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There are custom colour maps, much more detailed directions, interesting stories, charming illustrations and much more in the Highway One Travel Companion e-books. If you'd like to explore deeper into Highway One's attractions, and maybe do a little "highway archaeology" on Old Highway One then you may be interested in getting some of my in-depth e-books to be your travel companions. The introductory volume is free (at Smashwords) and the others are great value at only US$1.99 to US$2.99 each. You can find them at Amazon or Smashwords or use the links below to access them direct.

Click the links below to read more or download:
The Highway One Travel Companion - Introductory Sections (Free Download)
The Highway One Travel Companion - 1: Melbourne to NSW Border
The Highway One Travel Companion - 2: Victoria Border to Sydney
The Highway One Travel Companion - 3: Sydney to Port Macquarie
The Highway One Travel Companion - 4: Port Macquarie to QLD Border
The Highway One Travel Companion - 5: QLD Border to Childers
The Highway One Travel Companion - 6: Childers to Marlborough
The Highway One Travel Companion - 7: Marlborough to Guthalungra
The Highway One Travel Companion - 8: Guthalungra to Cairns

E-book cover, Vol 1E-book sample, Vol 1

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Coolangatta - Border Marker

Coolangatta is the southernmost of the Gold Coast's Queensland suburbs. It's separated from Tweed Heads in New South Wales simply by a line on a map as the State border passes down the middle of the street. Oddly, daylight saving time is observed in NSW but not in Queensland and this is exploited each New Year when revellers are able to celebrate the arrival of the new year twice by crossing to different sides of the main street!
The simple border marker on Old Highway One marks the transition from NSW to the "Sunshine State".

Coolangatta - Griffith Street 2 Full

Griffith St is the start of the Old Highway One alignment through downtown Coolangatta (2003 photo). Note the border marker at the top of the photo where the roundabout marks the right turn south into NSW.

QLD - Tugun - Old NR1 sign (12 Aug 2011)

The Griffith St Old Highway One alignment was bypassed by a southern extension to the Gold Coast Highway before that was itself later bypassed by the M1 Pacific Motorway, the current Highway One alignment. This crazy sign was replaced in 2012 but had the rare distinction of incorrectly showing both the bypassed Old Highway One alignments, through Coolangatta and the Gold Coast Highway, as still carrying the NR1 shield.

Kirra Beach

Just around the corner from downtown Coolangatta, Old Highway One passes right alongside beautiful Kirra Beach.

QLD - Broadbeach - Big Golf Ball

Broadbeach is one of the string of magnificent surf beaches strung along Old Highway One (now mostly called Gold Coast Highway) through the Gold Coast. The Big Golf Ball graces the Putt Putt on the west side of the highway at Broadbeach.

Surfers Paradise
QLD - Surfers Paradise - Big Guitar

The Big Guitar stands tall above the Hard Rock Café in Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise. "Surfers" is a world famous tourist venue which is always busy.

Southport - Seaworld

Sea World in Southport is an icon of Highway One and the Gold Coast. It was the first of several "Worlds" on the Gold Coast, opening in 1958.

Oxenford - Dreamworld Entrance

In Oxenford, enjoy the drive past more "Worlds" and other tourist attractions than you can shake a day pass at!

Pimpama & Ormeau
QLD - Pimpama - Living Rivers Uniting Church (1885) (12 Aug 2011)

Pimpama (pop. 1,053) and Ormeau (pop. 6,146) are small settlements established in the 1860s between the Gold Coast and Logan City urban developments and were bypassed by the highway in the 1960s. Originally small towns in their own right, both are also growing as their two giant neighbours expand.
The timber 1885 Uniting (formerly Methodist) Church is a reminder of Pimpama's past.

QLD - Pimpama - War Memorial (12 Aug 2011)

The War Memorial's soldier has long guarded the stretch of Old Highway One in Pimpama. Urban legend has it that if you don't salute him as you pass then you could meet a sticky end!

