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NSW - Timbillica - Old H1 (10 Feb 2010)

The Old Highway One section at Timbillica can be walked but not driven nowdays.

NSW - Timbillica - Old H1 east end old bridge site (10 Feb 2010)

Some interesting relics still linger from the Old Highway One bridge at Timbillica.

NSW - Eden -  Great Southern Hotel (10 Feb 2010)

Check out the classic 1847 Great Southern Hotel in Eden.

NSW - Eden - H1 road sign (10 Feb 2010)

Classic NR1 road sign near Eden, alas almost all now replaced with "A1" or "M1" patches.

NSW - Eden - Hotel Australasia (10 Feb 2010)

Eden's Hotel Australasia.

NSW - Eden - Lighthouse (31 Jan 2011)

Eden lighthouse.

NSW - Eden - Twofold Bay South 1 (31 Jan 2011)

Looking from Eden south across Twofold Bay toward Boydtown.

NSW - Pambula - Court House (1860) (31 Jan 2011)

Historic 1860 Pambula Court House.

NSW - Pambula - St Peter's Catholic Church (1867) (31 Jan 2011)

Pambula's 1867 St Peter's Catholic Church.

NSW - Pambula - Commercial Hotel (1878) (31 Jan 2011)

The construction of the Commercial Hotel in Pambula dates right back to 1878.

Yellow Pinch
NSW - Yellow Pinch - Milligandi Rd Old H1 section blocked by mound and water treatment plant access road 3 (11 Feb 2010)

Old Highway One once followed a more winding path north out of Merimbula. Merimbula Dr and Yellow Pinch Dr are some of the easily accessible remnants, plus look out just west of the west end of the former Yellow Pinch Dr alignment on the south side of the highway for the hidden Old Highway One section off Milligandi Rd.

NSW - Wolumla - Scott St (old H1) Wolumla Hotel (was Railway Hotel) (11 Feb 2010)

Take a charming drive on an Old Highway One alignment through the historic village of Wolumla (pop. 380).
The publican says that the local hotel (one of an unbelievable 19 hotels and bars in Wolumla in its mining heyday) was originally named the Railway Junction Hotel, but needed renaming as the Wolumla Hotel because the railway never came through!

NSW - Wolumla - Scott St (old H1) former Post Office (11 Feb 2010)

The former Post Office on Scott St graces Old Highway One in Wolumla.

NSW - Wolumla - Scott St (old H1) former Gunpowder Trading Post Hotel (11 Feb 2010)

The historic former Gunpowder Trading Post Hotel was another of the 19 hotels and bars in the old days in Wolumla!

NSW - Wolumla - Bega St St (old H1) All Saints Catholic Church (11 Feb 2010)

The timber-built All Saints Catholic Church in Wolumla dates back to 1889.

NSW - Wolumla - Scott St (old H1) (11 Feb 2010)

Scott St is part of Old Highway One through Wolumla.

NSW - Wolumla - Bega St (old H1) St Lukes Anglican Church 1925 2 (11 Feb 2010) Full

Wolumla's St Lukes Anglican Church was built in 1925.

NSW - Wolumla - Coral Park Rd (old H1) becomes private land - south end (11 Feb 2010)

Coral Park Rd is another Old Highway One alignment. Only about 250m is drivable as it enters private land at a locked gate.

NSW - Wolumla - Cherry Lane (old H1) becomes private land - south end (11 Feb 2010)

Cherry Lane offers 1.5km of classic Old Highway One in the low hills west of the modern highway. Like Coral Park Rd, through passage ends where the old road passes through a gate into private property.

NSW - Bega - Road Sign (11 Feb 2010)

Highway One was realigned through Bega in 1975 and a future full bypass is planned. While some of the old road has been lost to redevelopment and a little bit is now private land, much is still discoverable, and drivable, for intrepid explorers! Bega Cheese runs a Heritage Centre featuring a Dairy Museum, merchandise and coffee shop; it's located together with the Visitor Information Centre.
Here's another classic NR1 sign guiding the way into Bega.

NSW - Bega - Central Accommodation (former Central Hotel)(11 Feb 2010)

The old Central Hotel dates back to 1890.

NSW - Bega - Clock Tower (11 Feb 2010)

Bega's clock tower stands at a major intersection of A1 Princes Highway (modern Highway One) in town.

NSW - Bega - former Kings Theatre (11 Feb 2010)

The former Kings Theatre is now a furniture outlet although some of the old cinema equipment remains in place.

NSW - Bega - former Red Cross Society (11 Feb 2010)

Bega's stately 1880 Red Cross Building.

NSW - Bega - Grand Hotel (11 Feb 2010)

The VERY art deco Grand Hotel is a standout in downtown Bega.

NSW - Bega - Hotel Commercial (11 Feb 2010)

Bega's 1888 Commercial Hotel is strategically placed next to the clock tower.

NSW - Bega - old shops (11 Feb 2010)

Historic old shops on Bega's main street.

NSW - Bega - Old Terrace House (11 Feb 2010)

Lovely old terrace house in Bega.

NSW - Bega - St John the Evangelist Anglican Church (11 Feb 2010)

Bega's 1878 St John the Evangelist Anglican Church is a lovely and substantial old building for a small town.

NSW - Quaama - old house (12 Feb 2010)

Don't miss the Old Highway One alignment through Quaama (pop. 144). This lovely old house speaks of the history here.

NSW - Quaama - old shop (12 Feb 2010)

A historic former shop in Quaama.

NSW - Quaama - School of Arts 1902 (12 Feb 2010)

Quaama's 1902 School of Arts building.

NSW - Quaama - west end of Cobargo St end of road (old H1) (12 Feb 2010)

The west end of Cobargo St, one of the Old Highway One alignments in Quaama, dead-ends at the cutting carrying the modern road. Note the old yellow centre lines still visible.

Tilba Tilba & Central Tilba
NSW - Central Tilba - Interesting B&B and Emporium (1 Feb 2011)

This classic Old Highway One loop passes through not one but TWO National Trust listed historic villages in less than 4km! Tilba Tilba (local area pop. 275) is the more southerly of the two and is a real charmer.
Central Tilba (pop. 223) is home to the 1891 ABC Cheese Factory and numerous arts and crafts and period shops housed in the intact historic buildings in the main street. This short drive is not to be missed.

NSW - Narooma - UnitingChurch

Narooma (pop. 3,100) is an unspoilt small, seaside town prettily located on the Eurobodalla Nature Coast's Wagonga Inlet. The 1914 Uniting Church in Narooma is a highlight.

NSW - Bodalla - All Saints Anglican Church (1880) (1 Feb 2011)

Bodalla (pop. 960) was originally a centre for the dairy industry, but now also offers a tourist destination with a different flavour to the coastal resorts nearby.
All Saints Anglican Church dates back to 1880 and features local granite construction, an original pipe organ and delightful windows.

NSW - Bodalla - All Saints Anglican Church (1880) Altar (1 Feb 2011) Full

The historic interior of All Saints Anglican Church in Bodalla.

NSW - Bodalla - Big Cheese (1 Feb 2011)

Bodalla is home to another Highway One Giant - the Big Cheese. It's at the north end of town outside the long closed and abandoned Big Cheese Centre on the east side of the Prince Highway.

NSW - Moruya - Monarch Hotel (12 Feb 2010)

Moruya (pop. 2,432) is the administrative centre for the Eurobodalla Coast region. It was established in the mid-1800s and thrived as a gateway to nearby goldfields. The area is known for its granite, which was used on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and in other famous landmarks.
Don't miss the VERY art deco Hotel Monarch (built as the Gold Diggers Hotel in 1859, re-built as the Commercial Hotel in 1866 and rebuilt again in 1939).

