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Melbourne CBD
VIC - Melbourne - Flinders St Station (30 Jan 2011)

Busy traffic in Melbourne CBD (Elizabeth St).

VIC - Melbourne - Flinders St Station 2 (30 Jan 2011)

Melbourne's iconic Flinders St train station.

VIC - Melbourne - Victoria Market (30 Jan 2011)

With almost 1,000 traders in a 17acre site, Queen Victoria Markets is one of the largest open air markets in the southern hemisphere.

VIC - Melbourne - St Kilda Rd  SR3 Sign (30 Jan 2011)

Busy St Kilda Rd is Old Highway One and the start of the delightful journey toward Gippsland and beyond from historic Princes Bridge. St Kilda Rd now carries the SR3 badge.

VIC - Melbourne - St Kilda Rd (30 Jan 2011)

St Kilda Rd is a leafy introduction to Old Highway One.

VIC - Melbourne - Dandenong Rd ALT 1 Sign (30 Jan 2011)

From St Kilda Rd Old Highway One turns onto Dandenong Rd for the drive out of Melbourne and regains its famous National Route 1 badge!

VIC - Melbourne - Windsor - Astor Theatre (30 Jan 2011)

The 1930s art deco Astor Theatre is a highlight in Windsor.

VIC - Melbourne - Windsor - Presentation College (1873) (30 Jan 2011)

Along Dandenong Rd in Windsor look out for 1873 Presentation College.

VIC - Melbourne - Prahran - Maples Emporium (1904) (30 Jan 2011)

Historic Chapel St crosses Old Highway One in Windsor; it's worth following it north for a few blocks. Among other notable old emporium buildings, look for Maples (corner Chapel & High Streets, it traded from 1904-87).

VIC - Melbourne - Prahran - Mechanics Institute (1915) (30 Jan 2011)

At 259 High Street in Prahran the still-functioning 1915 Prahran Mechanics Institute boasts a respected local history library.

VIC - Melbourne - Prahran - Chapel St Conway's Buildings (30 Jan 2011)

Conway's Building graces a Chapel St corner.

VIC - Melbourne - Prahran - Chapel St Ornate Shop (30 Jan 2011)

This ornate Chapel St building now houses a pet store.

VIC - Melbourne - Prahran - St Matthews Anglican Church (1877) (30 Jan 2011)

Prahran's St Matthews Anglican Church dates back to 1877.

Vic - Malvern - Highway One (Alt 1 sign) (4 Feb 2010)

A vintage NR1 sign at Malvern reassures us we're on Old Highway One.

Vic - Malvern - Highway One (4 Feb 2010)

Old Highway One (Dandenong Rd) and the tram lines part company in Malvern.

VIC - Melbourne - Mulgrave - ALT 1 Princes Highway Sign (1877) (30 Jan 2011)

Another NR1 sign further east at Mulgrave.

VIC - Hallam - Hallam Hotel (1872) (30 Jan 2011)

Historic Hallam Hotel was first built in 1872.

VIC - Berwick - C101 Sign (30 Jan 2011)

Welcome to the City of Casey as Old Highway One changes designation from ALT1 to C101. Named after the town in northern England, Berwick (pop. 36,419) dates back to 1854. High St through Berwick is lined with poplar trees planted after WWI in honour of the fallen as well as historic buildings including 1857 Berwick Inn (once served as a coach stop for Gippsland travellers) and the 1862 Mechanics Institute and Free Library.

Tynong North
VIC - Tynong North - Big Pheasant 2 (30 Jan 2011)

Just north of the M1 in Tynong look out for Gumbuya Park, originally a pheasant farm that was converted into a wildlife park in 1978 and also features rides, artefact displays and other attractions. The first of the Highway One "Giants", the Big Pheasant, is located here.

VIC - Tynong North - Old Highway near Big Pheasant Road Sign (30 Jan 2011)

It's not usually so easy to find Old Highway One remnants!

VIC - Tynong North - Old Highway near Big Pheasant (30 Jan 2011)

A short section of Old Highway One linking between the Big Pheasant and Garfield Rd remains mainly to serve as a rest area.