QLD - Pimpama - Strawberry Farm (12 Aug 2011)

For many years the iconic Strawberry Farm in Pimpama was a working farm where visitors could pick their own strawberries. Motorway construction and land values have seen an end to the farm alas, but the original cafe building and a petting farm remain. The highlight, however, is the signature giant strawberry cones - these are not to be missed!

QLD - Yatala - Big Pie (12 Aug 2011)

Yatala (pop. 1,330) was originally focused on agriculture, but is nowadays home to a large and growing industrial estate, a rare, still-operating Drive-In Theatre and a major brewery. Old Highway One used to pass right by the Big Pie - the Yatala Pie Shop has been a fixture on the Old Pacific Highway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast for 130 years.

Beenleigh - Imperial Hotel (3 Nov 2007)

Founded in the 1860s, Beenleigh (pop. 7,816) was home to a thriving sugar industry and still hosts Australia's oldest rum distillery. Previously an entirely separate town, nowadays, however, it has been absorbed into the greater Brisbane and south-east Queensland urban sprawl. Old Highway One used to pass right through the main street.
The Imperial Hotel is one of three classic old pubs on or near Old Highway One in Beenleigh.

Beenleigh - Royal Hotel (3 Nov 2007)

Beenleigh's Royal Hotel.

Beenleigh - Sundowner Hotel (3 Nov 2007)

Beenleigh's historic Sundowner Hotel.

QLD - Brisbane - Underwood - Big Cow

Blessed with an excellent climate and surrounded by world-famous beaches, bays and hinterland, Brisbane (pop. 1.8 million) is Australia's third largest, and its fastest-growing, city.
The Big Gun Centre on Logan Rd (Old Highway One) in Underwood hosts TWO Highway One Giants! This is the Big Cow.

QLD - Brisbane - Underwood - Big Gun

The Big Gun Centre at Underwood's Big Gun.

QLD - Brisbane - Eight Mile Plains - Big Redback (12 Aug 2011)

The Big Redback is truly the stuff of nightmares as he dwarfs the outdoor toilet ("dunny" in the Australian vernacular) he is crawling over - watch out for him at the Redback Garden Centre on Old Highway One at Eight Mile Plains.

Brisbane - Stones Corner - Tram at corner Logan Rd and Old Cleveland Rd (Feb 1969)

This historic photo from 1969 shows the old tram lines and Old Highway One passing through what is now a busy shopping area in Stones Corner.

QLD - Brisbane - Woolloongabba - Old NR1 sign (12 Aug 2011)

There aren't many left but this classic old NR1 sign still guards Old Highway One near Woolloongabba.

Brisbane - Woolloongabba - Logan Rd Moreton Rubber Works 3

The old Moreton Rubber Works has long been a landmark beside Old Highway One near the Woolloongabba Five Ways.

Brisbane - Kangaroo Point - St Marys Anglican Church (4 Feb 2007)

Magnificent 1873 St Marys Anglican Church is beautifully sited on the cliffs at Kangaroo Point overlooking the Brisbane skyline.

Brisbane - Windsor - Windsor Bowls Club (26 Aug 2007)

Brisbane's Windsor Bowls Club is a typical example of a common Brisbane social mainstay.

Brisbane - Lutwyche - St Andrews Anglican Church (26 Aug 2007)

Brisbane's Lutwyche is home to a number of historic buildings, including the imposing 1926 St Andrews Anglican Church.

QLD - Redcliffe - Museum

The Redcliffe Museum is housed in the former Sacred Heart Catholic Church building and has developed an interesting heritage walk around Redcliffe's historic highlights.

QLD - Caboolture - Historical Village

Comprehensive Caboolture Historical Village has over 20,000 items on show, historic buildings, special interest groups and many other activities and diversions to enjoy.

Glasshouse Mountains
QLD - Glasshouse Mountains - Glasshouse Mountains Rd (old H1) - Tibrogargan (8 Mar 2010)

Old Highway One leads us through a string of little Glasshouse Mountains towns and also up close to some of these famous landmarks.