NSW - Moruya - Adelaide Hotel (12 Feb 2010)

Moruya's Adelaide Hotel offers another dining and "refreshment" option.

NSW - Moruya - old residence (12 Feb 2010)

Beautiful historic building now a private residence in Moruya.

NSW - Moruya - former Commonwealth Bank (1928)(12 Feb 2010)

The 1928 former Commonwealth Bank in Moruya.

NSW - Moruya - former Shire offices (12 Feb 2010)

Moruya's former Shire offices now serve as a Medical Centre.

NSW - Moruya - North Head Dr granite industry old wharf (12 Feb 2010)

The old granite industry wharf is rotting away.

NSW - Moruya - Mechanics Institute (12 Feb 2010)

The historic Mechanics Institute in Moruya.

NSW - Moruya - Sacred Heart Catholic Church (12 Feb 2010)

Moruya's 1889 Sacred Heart Catholic Church (constructed from local granite).

NSW - Moruya - St John the Evangelist Anglican Church (12 Feb 2010)

Moruya's 1891 St John's Anglican Church (its Rectory dates back to 1874).

NSW - Mogo - Zoo

Just south of Batemans Bay, Mogo (pop. 257) is a historic mining township (1857 gold rush) and tourist destination.

Batemans Bay
NSW - Batemans Bay - Bridge

Originally a timber and fishing town, Batemans Bay (pop. 10,845) is now the centre of the popular holiday coast and hinterland all around.
The unusual Clyde River Bridge with its lifting span was built in 1956.

NSW - Batemans Bay - Bayview Hotel

The 1892 Bayview Hotel graces Old Highway One through Batemans Bay.

NSW - Batemans Bay - Bayview Hotel Mixed Grill Lunch (1 Feb 2011)

Bateman Bay's Bayview Hotel's mixed grill lunch is INDEED as good as it looks!

NSW - Ulladulla - Warden Head Lighthouse

Ulladulla (pop. 10,298) was established back in 1828.
The Warden Head Lighthouse was originally built on the Ulladulla Breakwater in 1873 and was shifted to Warden Head in 1879 - it is one of only two lighthouse towers in New South Wales made from wrought-iron plates.

NSW - Ulladulla - Harbour

Scenic Ulladulla harbour.

Yatte Yattah
NSW - Yatte Yattah - Bloodwood Rd  (old H1)  south end of abandoned road beyond road closure(14 Feb 2010)

"Bloodwood Rd" Former Alignment - although the remnant road only runs about 150m before being blocked, the block can be easily got around to access another 100m of abandoned road in good condition. NOTE: I strongly recommend not driving on the blocked-off section here as it is quite high above, and right on the edge of, the embankment above the modern highway and stability cannot be guaranteed! Walk it on foot instead.

NSW - Yatte Yattah - Myrtle Gully Rd  (old H1)  (14 Feb 2010)

"Myrtle Gully Rd" Former Alignment - is among the most interesting old alignments and not to be missed! Bypassed in 1997, the old road winds down and around for about 800m before appearing to end at the usual "end of road" marker. Park by the roadside at the "end of road" and walk through along the former alignment.

NSW - Yatte Yattah - Myrtle Gully Rd  (old H1)  abandoned northern section view to current H1 (14 Feb 2010)

What a treat! The old road is still there as it passes for another 200m through an old cutting in the rock hillside complete with the old-style round timber white-painted posts and wire-mesh safety barrier. The modern highway thunders by at least 20m above, over a very long concrete bridge.

NSW - Tomerong - School of Arts (14 Feb 2010)

Tomerong (pop. 295) was first settled back in the 1850s. The 1926 School of Arts building opposite the Public School is a great example of its type.

NSW - Tomerong - Kells Rd (old H1) south end looking north (14 Feb 2010)

Kells Rd is just part of the "Tomerong Loop" Former Alignment of Old Highway One through Tomerong.

Falls Creek
NSW - Falls Creek - old Service Station complex (14 Feb 2010)

Split in two by a now-collapsed bridge over Parma Creek, the Old Highway One "Falls Creek" Former Alignment is very much worth investigating.
The old Service Station complex has a very "back woods Route 66" look about it.

NSW - Falls Creek - south approach to old bridge (14 Feb 2010) Full

The southern approach to the well-rotted Old Highway One bridge over Parma Creek in Falls Creek.

NSW - Falls Creek - south approach to old bridge overgrown sign (14 Feb 2010)

This overgrown sign at the Old Highway One bridge over Parma Creek in Falls Creek says "Pedestrian and bicycle usage on bridge only" - I'd rather not risk it myself!

NSW - Falls Creek - Vidler Rd (old H1) (14 Feb 2010)

Vidler Rd is the northern continuation of Old Highway One in Falls Creek.

NSW - Nowra - School of Arts (1891) (1 Feb 2011)

Bypassed in 1981, this alignment of Old Highway One used to travel a historic route north through Nowra. The old alignment offers great access to an interesting historical walk through town.
This is the historic 1892 School of Arts.

NSW - Nowra - All Saints Anglican Church (1900) (1 Feb 2011)

Nowra's All Saints Anglican Church dates back to 1900.

NSW - Nowra - Australian Hotel (formerly Imperial and then Empire) (1886) (1 Feb 2011)

The Australian Hotel in Nowra dates right back to 1996 as formerly the Imperial and before that the Empire Hotel.

NSW - Nowra - Bridge Hotel (1886) (1 Feb 2011)

Nowra's historic Bridge Hotel (1886).

NSW - Nowra - St Michael's Catholic Church (1877) (1 Feb 2011)

St Michael's Catholic Church (1877) in Nowra.

NSW - Nowra - Uniting Church (1877) (1 Feb 2011)

Nowra's lovely stone Uniting Church also dates back to 1877.

NSW - Berry - Museum (former ES&A Bank) (1884) (15 Feb 2010)

Beautiful little Berry (pop. 1,932) was first settled in the early 1800s.
The lovely and unusual 1886 ES&A Bank (now the Historical Society Museum).

NSW - Berry - Berry Hotel (1888) (15 Feb 2010)

Historic Berry Hotel (1888).

NSW - Berry - Great Southern Hotel (15 Feb 2010)

Berry's Great Southern Hotel features some unusual roof ornaments!

NSW - Berry - Old shop (15 Feb 2010)

A lovingly restored old shop in Berry.

NSW - Berry - Old shops (15 Feb 2010)

More classy and historic old shops in Berry maintained in wonderful condition.

NSW - Berry - Post & Telegraph Office (1886) (15 Feb 2010)

Berry's former 1886 Post & Telegraph Office is another standout.

NSW - Gerringong - Old unmarked H1 alignment north end and current H1 traffic (15 Feb 2010)

Gerringong (bypassed 1938 in pre-Highway One days) (pop. 3,588) is a small rural and dairy industry town just east of modern Highway One.
This is part of a short, but still drivable, Old Highway One alignment next to the modern road just nearby.

NSW - Kiama - Post Office (1878) (15 Feb 2010)

Kiama (pop. 12,286) is a popular coastal town in a stunning natural setting between rolling green hinterland and a striking rocky coastline with sandy beaches. No visit to Kiama is complete without taking in the famous blowhole(s). Settled originally for timber in the 1820s, Kiama is now an administrative and service centre for the region, as well as a major tourist destination. Old Highway One through Kiama was bypassed 1987, but the old road through Bombo, Kiama Downs and Minamurra was only recently bypassed in 2005.
Kiama's classic 1878 Post Office is a standout in the main street (Old Highway One).