Longwarry North
Vic - Longwarry North - Princes Way M1 turn off signs Sign (5 Feb 2010)

"Warragul Loop" Former Alignment - Old Highway One used to wander north of the current M1 here (bypassed in 1994) and take a scenic loop south and then east through pretty West Gippsland countryside and the small scenic towns of Drouin and Warrigal (bypassed 1985) - exit the freeway, relax, slow down and enjoy some vintage Old Highway One!

Vic - Longwarry North - Princes Way Old H1 Sign (5 Feb 2010)

When Old Highway One sections are bypassed by new alignments/freeways the old signs are usually removed. In this case, however, a couple have been overlooked - this is gold!!

Vic - Longwarry North - West end Princes Way enters Private Property (5 Feb 2010)

Interestingly, Old Highway One also used to head west for about 1˝km from the Sands Rd T-junction back towards Melbourne, but now enters private land after about a kilometre in that direction (it's worth the short detour to see the old highway disappearing through a private property gate).

Robin Hood
Vic - Longwarry North - Princes Way Old H1 Sign 4 (5 Feb 2010)

Another classic NR1 remnant sign just near the Robin Hood Inn.

Vic - Robin Hood - Robin Hood Inn (1870) (5 Feb 2010)

The Robin Hood Inn dates back to around 1870 and was once a major Cobb & Co stage-coach stop.

VIC - Drouin - Eucalyptus Ficifolia (30 Jan 2011)

Founded around 1870, Drouin (pop. 7,523) is an important commercial centre for the surrounding rich agricultural country. Prettily set on a ridge, it's an iconic, thriving West Gippsland town bypassed by the M1 in 1981. The annual Ficifolia (a red-flowering variety of Eucalyptus) Festival in February is a great time to visit and see the streets lined with trees in full flower (although the blooms can last for some months).

VIC - Drouin - Christ Church Anglican Church (20 Jun 2011)

Christ Church Anglican Church was built in 1936 to replace the 1875 original timber church, which remains in use at nearby Buln Buln.

VIC - Drouin - W Calder Memorial (21 Jun 2011)

A monument to W Calder, a roads pioneer in Victoria, is just east of Drouin,

VIC - Warragul - Old Shire Hall Museum (30 Jan 2011)

Also on the Gourmet Deli Trail, Drouin's close neighbour Warragul (pop. 12,943) was settled in the 1870s as a camp site for railway workers. Like Drouin, Warragul is a major commercial centre for the surrounding rolling farmland, with milk supplied to Melbourne as a major industry. Queen St is vintage old Highway One in Warragul. It is lined with ornate, photogenic and historic buildings including the Historical Society located in the old 1892 Shire Hall.

VIC - Warragul - Railway Hotel (30 Jan 2011)

The ornate Railway Hotel graces Old Highway One in Warragul.

VIC - Warragul - Railway Hotel Bangers & Mash (plus bacon and egg)  and Hamburger Lunch (30 Jan 2011)

Bangers & Mash and Hamburger Lunches were as good as they looked at the Railway Hotel in Warragul!

VIC - Warragul - Commercial Hotel (1912) (30 Jan 2011)

The 1912 Commercial Hotel is also right on Old Highway One in Warragul.

Vic - Yarragon - Commercial Hotel (6 Feb 2010)

Yarragon (pop. 1,131) (once named Waterloo (see Trafalgar below!!)) is a major highlight on the Gourmet Deli Trail, featuring arts and crafts, antiques, galleries and cafes. In town, look for the steam train exhibit and the green calm of the gardens around the war memorial and the rotunda. The Commercial Hotel calls out to hungry travelers!

Vic - Yarragon - Main Street (6 Feb 2010)

Busy Main St in Yarragon.

Vic - Yarragon - Main Street Garden (6 Feb 2010)

Lush green gardens provide a buffer between Yarragon and the M1 on its doorstep.

Vic - Yarragon - Former Church now Antiques (6 Feb 2010)

1916 former Presbyterian Church now operates as an antique store.

Vic - Yarragon - Residence 1 (6 Feb 2010)

A comfortable residence in Yarragon's back streets.