QLD - Glasshouse Mountains - Lookout - Tibrogargan (7 Mar 2010)

Mt Tibrogargan is one of the best known of the Glasshouse Mountains.

QLD - Glasshouse Mountains - Bruce Pde (old H1) (8 Mar 2010)

The little town of Glasshouse Mountains is home to Bruce Pde, a long-bypassed Old Highway One alignment.

QLD - Beerwah - Big Mower (31 Jul 2011)

Beerwah hosts a twice-bypassed section of Old Highway One. Now a 1km quiet country-town street, Old Highway One takes us past the Big Mower, a very quirky Highway One Giant.....

QLD - Beerwah - Beerwah Hotel (31 Jul 2011)

....through the heart of town and right past the classic 1937 Beerwah Hotel.

QLD - Beerwah - Australia Zoo

Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo is about 3km north of Beerwah on the east side of Old Highway One; another Highway One icon.

QLD - Woombye - Big Pineapple (8 Mar 2010)

Entertaining visitors since 1971, the Big Pineapple on Old Highway One at Woombye is one of the best known, best loved and biggest Highway One giants.

QLD - Nambour - Nambour Connection Rd (old H1) (8 Mar 2010)

Founded in 1870, Nambour is still a sugar and agricultural town, but is also increasingly a service and tourism centre for the region. The whole "Nambour" Old Highway One loop was bypassed in 1990. This is a rare 4-lane section of the old road.

QLD - Nambour - Club Hotel (8 Mar 2010)

Nambour's inviting 100 year old Club Hotel graces Old Highway One in town.

QLD - Kulangoor - Big Cow (8 Mar 2010)

Look out for the second bovine giant in Queensland on the west of Old Highway One in Kulangoor near the railway crossing just a couple of kilometres north of Nambour.

QLD - Yandina - Yandina Hotel Full

Yandina (pop. 1,075) is tucked away just off the M1 and is a classic Old Highway One small town. Don't miss the 1887 Yandina Hotel, one of the oldest buildings on the Sunshine Coast.

QLD - Yandina - Ginger Factory

Yandina is home to the world-famous and award-winning Ginger Factory tourist complex - over-eating on chocolate-coated ginger is another must-do activity at this icon on any Old Highway One road trip.

QLD - Eumundi - Imperial Hotel (1911) (11 Aug 2011)

Eumundi (pop. 488) is much better known than its small size would indicate. The famous Eumundi Markets are held at the railway station each Saturday and draw thousands of visitors from near and far. Just opposite is the 1911 Imperial Hotel, original home of Eumundi Lager; drinking this beer is one more of the must-do activities of an Old Highway One road trip. The main part of Eumundi was bypassed in 1976.

QLD - Eumundi - Joe's Waterhole (11 Aug 2011)

Joe's Waterhole in Eumundi is the former Commercial Hotel, built 1926, and another standout on Old Highway One.

QLD - Pomona - Yurol Forest Dr (old H1) view to Cooroora Mtn (9 Mar 2010)

Pomona (pop. 1,004) is a historic small town that was once the administrative centre for the surrounding (former) Noosa Shire. Beautifully positioned at the foot of Mt Cooroora, Pomona is known as a living heritage town full of intact historical buildings. The entrance into town from the south is particularly impressive.
Old Highway One through Pomona follows a 1960s alignment through picturesque hinterland countryside.

QLD - Pomona - Majestic Theatre (9 Mar 2010)

The Pomona Heritage Walk's highlights include the 1921 Majestic Cinema (the oldest continuously running silent-movie cinema in the world).

QLD - Pomona - Mountain Stop Cafe visitor (9 Mar 2010)

This Blue-faced Honeyeater is another local you can meet at the Mountain Stop Cafe!

QLD - Cooran - Cooran Memorial School of Arts (1909) (9 Mar 2010)

Overlooked by the Cooran Tablelands and with the Mothar Mountain State Forest nearby Cooran (pop. 771) is a typically laid-back small town easily overlooked. The School of Arts dates right back to 1906.