NSW - Kiama - Blowhole (15 Feb 2010)

Kiama's famous blowhole is an interesting geological feature.

NSW - Kiama - Council Chambers (1915) (15 Feb 2010)

The imposing 1815 Kiama Council Chambers.

NSW - Kiama - Grand Hotel (1891) (15 Feb 2010)

Kiama's 1891 Grand Hotel features three floors of grandness, plus great counter lunches!

NSW - Wollongong - SR60 Sign 2 (2 Feb 2011) Full

On track through Wollongong on Old Highway One. Bypassed in stages up until the mid-1970s, the old road takes us right through Wollongong's suburbs and the heart of the historic CBD.
Wollongong ("The Gong") (pop. 250,000+) is beautifully located 80km south of Sydney on a narrow coastal strip between the Illawarra Escarpment and the Pacific Ocean.

NSW - Wollongong - Museum (former Post & Telegraph Office (1870))(15 Feb 2010)

Wollongong's 1876 Illawarra Museum occupies the former Post and Telegraph Office.

NSW - Wollongong - Congregational Church (1855) (15 Feb 2010)

The 1855 Congregational Church in downtown Wollongong.

NSW - Wollongong - St Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral (15 Feb 2010)

Wollongong's imposing St Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral.

NSW - Wollongong - St Michaels Anglican Cathedral (15 Feb 2010)

Historic 1859 St Michael's Anglican Church.

NSW - Sydney - Sutherland Tramway Museum tram poster (16 Feb 2010)

Bypassed in 1975, an interesting Old Highway One alignment runs right through downtown Sutherland.
The Tramways Museum is a must visit roadside icon. Dedicated volunteers preserve many old trams from around Australia and even from overseas.

NSW - Sydney - Sutherland - Boyles Hotel

Historic Boyles Hotel is a refreshing stp on Old Highway One in Sutherland.

NSW - Sydney - Harbour Bridge Full

Founded with the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, Sydney (pop. around 4.5 million) is Australia's first and largest city. Stunningly set on Sydney Harbour, surrounded by National Parks and beautiful coastline, Sydney is a key national centre for commerce and industry.
No visit to Sydney is complete without taking in its wonderful harbour and, of course, iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

NSW - Sydney - Opera House

Beautiful Sydney Opera House is another Highway One icon on Sydney Harbour.

NSW - Sydney - 1819 Hyde Park Barracks

1819 Hyde Park Barracks is just one of dozens of historic highlights all around Sydney CBD.

NSW - Sydney - 1865 St Marys Catholic Cathedral

1865 St Mary's Catholic Cathedral is another must-see in downtown Sydney.

NSW - Cowan - Pie in the Sky (2 Feb 2011)

On the east side of Old Highway One, not far drom the roar of the M1 just north of Cowan, look out for Pie in the Sky; a classic Aussie road food stop.

Mooney Mooney Creek
NSW - Mooney Mooney Creek - Freeway Bridge

The Warren steel truss Old Highway One Mooney Mooney Highway Bridge was built in 1930. A short walk upstream will reward with views up to the amazing 75m high, 480m long modern freeway bridge acrrying the M1 Pacific Motorway.

Peats Ridge
NSW - Peats Ridge - Corrugated Cafe

A mid-1960s freeway-style loop of Old Highway One passed north through Peats Ridge and then back south to rejoin the modern freeway alignment near Somersby. The old freeway loop was bypassed by a new and much more direct freeway alignment in the mid-1980s. The realignment led to the closure of the famous Oak Milk Bar (closed 1986), which they say, in addition to other great road food, once served literally thousands of "Oak Shakes" daily. Customers included highway travellers (like me in the early 1970s) and passengers from as many as 150 different buses per day. Although the Oak Milk Bar is closed, the old building lives on as "Peats Ridge Village".

NSW - Gosford - Henry Kendall Cottage

Less than 90km north of Sydney, Gosford (pop. 158,157) is located on Brisbane Water and surrounded by long beaches and National Parks.
Originally the 1840 Red Cow Inn, Henry Kendall Cottage in West Gosford now operates as a historical museum.

NSW - Wyong - Grand Hotel (15 Jun 2011)

Wyong (pop. 3,116, est. 1881) is perfectly placed as the jumping-off point for The Entrance, Tuggerah Lake and the other smaller lakes south of Lake Macquarie.
The popular 1908 Grand Hotel on Old Highway One in Wyong.

NSW - Wyong - Royal Hotel (15 Jun 2011)

The historic 1889 Royal Hotel in Wyong.

NSW - Caves Beach - Old Pacific Hwy south section 2 (19 Feb 2010)

There is a fascinating section of abandoned and former Old Highway One south of, and leading into, Swansea. The southern section is abandoned but still accessible on foot for an excellent bushland walk.

NSW - Caves Beach - Old Pacific Hwy south section wildlife info  sign (19 Feb 2010)

The southernmost part of the Swansea old alignment still contains interesting information signs about local plant and animal life.

NSW - Newcastle - Christ Church Anglican Cathedral

Until the 1980s Old Highway One passed through Newcastle and surrounds (pop. 493,466, est. 1797), the second-largest city in NSW.
Newcastle is packed with historical and architectural highlights including beautiful 1883 Christ Church Anglican Cathedral.

NSW - Hexham - Big Mosquito (2 Feb 2011)

Another of the Highway One Giants, Ozzie the Mozzie has been resting on the Hexham Bowls Club entrance on Old Highway One on the north side of Newcastle since 1993.

Raymond Terrace
NSW - Raymond Terrace - Geer House (1845) (2 Feb 2011)

Established in the 1830s, historic Raymond Terrace (pop. 12,223) is a small town with many residents who are personnel (including me in the mid-1970s) at the nearby RAAF Williamtown airbase. The highway bypass was completed in 1999.
1845 Geer House is one of many historical highlights in Raymond Terrace.

NSW - Raymond Terrace - Junction Inn (1836) (2 Feb 2011)

1836 Junction Inn (former Kings Hotel, second oldest in NSW) in Raymond Terrace.

NSW - Raymond Terrace - St Bridgids Catholic Church (1862) (2 Feb 2011)

Stone-built 1862 St Brigid's Catholic Church in Raymond Terrace.

NSW - Raymond Terrace - St John's Anglican Church (2 Feb 2011)

Raymond Terrace's St John's Anglican Church also dates back to 1862.

NSW - Allworth - old algn & former low bridge (20 Feb 2010)

There is a short old alignment and the site of a former low bridge over Deep Creek on Old Highway One (Bucketts Way) near Allworth.

NSW - Booral - old shop (20 Feb 2010)

This classic old shop in Booral probably served travellers on Old Highway One when it passed this way until the 1950s.

NSW - Booral - St Barnabas Anglican Church (1860) (2 Feb 2011)

Booral's 1856 St Barnabas' Anglican Church was moved to its present site in 1873. The graveyard is historic too.

NSW - Stroud - Bucketts Way 2 (21 Feb 2010)

Pretty and peaceful Old Highway One (Bucketts Way) near Stroud.

NSW - Stroud - Silo Hill view over Stroud (20 Feb 2010)

The view over historic Stroud from Silo Hill.
Stroud (pop. 669) was established as far back as 1826 as the Australian home for the historic AA Co's Port Stephens estate. It was originally accessed through gates and surrounded by a fence to protect the sheep flock. It's a classic gem of a small Australian town. The Stroud and District Historical Society have been active in establishing a Heritage Walk covering dozens of interesting sites around town.

NSW - Stroud - Central Hotel (20 Feb 2010)

Everyone stops at 1913 Central Hotel in the middle of Stroud.