Vic - Yarragon - Residence 2 (6 Feb 2010)

A nice timber Yarragon country residence.

Vic - Yarragon - St Jarlath Catholic Church (6 Feb 2010)

St Jarlath Catholic Church in Yarragon really catches the eye with its architecture.

Vic - Trafalgar - Hotel Criterion (6 Feb 2010)

Trafalgar (pop. 2,686) is another charming Gippsland town, mainly a service town for the surrounding farming area. The Hotel Criterion is another great Gippsland pub.

Vic - Trafalgar - Public Hall (former 1930s Ideal Picture Theatre) (6 Feb 2010)

The Trafalgar Public Hall started life in the 1930s as the Ideal Picture Theatre.

Vic - Trafalgar - St Marys Anglican Church (6 Feb 2010)

St Marys Anglican Church is a substantial building for a small town.

VIC - Moe - Michael's Golden Hen (30 Jan 2011)

Old Highway One through Moe, now badged C103, was bypassed in 1967. It once connected with the even older Haunted Hills alignment further east. Settled in the 1850s, Moe (pop. 8,745) is another business and service hub for rich West Gippsland. Set prettily in the Latrobe Valley, Moe offers ready access to nearby National Parks rich with wildlife. Originally established north of its present location, the town moved 3km south when the railway arrived in the 1870s.
Michael's Golden Hen (50 George St at the end of downtown) comes highly recommended for great road food and roasts.

Vic - Moe - Abandoned KFC (6 Feb 2010)

You don't see an abandoned KFC every day!

Vic - Moe - Abandoned Lions Hotel Motel 12 (6 Feb 2010)

At the west end of C103 is the former Lions Hotel Motel complex, now abandoned. It looked to be quite the big business in its day.

Haunted Hills
VIC - Yallourn - Open Cut Coal Mine (29 Jan 2011)

"Haunted Hills" Former Alignment - The locality of Hernes Oak (pop. 159) was once known as Haunted Hills and the old name lives on in the name of an excellent piece of Old Highway One (bypassed back in 1960) and in the name of the range of hills nearby. The old road originally continued east from Hernes Oak through what is now the Yallourn Open Cut Mine before entering Morwell. The remaining road is classic 50-year-old Highway One; charming country road winding first through suburbia and then through pretty undulating Gippsland countryside.
Turn 1km north at the intersection of Haunted Hills Rd with C471 De Campo Dr to visit the interesting open cut coal mine lookout - that's one BIG hole in the ground. There's another viewing area nearby for the associated coal-fired power station.

VIC - Traralgon - Post Office (1880s) (30 Jan 2011)

Settled in the 1840s, Traralgon (pop. 21,689) is the Latrobe Valley's largest town. Highlights for tourists include the wide tree-lined streets, gardens and parklands and the al fresco dining at the many cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs. Newman Park in Peterkin St is a mecca for children with trains, rides and play equipment of all kinds. Most of the historic buildings here are on Franklin St. The Post Office and Courthouse complex dates back to the 1880s.

VIC - Traralgon - Ryan's Hotel (1914) (30 Jan 2011)

Traralgon's imposing Ryan's Hotel dates back to 1914.

VIC - Traralgon - La Porchetta (former church) (1914) (30 Jan 2011)

This stately 1914 former church has found a new life as a restaurant in Traralgon.

VIC - Traralgon - Strzelecki Memorial (20 Jun 2011)

The explorer Strzelecki is remembered in this memorial near Traralgon.

Vic - Rosedale - Mechanics Institute (6 Feb 2010)

Rosedale (pop. 1,487) was once a staging post on the Port Albert to Sale coach route. It grew to be the seat for the former Shire of Rosedale before being absorbed into the modern Wellington Shire. The 1863 Rosedale Mechanics Institute is a highlight.

Vic - Rosedale - St Marks Anglican Church 2 (6 Feb 2010)

Rosedale's 1874 St Mark's Anglican Church.

Vic - Rosedale - Rosedale Hotel (6 Feb 2010)

The Rosedale Hotel has an art deco air.