QLD - Cooran - old shop (9 Mar 2010)

This old Cooran shop houses the Art Gallery.

Belli Park
QLD - Belli Park (south of) - Bonney Ln (old H1 alignment) (9 Mar 2010)

Bonney Lane is a small remnant piece of old highway, probably dating to after the "Skyring Creek" Old Highway One alignment was bypassed pre-1960s.

QLD - Gympie - Australian Hotel (1883)(9 Mar 2010)

Originally called Nashville, Gympie (pop. 10,933) was established in the 1840s, but hit pay dirt when gold was discovered in the 1860s - the population rocketed to 25,000 within a few months as word spread. Nowadays, Gympie is the administrative centre for the surrounding region and remains an amazingly interesting and historic town. There are even legends and stories around a pyramid-shaped hill east of town… ask about the stories in one of Gympie's classic pubs. Old Highway One used to wend an attractive path right through the main residential and business sections of Gympie.
1883 Australian Hotel (and its views) are a highlight.

QLD - Gympie - Freemasons Hotel (9 Mar 2010)

1880s Freemasons Hotel is another Gympie icon.

QLD - Gympie - Phoenix Hotel (1887) (9 Mar 2010)

Gympie's Phoenix Hotel (1887).

QLD - Gympie - Former Salvation Army Church (1939)(9 Mar 2010)

Former Salvation Army Church (1939) in Gympie.

QLD - Gympie - historic train station (9 Mar 2010)

The Valley Rattler steam train runs regularly through the picturesque Mary Valley and is a major Gympie tourist attraction.

QLD - Gympie - Railway Hotel (9 Mar 2010)

Gympie's classic Railway Hotel (ask about the mystery ashes)!

QLD - Gympie - Red Hill Rd (old H1) old house (9 Mar 2010)

A lovely heritage home on Old Highway One in Gympie,

QLD - Gympie - St Patricks Catholic Church (1883)(9 Mar 2010)

Gympie's St Patricks Catholic Church (1883) graces the hill above down town.

QLD - Gympie - Uniting Church (1890)(9 Mar 2010)

Gympie's beautiful old Uniting Church (1890).

QLD - Gympie - Town Hall (1890)(9 Mar 2010)

Gympie Town Hall (1890).

QLD - Gympie - McCullough Rd (old H1) (10 Mar 2010)

Part of the "Two Mile" former alignment, McCullough Rd is an old concrete Old Highway One alignment on the north side of Gympie.

QLD - Gympie - Park access road (old H1) (off Vantage Rd) end of road (10 Mar 2010)

An old piece of old concrete Old Highway One north of McCullough Rd returning to nature north of Gympie.

QLD - Bells Bridge - Spring Valley Rd (old H1) east end (10 Mar 2010)

The southern end of the "Spring Valley Rd" former Old Highway One alignment just north of Chatsworth with the modern A1 right alongside.

QLD - Curra - Curra Rd Old Bruce Highway Dead End South of Railway (31 Jul 2011)

Curra (pop. 1,372) is a small town and railway siding established in the 1860s. The old road used to continue through Curra on Atkinson Rd and cross the boggy ground and railway line before turning back north onto Harvey Siding Rd. As the old bridge is long gone, the road must now be explored in two sections.

QLD - Curra - Curra Rd Old Bruce Highway Former Bridge Site South of Railway (31 Jul 2011)

The Old Highway One former bridge site at Curra.

Gootchie Area
QLD - Bauple (south of) - Gootchie Rd (old H1) overgrown with centre line (11 Mar 2010)

The "Gootchie" former and abandoned Old Highway One alignments is a rewarding and complex set of old alignment ghosts, traces and fragments to explore, although many of the abandoned fragments are on private property.
This old concrete road section is so durable that although it has been decades since this road carried traffic it would still be drivable; it just needs the grass to be mown - it even has the centre line still visible in places!

QLD - Bauple (south of) - Molteno Rd (old H1) end of road (11 Mar 2010)

Molteno Rd is in good condition and driveable right through to the road closure at about 1.6km in and is walkable beyond that.