NSW - Stroud - Courthouse (20 Feb 2010)

Stroud's convict-built 1876 Courthouse.

NSW - Stroud - Old Council Chambers (20 Feb 2010)

The former Council Chambers in Stroud.

NSW - Stroud - Old NRMA Depot & fuel pump (20 Feb 2010)

Stroud's old NRMA depot has been serving the town almost since the start of the automobile age but is now up for sale.

NSW - Stroud - Quambi House (20 Feb 2010)

Quambi House in Stroud dates back to the 1830s.

NSW - Stroud - St Columbanus Catholic Church (1861)(20 Feb 2010)

Stroud's St Columbanus Catholic Church (1861).

NSW - Stroud - St John the Evangelist Anglican Church (1833)(20 Feb 2010)

St John the Evangelist Anglican Church (1833) is another historical highlight.

NSW - Stroud - Uniting Church (20 Feb 2010)

Stroud's lovely timber-built Uniting Church.

NSW - Monkerai - Karuah River Bridge (1877) 2 (2 Feb 2011)

Built in 1877 and now closed, the oldest timber truss bridge in NSW crosses the Karuah River less than 6km west of Old Highway One along the (gravel) Monkerai Rd.

NSW - Monkerai - Karuah River Bridge (1877) Sign (2 Feb 2011)

The old Give Way sign is as faded as the 1877 bridge at Monkerai.

NSW - Gloucester - VERY old H1 sign (21 Feb 2010)

VERY old road sign in Gloucester; nice to think it could be a faded NR1 sign from Gloucester's Old Highway One glory days back in the 50s.
Gloucester (pop. 2,445) is a relatively more modern town; subdivision only began in 1902 after the AA Co sold its holdings in the area.

NSW - Gloucester - Art deco Building (3 Feb 2011)

A nice art deco building now houses the local supermarket.

NSW - Gloucester - Court House (1908) (3 Feb 2011)

Gloucester Courthouse (1908).

NSW - Gloucester - Huon Valley Inn (3 Feb 2011)

Gloucester's Huon Valley Inn is right on Old Highway One and is a popular stopping point.

NSW - Gloucester - Majestic Theatre (3 Feb 2011)

The former Majestic Theatre in Gloucester dates back to the 1920s and now serves as an arcade.

NSW - Gloucester - Museum (1909 Shire Chambers) (3 Feb 2011)

The Gloucester Historical Society Museum is housed in the 1909 former Shire Council Chambers.

NSW - Gloucester - St Andrew's Presbyterian Church (1906) (3 Feb 2011)

Gloucester's lovely St Andrew's Presbyterian Church (1906).

NSW - Krambach - St Bernadettes Catholic Church (21 Feb 2010)

The small town of Krambach (pop. 137) is remarkable for the large size of its 1959 St Bernadette's Catholic Church.

NSW - Krambach - The White Bridge old H1 north end entrance (21 Feb 2010)

There's a small and long abandoned Old Highway One creek crossing at the White Bridge on the north side of town.

NSW - Krambach - Commercial Hotel 1890s) (3 Feb 2011)

Krambach's Commercial Hotel dates back to the 1890s.

NSW - Krambach - St Thomas Presbyterian Church (3 Feb 2011)

Krambach's St Thomas Presbyterian Church is a fine example of a small timber-built historic country church.

NSW - Taree - former H1 leading to town from south (21 Feb 2010)

Heading south from the roundabout at Purfleet at the north end of the Bucketts Way look out for the former grand entrance of Old Highway One into Taree before the Taree bypass (modern Highway One) was opened in 1997. This is just one of three Old Highway One alignments in Taree!
Despite Taree's modern importance as a vibrant rural centre for the surrounding areas, Taree wasn't declared as a town until 1885 and was overshadowed by nearby Wingham for many years.

NSW - Taree - Art Deco offices (22 Feb 2010)

Nicely maintained art deco offices on Old Highway One in Taree.

NSW - Taree - Bee Hive Store (1907) (22 Feb 2010)

Taree's Bee Hive Store (1907).

NSW - Taree - Big Oyster (3 Feb 2011)

A sibling of the Big Prawn in Ballina, look out for the Big Oyster right on Old Highway One on the east side of town. It's a former restaurant, but now part of a car dealership.

NSW - Taree - Exchange Hotel (22 Feb 2010)

The Exchange Hotel in downtown Taree.

NSW - Taree - Fotheringhams Hotel (22 Feb 2010)

Taree's Fotheringhams Hotel is just a block from the Exchange; choices!

NSW - Taree - Our Lady of the Rosary Church 2 (22 Feb 2010)

Lovely Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Taree.

NSW - Taree - Presbyterian Church (1869) (22 Feb 2010)

The Taree Presbyterian Church (1869) is one of the most historic in town.

NSW - Taree - Royal Hotel (22 Feb 2010)

The Royal Hotel in Taree.

NSW - Taree - St John the Divine Anglican Church 2 (22 Feb 2010)

Don't miss the huge St John the Divine Anglican Church in Taree.

NSW - Bulahdelah - Town scene and hills (20 Feb 2010)

The laid back back streets of Bulahdelah.
Up until the late 1960s, Old Highway One used to pass right through downtown Bulahdelah. Bulahdelah (pop. 1,093) is a lovely small town beautifully situated as the jumping-off point for the nearby Myall Lakes National Park and is known for its houseboat industry

NSW - Bulahdelah - very old garage (20 Feb 2010)

This very old garage is a relic of Old Highway One in Bulahdelah.

Wootton Way
NSW - Wooton - Wooton Way South End 1 (15 Jun 2011)

Bypassed in 1999, the Wootton Way is a relatively recent addition to the suite of former Old Highway One alignments. This is one not to miss! The road is still in quite good condition and has all the signage and safety features we would expect, but... no traffic. It is slightly surreal to drive the old highway and see a drift of leaves in the centre of the road between the lanes, a fallen branch blocking part of a lane, weeds starting to encroach on the road verges, a faded look to the lane and other road markings - classic Old Highway One driving and a real "blast from the past".

NSW - Wooton - Wooton Way South End 6 (15 Jun 2011)

Nature is clearing reclaiming the verges of the Wootton Way Old Highway One alignment.

NSW - Karuah - Tarean Rd (old H1) (21 Feb 2010)

Bypassed in 2004, Karuah (pop. 857) guards the entrance to the Karuah River (1957 steel truss bridge) and the northern arm of Port Stephens. Tarean Rd is the Old Highway One alignment through town.

North Arm Cove
NSW - North Arm Cove - Gooringi Rd (old H1) south end end of abandoned section (21 Feb 2010)

Bypassed less than five years ago is a classic Old Highway One alignment now called Gooringi Rd complete with a secret "hidden" section.

NSW - North Arm Cove - The Rock roadhouse (21 Feb 2010)

At the northern end of Gooringi Rd, "The Rock" Roadhouse shelters under a striking if somewhat faded 1/40th scale Ayers Rock replica.

NSW - North Arm Cove - Sydney Harbour Bridge (15 Jun 2011)

There is a miniature Sydney Harbour Bridge also on the site behind "The Rock". The complex is part of the former Leyland Brother World tourist complex.

Ghinni Ghinni
NSW - Ghinni Ghinni - Ghinni Ghinni School Rd old H1 street sign (22 Feb 2010)

Ghinni Ghinni School Rd is a VERY Old Highway One alignment.

NSW - Ghinni Ghinni - Ghinni Ghinni School Rd old H1 (22 Feb 2010)

Old Highway One at Ghinni Ghinni is now a peaceful country lane.

NSW - Ghinni Ghinni - Ghinni Ghinni School Rd old H1 bridge site (22 Feb 2010)

The site of the former Old Highway One bridge at Ghinni Ghinni.