Vic - Rosedale - Sagging roof house (6 Feb 2010)

This sagging roof looks in Rosedale like it's reaching the point of no return!

Vic - Rosedale - St Rose of Lima Catholic Church (6 Feb 2010)

St Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Rosedale.

Vic - Rosedale - Rosedale Tavern (6 Feb 2010)

The Rosedale Tavern is right on the big A1 interesection in downtown Rosedale.

Vic - Rosedale - St Andrews Uniting Church (6 Feb 2010)

Rosedale's St Andrews Uniting Church is yet another substantial brick building.

VIC - Sale - Court House (31 Jan 2011)

Located in central Gippsland, Sale (pop. 13,336) is the scenic and historic gateway to East Gippsland, the Gippsland Lakes, 90 Mile Beach and much else. Originally named Flooding Creek when settled by the British in 1840, it was renamed Sale in 1850 after a prominent General. The inland Port of Sale first opened to shipping in 1890 and the opening of the Sale canal in 1898 established Sale as a busy port for coastal steamers.

The Sale Court House is just one of the imposing heritage buildings all through town.

Vic - Sale - Old Cobb & Co stables (6 Feb 2010)

The old Cobb & Co coach stables in Raymond St date back to the 1870s. It's not often that timber buildings survive so long!

Vic - Sale - Old building (1879) (6 Feb 2010)

Stylish 1879 building in downtown Sale.

Vic - Sale - St Pauls Anglican Cathedral (1883) (6 Feb 2010)

Sale's 1883 St Paul's Anglican Cathedral (fronting a lovely historic park).

Vic - Sale - Water Tower 1 (6 Feb 2010)

Lovely old water tower in the park opposite St Paul's Anglican Cathedral in Sale.

Vic - Sale - St Marys Catholic Cathedral (6 Feb 2010)

1887 St Mary's Catholic Cathedral in Sale has been recently renovated.

Vic - Sale - Swing bridge (1883) 2 (7 Feb 2010)

Sale's historic swing bridge 5km south of town was built in 1883 to allow shipping to navigate the canal linking Sale to the Latrobe River and Lake Wellington - the bridge is still opened every weekend.

Vic - Sale - Stylish old building (6 Feb 2010)

A beautiful heritage building in Sale.

Vic - Sale - Star Hotel (6 Feb 2010)

The Star Hotel in Sale.

Vic - Sale - Sale Hotel (6 Feb 2010)

The Sale Hotel.

Vic - Sale - Abandoned Criterion Hotel (6 Feb 2010)

The abandoned Criterion Hotel in Sale.

Vic - Sale - Angus McMillan memorial (7 Feb 2010)

This memorial to the explorer Angus McMillan is right on the big A1 roundabout in Sale.

Vic - Sale - Former Baptist Church (1901) (6 Feb 2010)

This former Baptist Church (1901) was recycled as a business but is now empty again.

Vic - Sale - Gippsland Times (6 Feb 2010)

The Gippsland Times in Sale was established way back in 1860.

Vic - Sale - Museum (6 Feb 2010)

Sale Historical Museum occupies a stylish 1863 colonial building and houses a collection of paintings, photographs, fabrics and artefacts relating to the early days of the Gippsland area.

Vic - Sale - Old H1 Alignment - Riverview Rd  (6 Feb 2010)

Look for Riverview Rd, a fast-weathering Old Highway One alignment parallel to and just north of the current highway east and west of the Thomson River crossing in the western outskirts of Sale.

Vic - Sale - Old Shop (6 Feb 2010)

A fascinating old shop in downtown Sale.

Vic - Sale - Old shop (1874) (6 Feb 2010)

This classic 1874 old shop in Sale has had an ugly modern facade added but at least it's still with us!

VIC - Sale - Powder magazine (1864) (30 Jan 2011)

The 1864 Sale Powder Magazine features a floor fixed in place with timber dowels to reduce the risk of explosions.

Vic - Stratford - Museum (7 Feb 2010)

While there is some uncertainty regarding the exact origin of its name, the more romantic-minded of us choose to believe that Stratford (pop. 1,949) is named for the English Stratford-on-Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare. Stratford is highly "strollable" and has more than its share of historic buildings.
This lovely old brick-built church has been recycled as the local museum.

