly resident in one of the apartments but no luck.

Storm Brewing over Lost World

Amazing photo of clouds descending into the dead-end valley at Lost World in the Gold Coast hinterland, south of the tiny town of Kerry, near Beaudesert south of Brisbane. When we arrived at Lost World less than an hour before the photo was taken, the sky was clear.

Marburg Motors

Marburg Motors has seen better days. There is a similar building opposite which seems as if it may have been a workshop or similar but abandoned now.

Marburg Motors Old Service Ramp

If Marburg Motors has seen better days, what about this old wooden service ramp! It looks old enough to have catered to Model Ts.

Marburg Woodlands House Abandoned Shed

A very abandoned shed at Woodlands House, the former Roman Catholic seminary near Marburg.

Former Butcher Shop

The former Butcher Shop in Marmor, now used as a storage area/workshop. You can still see the shop title in the peeling paint. Also see the entry path, concrete kerb and guttering and a "Give Way" sign; clues to a grander past?

Old WW2 Air Raid Shelter

Spotted this old WW2 air raid shelter just outside the railway station in Maryborough. The sign reads "AIR RAID SHELTER FOR PASSENGERS ONLY". That's one way of getting business! The entry is sealed by a locked steel gate.

The Old Dominion Milling Site

The Dominion Milling Company was obviously a big operation in Maryborough once. The faded sign on the roof says "The Old Millhouse Bowerbird Nest" and it appears to be a big second hand goods site now.

Maryvale - Former Golden Fleece Roadhouse

This old Golden Fleece sign is something you don't see anymore, since the brand stopped being separately marketed here in Australia. This one is outside a former roadhouse, now coffee shop, on the Cunningham Highway near Maryvale, near Cunninghams Gap between Brisbane and Warwick. The view beyond is the fertile country near Maryvale.

Rosevale Former Civic Theatre

The sign over the entrance of this abandoned theatre in Rosedale says "Civic" hence I'm calling it the Civic Theatre. There's another sign which says "Mountain Arts" and the sign outside the entry poignantly says "Maybe the last exhibition"....

Rosewood Abandoned House

Spotted this abandoned old settler's house in one of the main streets in Rosewood. What a beauty. Even though the house in no longer used, its yard sports several large aviaries and some bee hives.

Tallegalla - Old General Store

The former General Store at Tallegalla, between Marburg and Rosewood west of Brisbane, is the only remaining building left of the town. Now it's just a placename on a map. Its main claim to fame now is its cemetary; it has a fantastic view over the country for miles around.

Tennyson Power Station

VALE, Tennyson Power Station, formerly of Brisbane; demolished to make way for a tennis complex in late 2006 and now preserved only in this Google Earth image, news stories , libraries etc. There were also some reports of infiltrations by urban explorers around on the web. Damn, I should have gone there while I could!

Tyalgum - Old Butter Factory

The old Tyalgum butter factory is now functioning as a motor vehicle repair workshop.

The End of the World at Wellington Point

An interesting photo of Moreton Bay with North Stradbroke Island in the background, taken from Wellington Point in Redland Shire south of Brisbane. Notice how the land seems to end abruptly and the tree seems to emerge from the water.

Please feel free to contact me with your feedback or comments, especially any extra background or information you may be able to provide, and while you're here why not sign my guest book so I know you've been visiting.

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