QLD - Bauple (south of) - Old Highway Rd (old H1) abandoned section - road narrows (11 Mar 2010)

Hemmings Rd is a classic piece of abandoned Old Highway One.

QLD - Maryborough - Post Office Hotel rump steak (11 Mar 2010)

Old Highway One used to make a short loop through historic Maryborough via Gympie Rd and Ferry St and out on Walker St. Known as Queensland's Heritage City, Maryborough (pop. 21,501) is one of Queensland's oldest towns; established in 1847. Maryborough abounds with historic and colonial buildings and with a healthy scattering of classy art deco highlights as well.
Don't miss the legendary country-style steaks and other meals at the historic local hotels - this was a lunch-time feast at the Post Office Hotel.

QLD - Maryborough - Big Ned Kelly (31 Jul 2011)

Armed and dangerous, the Big Ned Kelly guards the Ned Kelly Motel and service station. The motel's slogan is "Where you're treated like one of the gang!".

Maryborough - Art Deco 2nd Storey Above Shop (Mar 2006)

Lovely Art Deco second storey above a Maryborough shop.

Maryborough - City Hall (Mar 2006)

Imposing 1906 Maryborough City Hall.

Maryborough - Court House (Mar 2006)

Historic 1875 Maryborough Courthouse

Maryborough - Criterion Hotel (Mar 2006)

Maryborough's magnificent 1878 Criterion Hotel.

Maryborough - Former Bells Vue Hotel

The former Bells Vue Hotel in Maryborough appears to have been quite substantial at one time but no more.

Maryborough - Former Dominion Milling Co

The Dominion Milling Company was obviously a big operation in Maryborough once. The faded sign on the roof says "The Old Millhouse Bowerbird Nest" and it appears to be a big second hand goods site now.

Maryborough - Former Engineers Arms Hotel

This is the former Engineers Arms Hotel in Maryborough, built 1870.

Maryborough - Heritage Centre (Mar 2006)

On the ground floor of the historic 1878 Bank of New South Wales building, the Maryborough Family Heritage Institute holds one of the largest collections of genealogy records in Queensland, covering the immigrant passengers into Queensland and cemetery and burial records for a number of Queensland areas.

Maryborough - Mary River looking from Wharf St (Mar 2006)

Maryborough's Mary River looking from historic Wharf St.

Maryborough - St Paul's Anglican Church (Mar 2006)

1879 St Paul's Anglican Church in Maryborough.

Maryborough - WW2 Air Raif Shelter next to Railway Stateion

Look out for Maryborough's old World War II air-raid shelter outside the railway station.

Howard and the "Triplets"
QLD - Howard - Coalfields Cafe Murals (31 Jul 2011)

Until the 1960s, Old Highway One used to do a quaint dogleg via "The Triplets" former alignment east across the railway line and through the "triplets"; Torbanlea (pop. 420), Burrum Town (pop. 607) and Howard (pop. 1,071). These three small historic towns date back to the 1860s and together form a service centre for the surrounding sugar, citrus and other agricultural industry.
Be sure to check out the interesting murals at the Coalfields Cafe in Howard.

QLD - Howard - Brooklyn House (1890) (10 Aug 2011)

Howard's historic Brooklyn House (1890).

QLD - Howard - Grand Hotel (12 Mar 2010)

Historic 1888 Grand Hotel in Howard.

QLD - Childers - Federal Hotel (1907) (10 Aug 2011)

Recently recognised as "Queensland's best heritage town", Childers (pop. 1,350) is another well-preserved historic small town. Dating back to the 1850s, its history has been marked by two fire events; a blaze in 1902 razed one side of the main street and more recently a tragic fire killed 15 young backpackers in 2000.
Childers' stylish Federal Hotel (1907).

QLD - Childers - Isis RSL (10 Aug 2011)

Childers' two storey R.S.L. club was built in 1901 for the C.B.C. Bank.