Vic - Stratford - Old Princes Highway south of Avon River 3 (7 Feb 2010)

Old Highway One used to follow a different path across the Avon River into Stratford. Look for the old alignment 500m west of the Avon River on the north side of the Princes Highway.

Vic - Stratford - Old Princes Highway old bridge site from north side (7 Feb 2010)

Some old timber bridge pylons remain from the old bridge, heavily damaged by severe flooding in 1950 and replaced by temporary bridging until the current bridge opened in the mid-1960s.

Vic - Stratford - Avon Hotel (7 Feb 2010)

The Avon Hotel in Stratford.

Vic - Stratford - Angus McMillan memorial  (7 Feb 2010)

Stratford's monument to the explorer Angus McMillan.

Vic - Stratford - Former National Australia Bank (7 Feb 2010)

Stratford's former National Australia Bank is now Hobbies Plus - be sure to drop in and say hello to Darren!

VIC - Stratford - Holy Trinity Anglican Church (1868) (31 Jan 2011)

1868 Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Stratford.

Vic - Stratford - Mechanics Institute (7 Feb 2010)

The 1882 Mechanics Institute is the site of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

Vic - Stratford - Mural (7 Feb 2010)

A nice mural in Stratford.

Vic - Stratford - Old Avon Shire Council Chambers building (7 Feb 2010)

The old Avon Shire Council Chambers have been converted into what must be an interesting residence.

Vic - Stratford - Old Courthouse (7 Feb 2010)

The old Stratford Court House now serves as a theatre and gallery.

Vic - Stratford - Old Tyers St (main street) (7 Feb 2010)

Highway One is Stratford's main street.

Vic - Stratford - St Patricks Catholic Church (7 Feb 2010)

Stratford's St Patricks Catholic Church.

VIC - Bairnsdale - St Mary's Catholic Church (31 Jan 2011)

Pretty Bairnsdale (pop. 11,282) is another important regional centre and jumping-off point for the East Gippsland tourist attractions and yet somehow still feels like a big, laid-back country town. The drive down Main St is particularly attractive.
St Mary's Catholic Church astounds with its decorated and mural-festooned ceilings.

VIC - Bairnsdale - St Mary's Catholic Church Interior 1 (31 Jan 2011)

The fantastic murals in Bairnsdale's St Mary's Catholic Church.

Vic - Bairnsdale - Bandstand (7 Feb 2010)

Stylish and historic bandstand in the road-median parklands in Bairnsdale.

Vic - Bairnsdale - Courthouse (7 Feb 2010)

The striking and intricate 1894 Courthouse alone is worth the drive to Bairnsdale.

Vic - Bairnsdale - Commercial Hotel (7 Feb 2010)

Bairnsdale's Commercial Hotel.

Vic - Bairnsdale - former Albion Hotel (1891)  (7 Feb 2010)

The former Albion Hotel in Bairnsdale has been nicely restored.

VIC - Bairnsdale - Former St Andrew's Uniting Church (orig. Presbyterian) (1885) (31 Jan 2011)

Bairnsdale's former St Andrew's Uniting Church operated as a Fish & Chips shop but seems to be unoccupied again.

VIC - Bairnsdale - Grand Terminus Hotel (1889) (31 Jan 2011)

The 1889 Grand Terminus Hotel at 98 McLeod St is a classic of Australian pub architecture.

Vic - Bairnsdale - Library (1889) (7 Feb 2010)

The Bairnsdale Library dates back to 1889.

Vic - Bairnsdale - Salesian residence (7 Feb 2010)

This stylish Salesian residence graces one of Bairnsdale's back streets.

Lakes Entrance
VIC - Lakes Entrance - The lake's Entrance (31 Jan 2011)

Situated on a man-made channel linking Bass Strait with the Gippsland Lakes, Lakes Entrance was originally a fishing village.

Vic - Lakes Entrance - Museum (8 Feb 2010)

The Lakes Entrance History Centre & Museum is housed in the historic former Johnsonville Schoolhouse

Toorloo Arm
Vic - Toorloo Arm - Old Princes Highway (8 Feb 2010)

Old Highway One at Toorloo Arm is a real backwoods drive.