NSW - Coopernook - Hotel Coopernook (22 Feb 2010)

Coopernook (pop. 365) was originally a small river port serving the surrounding areas. Be sure to check out 1928 Hotel Coopernook on the banks of the Lansdowne River.

NSW - Coopernook - Old Bridge Rd (Old H1) (22 Feb 2010)

Bypassed in 2006, Old Highway One used to follow Old Bridge Rd from Jones Island across a now dismantled 1933 bridge over the Lansdowne River and through Coopernook.

NSW - Coopernook - Hotel Coopernook old H1 bridge photo (22 Feb 2010)

This is a picture of the dismantled Old Highway One bridge in the bar of the Hotel Coopernook.

NSW - Coopernook - Old bridge remnant (22 Feb 2010)

This is the sole remnant of the dismantled Old Highway One bridge at Coopernook.

NSW - Coopernook - View to Coopernook Hotel & old bridge site from south side Lansdowne Riv (22 Feb 2010)

View to Coopernook Hotel & the old bridge site from the south side of the Lansdowne River.

NSW - Coopernook - Old house (22 Feb 2010)

Times are a little tougher in Coopernook since the bypass went in.

NSW - Kew - Big Axe (3 Feb 2011)

Bypassed in 2010, Kew (area pop. 951) was a service centre for busy Highway One traffic and is a great jumping-off point for the surrounding areas.
Kew is home to the Big Axe. It hangs menacingly over the now-vacant former Tourist Information Centre; a casualty of the highway bypass, along with most of the petrol stations in town.

Lake Cathie
NSW - Lake Cathie - Big Bowl

Lake Cathie Bowling and Recreation Club is home to the Big Bowl. Said to be the world's biggest it stands almost 2m tall and weighs two tonnes! It's only a short detour of about 10kms from Highway One.

Port Macquarie
NSW - Port Macquarie - St Thomas

Port Macquarie (pop. 39,219) was established in 1821 as a penal settlement for convicts who had committed a secondary crime. The convict past adds a unique dimension to the town's rich historical legacy.
1824 convict-built St Thomas' Anglican Church is Australia's third-oldest remaining church, with an 1857 barrel organ and boxed cedar pews.

Telegraph Point
NSW - Telegraph Point - Bridge construction photo in pub (23 Feb 2010)

Until the 1970s, Old Highway One used to cross the Wilson River over a remarkable old 1900 opening bridge, pass through Telegraph Point (pop. 674) on Rollands Plains Rd and then continue north on Cooperabung Dr (the old alignment also continues south of the river as Mooney St).
Check out the photo of the old highway bridge and the former alignment and the current highway bridge under construction in the bar of the Riverview Tavern.

NSW - Telegraph Point - old closed shops (23 Feb 2010)

Although considerably smaller now than in its heyday (locals say it was once bigger than Port Macquarie), there are still lots of reasons to visit Telegraph Point. These classic old shops on Old Highway One harken back to busier times.

NSW - Telegraph Point - Cooperabung Dr (23 Feb 2010)

Old Highway One leading north out of Telegraph Point is now just a country byway.

NSW - Cooperabung - Old Pacific Highway south end (23 Feb 2010)

"Hillclimb" Former and Abandoned Alignment - the southern section (1km) provides access to local properties and is an interesting drive with traces of the old yellow centre lines still visible.

NSW - Cooperabung - Old Pacific Highway north end - now hill climb (23 Feb 2010)

"Hillclimb" Former and Abandoned Alignment - the northern section is now home to the Mt Cooperabung Hillclimb of the Kempsey Car Club and access is blocked by a locked gate - it must have been an interesting section of road!

NSW - Kundabung (south of) - Old Pacific Highway south end - end of road (23 Feb 2010)

Old Pacific Highway south of Kundabung is a great 1.8km drive bypassed in 1974 and again featuring the famous old yellow centre line. As per usual practice, the old road isn't maintained after the last property to the south and is quickly blocked by fallen trees.

NSW - Kundabung - Old Pacific Highway Maria River bridge (23 Feb 2010)

Look out just west of the modern highway bridge north of Kundabung for the 1955 Maria River Bridge; decommissioned in 2008, along with a short stretch of abandoned Old Highway One approach road. The old bridge was the first composite concrete and timber bridge of its kind and formed a template for many bridges built thereafter.

NSW - Kempsey - Kempsey Hotel old building (24 Feb 2010)

Kempsey (pop. 8,137) traces its settlement back to the mid-1800s. Kempsey is famous as the home town of country singer Slim Dusty and the new Slim Dusty Centre is in advanced construction. The factory for famous Australian Akubra Hats is in South Kempsey. Kempsey was bypassed by a major new motorway-standard section of road in March 2013. Aligned east of the town, construction of the bypass began in mid-2010. It runs from south of Kempsey to east of Frederickton and features the longest road bridge in Australia (3.2km over the Macleay River and its floodplain).
Be sure to visit the extensive displays at the Kempsey Museum and pick up a brochure for the various historical walks - the Hotel Kempsey is a highlight.

NSW - Frederickton - Macleay River Hotel (24 Feb 2010)

Bypassed along with Kempsey in 2013 and dating back to the 1840s, Frederickton (pop. 986) is well worth a pause. Be sure to visit the classic Macleay River Hotel.

NSW - Frederickton - Third Ln old H1 enters private property (24 Feb 2010)

"Christmas Creek" Abandoned Alignment - south of Frederickton, look out on the west for an old 500m Old Highway One alignment now totally inside private property - strange to see the old road passing through a private gate. Further north there are more glimpses of the old road across the fencing.

NSW - Gladstone - old Tobacconist shop (24 Feb 2010)

North of Frederickton look out on the east for Smithtown Rd and a short 5km detour to visit the intact historic village of Gladstone and its close neighbour Smithtown; highly recommended.
The 1890s old Tobacconist shop is a real charmer.

NSW - Gladstone - Gladstone Hall (1896) (24 Feb 2010)

Gladstone Hall (School of Arts)(1896).

NSW - Gladstone - Heritage Hotel (1873) (24 Feb 2010)

Gladstone's Heritage Hotel (1874).

NSW - Gladstone - St Barnabas Anglican Church (24 Feb 2010))

Construction began in 1919 on St Barnabas Anglican Church in Gladstone.

NSW - Gladstone - Uniting Church (24 Feb 2010)

Gladstone's 1921 Uniting Church.

Warrell Creek
NSW - Warrell Creek - Old Service Station now residence (24 Feb 2010)

"Warrell Creek" Former Alignment - an interesting 1987 2km Old Highway One alignment passes along Albert Dr through the tiny townships of Warrell Creek and Donnellyville. Look out for the old petrol station under conversion to a residence at the south end.

NSW - Macksville - Star Hotel (24 Feb 2010)

The tourism, oyster farming and regional service centre of Macksville (pop. 2,658) was established in the late 1800s. There are interesting Old Highway One alignments both north and south of the Nambucca River.
Be sure not to miss the delightful 1885 Star Hotel.

NSW - Macksville - old Service Station (24 Feb 2010)

An old service station on Old Highway One in south Macksville.

NSW - Macksville - Nambucca River bridge (24 Feb 2010)

Macksville's 1931 Nambucca River bridge.

NSW - Macksville - Nambucca Hotel (24 Feb 2010)

Historic Nambucca Hotel in Macksville is another welcoming country pub.

NSW - Macksville - Mary Boulton Pioneer Cottage & Museum (3 Feb 2011)

There's lot's to learn at Macksville's Mary Boulton's Pioneer Cottage & Museum.