QLD - Childers - Memorial Hall & Soldiers Room (10 Aug 2011)

The touching Soldiers Room Memorial in the Isis Shire Chambers in Childers, opened in 1926.

QLD - Childers - Old Pharmacy Museum (1894) (10 Aug 2011)

Step into the past at the Pharmaceutical Museum located in the heart of Childers. An unique collection dating back to the 1800s.

QLD - Childers - Paragon Theatre (1927) (10 Aug 2011)

The 1927 Paragon Theatre in Childers is highly intact and still showing pictures.

QLD - Childers -Hotel Childers (1894) (10 Aug 2011)

The Hotel Childers, although heavily modified in the 1930s, dates way back to the late 1800s.

QLD - Cordalba - Commercial Hotel (12 Mar 2010)

Just off Old Highway One on the way to Bundaberg, between Apple Tree Creek and Bundaberg is the small country town of Cordalba (pop. 295) and its classic 1895 Commercial Hotel in Queen St.

QLD - Bundaberg - Post Office & War Memorial (12 Mar 2010)

Although Bundaberg (pop. 46,961) is best known for its famous Bundaberg Rum Distillery, it has its own charming laid-back character and an interesting architectural record.
Bundaberg's 1902 Post Office & War Memorial are in the centre of downtown.

QLD - Bundaberg - School of Arts (12 Mar 2010)

The striking 1889 School of Arts building in Bundaberg.

Bundaberg - Christ Church (Anglican)

Lovely 1927 Christ Church Anglican Church in Bundaberg.

Bundaberg - Former Presbyterian Church, now 7th Day Adventist

Bundaberg's 1932 former St Andrew's Uniting Church is now now 7th Day Adventist.

QLD - Bundaberg - Big Bottle (10 Aug 2011)

The 1888 Bundaberg Rum Distillery is one of Queensland's best-loved icons and a visit here is an Old Highway One must-do. As William Neville Scott is said to have so eloquently stated: "Bundaberg rum, overproof rum; will tan your insides and grow hair on your bum."! The Big Bottle, another Highway One Giant, guards the entrance to the Bundaberg Rum Distillery.

QLD - Bundaberg - Big Barrel (10 Aug 2011)

As well as being a Highway One Giant, the Big Barrel is actually the Interpretive Visitor Centre for Bundaberg Brewed Drinks - delicious!

QLD - Bundaberg - East Water Tower (1902) (10 Aug 2011)

Bundaberg's unusual 1902 eight-storey East Water Tower is prominent on the skyline.

QLD - Bundaberg - Globe Hotel 1 (31 Jul 2011)

Bundaberg's Globe Hotel still graces Old Highway One in North Bundaberg.

South Kolan
QLD - South Kolan - Mystery Craters entrance (12 Mar 2010)

Another Highway One icon, the Mystery Craters, are well signposted on Old Highway One just west of South Kolan. The complex is one of the quirkier ones we'll encounter on our journey!

QLD - South Kolan - Mystery Craters entrance overview (12 Mar 2010)

The Mystery Craters at South Kolan .... REVEALED!

Gin Gin
QLD - Gin Gin - Post Office (12 Mar 2010)

Gin Gin (pop. 892) is a small highway service town with rest areas right through town for the weary Highway One tourer. The Gin Gin Museum complex is interesting and comprehensive.
The Post Office is a great example of the timber-built Queensland variety.

Gin Gin - Highway Hotel (Mar 2006)

Gin Gin's VERY-coubtry Highway Hotel.

QLD - Gindoran - Abandoned Bruce Highway Alignment enters Private Property off John Clifford Way (31 Jul 2011)

In the relatively empty area near Gindoran, between Gin Gin and Miriam Vale, look out for an interesting, long abandoned Old Highway One alignment off the intersection with John Clifford Way. The old alignment quickly enters private property.

QLD - Gindoran - Abandoned Bruce Highway Alignment road surface off John Clifford Way (31 Jul 2011)

There is still plenty of evidence of the old bitumen, and even traces of the centre line, on the old Gindoran abandoned alignment.

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