Vic - Toorloo Arm - Old Princes Highway abandoned car (8 Feb 2010)

Road history on Old Highway One at Toorloo Arm.

Nowa Nowa
VIC - Stony Creek - Trestle Bridge 3 (31 Jan 2011)

Nowa Nowa (pop. 144) was a timber town relying on local mills for income, however, there is currently only one mill still operating. Tourism has filled the void and Nowa Nowa now offers a range of outdoor activities, including cycling, fishing and other aquatic activities. The East Gippsland Rail Trail passes just north of town.
Built in 1916 from local timber, at 18.6 metres high and 274 metres in length, Stony Creek Railway Bridge is believed to be the largest wooden bridge still standing in Australia.

Vic - Tostaree - Jonsons Road (Old Princes Highway) abandoned road 4 (8 Feb 2010)

"Woodlands Walk" Former and Abandoned Alignments - is one of the most charming abandoned old Highway One alignments. West of Hospital Creek is Jonsons Rd (bypassed in the 1960s) - enjoy a peaceful woodland stroll of less than 300m along the ghost of the old road through a cutting and down to the site of an old bridge. The road used to continue across the bridge and on to the Old Princes Highway section to the north-east.
It's peaceful under the trees with the sound of the creek nearby and yet the ghosts of the old road and its former bustle seem close here.

VIC - Tostaree - Bobby the Tostaree Cottages Cocker Spaniel 5 (31 Jan 2011)

I was lucky to be escorted by Bobby, the Tostaree Cottages' dog; maybe he'll go for a walk with you too.
If you think Bobby is pretty cool too, he features in this short video.

Vic - Tostaree - Old Princes Highway abandoned road - east section 3 (8 Feb 2010)

The abandoned road is still sealed and the old centre line markings are still clearly visible.

Wombat Creek
Vic - Wombat Creek - Old Princes Highway (Wombat Track) (8 Feb 2010)

A dusty Old Highway One remnant near Wombat Creek.

Simpsons Creek
Vic - Simpsons Creek - Joiners Rd western abandoned section,  east end 4 (9 Feb 2010)

"Ghost Railway Crossing" Abandoned Alignment west of Newmerella is an interesting abandoned alignment of over 1.7km. Both ends of the old road can be accessed. The old road here used to run north of the current A1 alignment and just south of the (also abandoned) old railway, which is now the East Gippsland Rail Trail. A highlight is the "Rail Crossing" warning painted on the road (look for it among the leaf litter on the abandoned road surface); there is something poignant about a warning for an abandoned railway crossing on an abandoned road.

VVic - Simpsons Creek - Joiners Rd western abandoned section 3 (9 Feb 2010)

The centre section of the "Ghost Railway Crossing" Abandoned Alignment west of Newmerella is overgrown and blocked by fallen trees.

VIC - Newmerella - View toward Orbost and Old Trestle Bridge 2 (31 Jan 2011)

The old road used to follow Burns Rd and Orbost Rd before crossing the Snowy River via a former bridge. Check out the view from the lookout down onto the Snowy River flood plain and the amazing old elevated railway trestles - that's both Old Highway One and the modern A1 Princes Highway down there.

Vic - Orbost - Main Street (9 Feb 2010)

Old Highway One passes right through town. Orbost (pop. 2,452) is the major town hereabouts and has grown from a cattle run established in the 1840s. Bypassed in 1977, it's a service centre for the surrounding primary producers and also a great staging point for the national parks and coastal attractions nearby.

Vic - Orbost - Marshalls Commonwealth Hotel (9 Feb 2010)

Interesting Marshalls Commonwealth Hotel is situated right on the Nicholson St/Salisbury St roundabout.

Vic - Orbost - Marshalls Commonwealth Hotel Roast Lamb Lunch (31 Jan 2011)

Yes, Marshalls Commonwealth Hotel Roast Lamb lunch in Orbost IS as good as it looks!

Vic - Orbost - Orbost Club Hotel (9 Feb 2010)

The Orbost Club Hotel looks like another good dining option in town.