NSW - Macksville - Former Nambucca Valley Motors (24 Feb 2010)

Macksville's former Nambucca Valley Motors is also on Old Highway One in Macksville.

NSW - Macksville - former Bank (24 Feb 2010)

A substantial former bank in Macksville now serves as professional offices.

NSW - Macksville - Bellevue Dr (old H1) end of road (24 Feb 2010)

Bellevue Dr and Nursery Rd, now joined only by a pedestrian bridge built on the site of the old road bridge, form the pre-1974 alignment of Old Highway One north of the river in Macksville.

Nambucca Heads
NSW - Nambucca Heads - Old Highway One (4 Feb 2011)

Nambucca Heads (pop. 5,873) is another of those charming holiday and retirement towns that dot the north coast of New South Wales. Established in the late 1800s, it's beautifully located at the mouth of the Nambucca River with easy access to great surf beaches and still has that typical laid-back and relaxed feel.
Prior to around 1980, Old Highway One used to trace a complex and winding path through town and across the railway.

NSW - Urunga - Ocean View Hotel (25 Feb 2010)

Pre-1955 Old Highway One used to wind an interesting 2.5km route through Urunga (pop. 2,687).
The 1927 Ocean View Hotel is a country hotel classic!

NSW - Raleigh - Old Pacific Highway (25 Feb 2010)

Various parts of Old Highway One around Raleigh and Repton were bypassed around 1950, other parts in the late 1990s and a long section near Bonville was bypassed as recently a 2008-09.

Coffs Harbour
NSW - Coffs Harbour - Big Banana (26 Feb 2010)

Coffs Harbour (pop. 22,734) is one of the major north coast resort towns. Established in the late 1800s it is a booming destinations for holiday makers and retirees alike.
Built in 1964 and 11m long, the Big Banana is the original Australian "big" thing.

NSW - Coffs Harbour - Big Bunch of Bananas (4 Feb 2011)

The Big Bunch of Bananas adorns Cunningham's Bananas on the Pacific Highway on the south side of Coffs Harbour.

NSW - Coffs Harbour - Big Windmill (26 Feb 2010)

The Big Windmill is an unmissable part of The Windmill Motor Lodge motel and restaurant complex and has been welcoming travellers to Coffs Harbour since 1982.

Arrawarra Beach
NSW - Arrawarra - Eggins Dr, south abandoned section (old H1) (26 Feb 2010)

An excellent 1980s Old Highway One relic stretches north and south of Arrawarra Beach Rd.

Corindi Beach
NSW - Corindi Beach - Blackadder Rd (old H1) wierd sclpture (26 Feb 2010)

Until the 1980s Old Highway One passed through the western part of Corindi Beach. Just to the north, Blackadder Rd was the northern extension of this alignment and is now partly abandoned and partly still serving some homes. The junction of Blackadder Rd and Coxs Lane is the site of some unusual, shrine-like pieces of roadside sculpture on private property.

Dirty Creek Range
NSW - Dirty Creek - Dirty Creek Rd (old H1) (26 Feb 2010)

Dirty Creek Rd and its western continuation Falconers Ln were a 1980s Old Highway One Alignment, but are now separated by a deep Pacific Highway road cutting.

NSW - Grafton - classic old house (26 Feb 2010) Full

With its substantial town centre and beautiful setting on the Clarence River, elegant Grafton (pop. 17,501) demands more than a passing glance. Established in the mid-1800s, Grafton also has a wonderfully rich historical legacy to explore. Be sure to drive into Grafton and over the unusual 1932 double-level "bendy" bridge with road above and rail and pedestrians below. It also features a (no longer functioning) bascule span and a sharp kink in the road at both ends where the rail and the road match alignments over the bridge.Pick up a Heritage Walk guide at the Tourist Information Centre on the Pacific Highway in South Grafton or at the friendly Clarence River Historical Society at 190 Fitzroy St.

NSW - Grafton - Breimba St Fig Trees (11 Nov 2010)

Grafton's wonderful Breimba St fig trees.

NSW - Grafton - Christ Church Anglican Cathedral (1884) (11 Nov 2010)

Christ Church Anglican Cathedral (1884) in Grafton.

NSW - Grafton - Courthouse (1880)(26 Feb 2010)

Grafton's Courthouse (1880).

NSW - Grafton - Fitzgerals Chambers (1908) (11 Nov 2010)

Stylish Fitzgeralds Chambers (1908) in Grafton.

NSW - Grafton - Grafton Hotel (26 Feb 2010)

Grafton's 1935 Grafton Hotel.

NSW - Grafton - Grafton Museum (26 Feb 2010)

Stately 1901 Schaeffer House is home to the Clarence River Historical Society Museum in Grafton.

NSW - Grafton - Old NAB Building (1887) (11 Nov 2010)

Grafton's old NAB Building (1887) is now a restaurant.

NSW - Grafton - Post Office (1877) (11 Nov 2010)

Grafton's historic Post Office (1877).

NSW - Grafton - Post Office Hotel (26 Feb 2010)

Historic 1860 Post Office Hotel in Grafton.

NSW - Grafton - Roches Family Hotel (26 Feb 2010)

Grafton's 1870 Roches Family Hotel.

NSW - Grafton - St Andrews Presbyterian Church (1886) (11 Nov 2010)

St Andrews Presbyterian Church (1886) in Grafton.

NSW - Grafton - Village Green Hotel (1880) (11 Nov 2010)

Grafton's Village Green Hotel (1880).

NSW - Grafton - Weileys Hotel (1909) (26 Feb 2010)

Grafton's lovely Weileys Hotel (1909).

Swan Creek
NSW - Swan Creek - Old H1 - Wyatt St avenue & painted surface (27 Feb 2010)

The "Wyatt Straight" Old Highway One alignment is a fascinating 1.2km old alignment of 1932 concrete road bypassed in 1989 and well worth a short detour. The north-south section is used to test or calibrate line-marking machines and the road is now almost white with paint. A local farmer who has lived here all his life says that the local young guys used to race their cars around the curve here.

NSW - Ulmarra - Coldstream St (27 Feb 2010)

"Ulmarra" Former Alignment - Ulmarra (pop. 446) is a historic, former river port first established in the 1850s and remains amazingly intact; don't pass it by on the highway as the main street (Coldstream St) is a beauty and the 1929 Ulmarra Hotel demands a stop. Bypassed before World War II in pre-Highway One days, the 800m of old road nowadays is just a peaceful small-town street.

NSW - Ulmarra - Former Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church (12 Nov 2010)

Ulmarra's 1912 former Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church closed in 2010 and was the last of the churches in town to close.

NSW - Ulmarra - Highway One Sign (12 Nov 2010)

Until the future Grafton bypass is built, modern Highway One passes noisily through the middle of Ulmarra. Sad that the classic old NR1 shield is now an endangered species!

NSW - Ulmarra - Ulmarra Hotel (27 Feb 2010)

1929 Ulmarra Hotel is a classic old pub with nice leafy grounds.

Cowper & Brushgrove
NSW - Brushgrove - Clarence St (old H1) (27 Feb 2010)

"Cowper" Former Alignment - Clarence St is a 1.7km former Highway One alignment, bypassed in 1993 after a series of accidents and the tragic Cowper Bus Crash in 1989. The old road no longer joins the modern highway at the east end and a small park there contains a commemorative plaque about the bus crash. Cowper (pop. 431) and Brushgrove (pop. 151) are twin small towns facing each other across the Wingfield Bridge over the Clarence River.

NSW - Brushgrove - Brushgrove Hotel (12 Nov 2010)

The 1868 Brushgrove Hotel beckons alluringly across the Clarence River bridge!