Vic - Orbost - Snowy River Sign (31 Jan 2011)

Orbost is right on the banks of the legendary Snowy River.

Vic - Orbost - St James Anglican Church 2 (9 Feb 2010)

St James' Anglican Church in Browning St dates back to the early 1900s and features interesting, if sombre, architecture!

Vic - Orbost - Irvines Rd (old H1) former motel (9 Feb 2010)

This former motel appears to be being converted into private apartments.

Cabbage Tree Creek
Vic - Cabbage Tree Creek - Old Princes Highway (9 Feb 2010)

The tiny settlement of Cabbage Tree Creek is known as a birdwatchers' haven and provides a great base to explore the surrounding temperate rainforest - there's a little bit of "Old Princes Highway" to find too!

McKenzie River Rainforest Walk
Vic - McKenzie River - Rainforest Walk 2 (9 Feb 2010)

This relaxing rainforest walk is recommended for a cool break from driving for a while.

Vic - McKenzie River - Rainforest Walk 3 (9 Feb 2010)
Vic - McKenzie River - Rainforest Walk 1 (9 Feb 2010)
Club Terrace
VIC - Club Terrace - Abandoned Post Office (18 Jun 2011)

A dirt road Old Highway One loop used to meander north of modern Princes Highway to serve the small town of Club Terrace, bypassed in 1959. The highway bypass plus the cessation of the local mining and timber industries and closure of the local mills were the final nails for Club Terrace, once a busy small town; the abandoned Post Office is a remaining trace of the town.

VIC - Club Terrace - Main Intersection (18 Jun 2011)

Old Highway One srosses C616 Combienbar Rd in Club Terrace.

Cann River
Vic - Cann River - Cann River Hotel  (9 Feb 2010)

Cann River (pop. 223) is a small service centre and timber town and is the perfect jumping-off point for Croajingolong, Alfred and other nearby National Parks. The Drummer Rainforest Walk is nearby too.

The Cann River Hotel makes a great base in town.

Vic - Cann River - Mural (9 Feb 2010)

A nice mural in Cann River - and yes it was good!

Vic - Cann River - St John the Evangelist Anglican & Uniting Cooperation Church (9 Feb 2010)

Cann River's St John the Evangelist Anglican & Uniting Cooperation Church is a timber beauty!

Wingan River
Vic - Wingan River (east of) - Old H1 segment 2 (9 Feb 2010)

There's a classic hidden Old Highway One remnant near Wingan River.

Vic - Genoa - old H1 (9 Feb 2010)

Genoa was bypassed in 1989. Old Highway One used to cross the Genoa River on the now closed old 1920s timber bridge.

Vic - Genoa - old H1 bridge (1928) eastern approach (10 Feb 2010)

Genoa's Old Highway One bridge (1928) eastern approaches.

Vic - Genoa - old H1 bridge (1928) timber decking (9 Feb 2010)

The now closed Old Highway One 1920s timber bridge in Genoa.

Vic - Genoa - abandoned farmhouse 1 (10 Feb 2010)

A long abandoned farmhouse in Genoa.

Vic - Genoa - Former mixed business (9 Feb 2010)

A closed down business in Genoa.

Vic - Genoa - Former service station (9 Feb 2010)

The closed down General Store in Genoa.

Vic - Genoa - Hotel Motel 2 (9 Feb 2010)

The Genoa Hotel offers great meals and basic accommodation.

Vic - Genoa - Genoa Falls Water Dragon (9 Feb 2010)

Here be dragons! A water dragon at nearby Genoa Falls.

Maramingo Creek
Vic - Maramingo Creek - H1 (10 Feb 2010)

Modern Highway One winds through nice bushland near Maramingo Creek; not far to the NSW border now.

Vic - Maramingo Creek - Sandy Waterhole Rd (old H1) 4 (10 Feb 2010)

Sandy Waterhole Rd is an Old Highway One alignment near Maramingo Creek.

VVic - Maramingo Creek - Sandy Waterhole Rd (old H1) (10 Feb 2010)

But becomes very overgrown very quickly.

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