NSW - Brushgrove - Former St Judes  Presbyterian (question) Church (in gounds of  Brushgrove Uniting Church) (12 Nov 2010)

Historic 1898 former St Judes Church in Brushgrove stands in the grounds of its (quite old) successor building.

NSW - Brushgrove - Forested Residence (12 Nov 2010)

An inviting and leafy private residence in Brushgrove.

Shark Creek
NSW - Shark Creek - abandoned Shark Creek bridge detail (27 Feb 2010)

Immediately west of the modern highway bridge across Shark Creek is an iconic old 1936 reinforced concrete bowstring arch bridge. It carried traffic for 50 years and even has the old yellow centre-line still in place. The "Shark Creek" former and abandoned Old Highway One alignments are north and south of the old bridge.

NSW - Maclean - St Marys Catholic Church (1893) (12 Nov 2010)

Maclean (pop. 2,311) is overflowing with history and things to see and do; even one full day here isn't really enough.
This is Maclean's lovely stone 1894 St Mary's Catholic Church

NSW - Maclean - Former Methodist Church (1890) (12 Nov 2010)

Maclean's former Methodist Church (1890).

NSW - Maclean - Free Presbyterian Church (1867) (12 Nov 2010)

Historic Free Presbyterian Church (1867) in Maclean.

NSW - Maclean - Maclean Hotel (27 Feb 2010)

Maclean's 1903 Maclean Hotel is a great option for meals and accommodation.

NSW - Maclean - Maclean Hotel mural (27 Feb 2010)

This colourful mural at the Maclean Hotel proudly remembers the town's Scottish heritage.

NSW - Maclean - Clarence Hotel (27 Feb 2010)

The Clarence Hotel in Maclean.

NSW - Maclean - 1930s former Hollywood Picture Palace (12 Nov 2010)

Macleans 1930s and VERY Art Deco former Hollywood Picture Palace is now home to several shops.

NSW - Maclean - Yamba Rd (old H1) abandoned service station (27 Feb 2010)

A wonderful mid-1960s 7.5km Old Highway One alignment leads through Maclean and then along the banks of the Clarence River to the interesting 1966 steel truss bridge at Harwood. This abandoned service station is near the north end of the old alignment and bears testament to its busier past,

Chatsworth Island
NSW - Chatsworth - Main Street (12 Nov 2010)

A relaxed 9km 1980s loop of Old Highway One serves the tiny riverside village of Chatsworth Island. There are leafy tables opposite the General Store and look out for the "thong tree", the "tooth brush tree" and the "tree of knowledge" and its attendant gnomes; all good fun!

NSW - Chatsworth - St Lukes Anglican Church (12 Nov 2010)

Chatsworth Island's St Lukes Anglican Church is a well-maintained and typical timber country church.

NSW - Chatsworth - Old Shed 1 (25 Jun 2011)

Charming old rustic shed on Old Highway One, Chatsworth Island.

NSW - Chatsworth - River View (12 Nov 2010)

The view of the mighty Clarence River at Chatsworth Island.

NSW - Chatsworth - Community Thong Tree (12 Nov 2010)

The Chatsworth Island "Community Thong Tree".

NSW - Chatsworth - Picnic Tables (12 Nov 2010)

One of several shady picnic tables at Chatsworth Island.

NSW - Chatsworth - Shark Bay (12 Nov 2010)

Chatsworth Island's Shark Bay!

NSW - Chatsworth - Tree of Knowledge (12 Nov 2010)

The Tree of Knowledge at Chatsworth Island is a cute diversion.

NSW - Woombah - Old Pacific Hwy south section (27 Feb 2010)

"Woombah" former and abandoned Old Highway One alignment - a 1990s old loop runs north and south of Iluka Rd, still drivable in parts.

Jacky Bulbin Flat
NSW - Jacky Bulbin Flat - old H1 with yellow centre line (27 Feb 2010)

"Jacky Bulbin Flat" former Old Highway One alignment - a 900m excellent unsigned old alignment just east of the modern highway leading to some old timbers marking the former site of a road bridge. The famous old yellow centre line is still visible here.

Trustums Hill
NSW - Trustums Hill (north of) - old H1 as rest area north end (27 Feb 2010)

"Trustums Hill" former Old Highway One alignment - a late 1990s alignment still operating as a local service road and continuing east of the highway as a combination service road and rest area.

NSW - Broadwater - former St Columbkille Catholic Church (13 Jun 2011)

Broadwater (pop. 463) is built around its 1881 sugar mill. The beautiful timber 1925 former St Columbkille's Catholic Church has now been renovated as a coffee shop.

Empire Vale
NSW - Empire Vale - Tiny Post Office (25 Jun 2011)

Before the 1964 Wardell bridge was built, Old Highway One crossed the Richmond River via a still-operating ferry between West Ballina and South Ballina. On its way to the ferry the old road hugs the south bank of the Richmond River, passing through tiny Empire Vale and even tinier Keith Hall.
The tiny Post Office at Empire Vale must be one of the smallest in Australia and is guaranteed to raise a smile!

NSW - Ballina - Big Prawn (28 Feb 2010)

Until the early 1980s Old Highway One passed through downtown Ballina (pop. 16,477), a service and tourist-oriented town serving as the gateway to the Richmond Valley hinterland to the west and north-west and the magnificent beaches to the east and north. It was realigned a couple of blocks west as a traffic-mitigation measure. A major western bypass of Ballina was fully opened in April 2012.
The Big Prawn is one of Highway One's best-known giants and has long guarded the southern approaches to Ballina.

NSW - Knockrow - Big Knight (4 Feb 2011)

Look out west of the Pacific Highway just north of Knockrow for the Big Knight, standing guard over the Macadamia Castle at Knockrow. He's one of the newer Highway One "Big Things".

NSW - Knockrow - Macadamia Castle

Macadamia Castle at Knockrow.

NSW - Newrybar - Harvest Cafe

A classic 1960s former Old Highway One alignment runs 500m through pretty little Newrybar (area pop. 581). Check out the busy Harvest Cafe, housed in an early 1900s cottage, and the other interesting shops and buildings.

Bangalow - Main Street 2 (26 Jun 2008)

A winding 1.9km Old Highway One alignment through the centre of Bangalow was bypassed in 1994. Another major bypass is under construction (as at 2014) to bypass Bangalow and Newrybar to the east; more Old Highway One in the making! Bangalow (pop. 1,327) is a classic Northern Rivers small town that has reinvented itself to be now a thriving historic, market and art and craft centre for the region.

Bangalow - All Souls Anglican Church (26 Jun 2008)

Bangalow's All Souls Anglican Church has a striking bell tower (pardon the pun)!

Bangalow - Bangalow Hotel (26 Jun 2008)

The Bangalow Hotel, built in the 1940s, has a very Art Deco feel.

Bangalow - Decorated Building (26 Jun 2008)

Decorated building in Bangalow.

Bangalow - Don't Tell Mama (26 Jun 2008)

Don't Tell Mama about Bangalow!

Bangalow - Former Church (now Pottery) (26 Jun 2008)

A former Church now operating as a pottery in Bangalow.

Ewingsdale - Grand Avenue (20 Oct 2007)

An interesting 450m dead-end late 1990s alignment runs south of Ewingsdale Rd as William Flick Ln; it's a wonderful grand avenue of figs. The old alignment (as Woodford Ln) also continues for over 2km north of Ewingsdale Rd as a dead-end service road.

Ewingsdale - Hall & Church (20 Oct 2007)

Peaceful 1915 St Columba's Anglican Church at Ewingsdale.

Mullumbimby - Middle Hotel (formerly Commercial Hotel) (18 Apr 2008)

Up until the end of World War II the Pacific Highway followed a VERY scenic loop through Mullumbimby, rejoining the main route just south of Billinudgel. It's an interesting, scenic and in places very twisting old-style drive, but unfortunately bypasses pretty Brunswick Heads.
1904 Middle Pub is a local icon in Mullumbimby.

Mullumbimby - St Martins Anglican Church (18 Apr 2008)

1925 St Martins Anglican Church is a great asset for Mullumbimby with its excellent organ, timber interior and lovely stained glass windows.

Mullumbimby - St Martins Anglican Church Stained Glass Windows (18 Apr 2008)

A sample of the stained glass windows in 1925 St Martins Anglican Church in Mullumbimby.

Brunswick Heads
NSW - Brunswick Heads - Hotel Brunswick (14 Sep 2011)

Bypassed in the late 1990s, another Old Highway One alignment passes east of Mullumbimby and through Brunswick heads, becoming the Brunswick Valley Way north of town and winding its scenic way north past Billinudgel. Brunswick Heads (pop. 1,614) is a charming holiday destination and also was formerly home to a large fishing fleet.
The stylish Hotel Brunswick dates back to the 1940s and the courtyard is another great Old Highway One stop-off - don't miss the famous fish and chips here!

NSW - Brunswick Heads - Art Deco Pharmacy (14 Sep 2011)

An attractive Art Deco pharmacy in Brunswick Heads.

NSW - Brunswick Heads - St Thomas' Anglican Church (1922) (14 Sep 2011)

Brunswick Heads' lovely timber-built St Thomas' Anglican Church (1922).

Billinudgel - Billinudgel Hotel (26 Jun 2008)

The interesting little village of Billinudgel lies just west of the Brunswick Valley Way (Old Highway One). It has an interesting main street that is home to the historic 1906 Billinudgel Hotel.

Billinudgel - Billinudgel Store (26 Jun 2008)

Historic Billinudgel Store.

Billinudgel - Abandoned Railway Station (26 Jun 2008)

Billinudgel's abandoned Railway Station was looking much the worse for wear back in 2008, however, local volunteers have since given it a well-deserved restoration.

Mooball - Hotel Victory (17 Dec 2007)

Tiny Mooball is home to famous moo-cow pattern telephone and power poles, interesting shops and the 1932 Hotel Victory (the hotel was unbelievably busy back when Highway One passed by, but not so much now).

Mooball - Moo Moo Cafe (17 Dec 2007)

Mooball's Moo Moo Cafe was once a crazy-busy stopover with its own souvenirs, mini-museum etc. but with the 2002 bypass came a slow decline and eventual closure. Great news in 2013 when it reopened as the Moo Moo Roadhouse with a great new look, classic vehicles and motoring displays and a new presence.

Mooball - Kelly Bros Store (17 Dec 2007)

Another feature in Mooball is the lovely 1934 Art Deco Kelly Brothers store.

NSW - Burringbar - Cow Bridge (1 Mar 2010)

Burringbar (pop. 557) is a pleasant small town with shops and a nice park and even with its own tiny loop of even older bypassed Old Pacific Highway.
"Cow Bridge" Former Alignment - Look out east of Tweed Valley Way just south of the old Burringbar railway crossing where until the mid-1930s the old road used to trace a 200m loop around and to the east of a hill that Tweed Valley Way now cuts straight through. The act of cutting through the hill cut a dairy farmer's property in two so the Main Roads Department had to build a "cow bridge" over the highway cutting. It looks like a small road bridge and is still used by the farmer to herd the cows to and fro.

Murwillumbah - Old Shops in Main Street (17 Dec 2007)

Guarded by Mt Warning and dating back to the 1870s, Murwillumbah (pop. 7,952) is a stunning subtropical small town set in the magnificent heart of the old extinct volcano's caldera. Still a thriving agricultural service centre and yet with a cafe scene, surrounded by the border ranges and close to the ocean surf beaches to the east and the World Heritage rainforest all around, it really has it all. Visit the World Heritage Rainforest Centre for local information and an overview of this unique place.
Main Street is one of many special highlights in Murwillumbah.

Murwillumbah - Courthouse (1909) (17 Dec 2007)

Parts of the centre of Murwillumbah were destroyed in a catastrophic fire in 1907. The 1909 Courthouse is an example of the rapid rebuilding that took place subsequently.

Murwillumbah - Imperial Hotel (17 Dec 2007)

Stylish and iconic 1931 Imperial Hotel is the third incarnation of the hotel on the site dating back to the late 1890s.

Murwillumbah - Museum (17 Dec 2007)

1915 Tweed Regional Museum - Murwillumbah (in the old Council Chambers) was refurbished and extended in 2013-14.

Murwillumbah - Ols Shop (17 Dec 2007)

A beautifully maintained old shop in Murwillumbah's main street.

Murwillumbah - Regent Theatre (17 Dec 2007)

Murwillumbah's 1940s (but still very Art Deco) Regent Cinema.

Murwillumbah - Southern Cross Credit Union Building (17 Dec 2007)

Murwillumbah's 1924 Credit Union Building is a former CBA Bank.

Murwillumbah - St Andrews Presbyterian Church (17 Dec 2007)

Murwillumbah's early 1900s St Andrews Presbyterian Church.

Murwillumbah - Tweed House (17 Dec 2007)

Prettily-decorated Tweed House is another architectural highlight in Murwillumbah.

Tumbulgum - Faith Mussing Bandler Park  (17 Dec 2007)

Tumbulgum (pop. 349) was first established as far back as the 1860s. Although its location at the confluence of the Tweed and Rous Rivers made it an important early river port and a rival to Murwillumbah, today it is a picturesque small village popular with locals and visitors alike. Until 1972 Old Highway One used to hug the riverbank right through town.

Tumbulgum - Riverside Picnic Area (17 Dec 2007)

A lovely riverside picnic area in Tumbulgum fronting the beautiful Tweed River.

Tumbulgum - St Peters Anglican Church (1954) (17 Dec 2007)

Tumbulgum's former St Peters Anglican Church dates back to 1954.

Tumbulgum - Tumbulgum Hall (1913) (17 Dec 2007)

1913 Tumbulgum Hall fronts Old Highway One through the town.

Tumbulgum - Tumbulgum Hotel (17 Dec 2007)

The Tumbulgum Tavern (the "Tumby Pub") has been licensed since 1887 and is a VERY popular stop for meals and a drink.

NSW - Chinderah - TD40 H1 Rejoin Sign (5 Sep 2009)

Old Highway One (now badged Tweed Valley Way/Tourist Drive 40) rejoins modern Highway One (Pacific Motorway) near Chinderah in this photo taken before the famous old National Route 1 shields were coverplated with the new A1 badges in 2013. Just to the north, Chinderah Bay Dr is another Old Highway One stretch, bypassed in the 1990s, again hugging the banks of the Tweed River.

Tweed Heads
NSW - Tweed Heads

Old Highway One used to reach the Queensland border by a very circuitous and winding route culminating in a busy but interesting transit through the urban area here. A series of bypasses and upgrades on both sides of the border have improved travel times for through travellers and the final bypass was completed at Banora Point in 2012.
Tweed Heads (pop. 51,788) is the major town on the far north coast of NSW. It's separated from Coolangatta in Queensland simply by a line on a map as the State border passes down the middle of this street. Oddly, daylight saving time is observed in NSW but not in Queensland and this is exploited each New Year when revellers are able to celebrate the arrival of the new year twice by crossing to different sides of the shared main street!

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Last Updated: 4 Apr 2014
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