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Beaudesert - Logan and Albert Hotel Header

Beaudesert is a historic small town about 60kms south of Brisbane, inland from the Gold Coast and north of the magnificent Queensland-NSW border ranges. It makes a great steppin stone to exploring the border area and Gold Coast hinterland. Is is a historic town and, while many interesting and heritage buildings remain, unfortunately the town centre was devastated by fire a few years ago. It was once served by a rail link but this is well and truly severed now (see pictures below)!

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Beaudesert Hotel

The main street of Beaudesert contained three hotels when I last visited but this time there were only two! Gone was the old Railway Hotel, replace by a Woolworth's parking lot. Such is progress (?). The Beaudesert Hotel is one of the survivors and is an interesting building, replacing the original building which burnt down in 1940.

Logan and Albert Hotel

The Logan and Albert Hotel is the second of the hotels gracing the main street in Beaudesert.

Beaudesert Shire Council

The Beaudesert Shire Council chambers are also in the main street. I waited as long as I could for the septic truck to move away but it didn't, so I was left with this unusual photo!

Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church

St Mary's Catholic Church is one of Beaudesert's main historical features and all visitors should drop in to experience it.

Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church Interior

St Mary's Catholic Church in Beaudesert has a charming timber interior and some striking stained glass windows, both over the altar and at the sides.

Beaudesert Masonic Lodge

The Masonic Lodge in Beaudesert features a building with an unusual buttressed appearance.

St Thomas Anglican Church

St Thomas Anglican Church in Beaudesert is a more recent building but many of the interesting and historic features of the original church have been preserved.

St Thomas Anglican Church Main Stained Glass Window

The main stained glass window in St Thomas Anglican Church in Beaudesert tells the story of the Beaudesert region.

St Thomas Anglican Church Side Chapel Windows

The side chapel in St Thomas Anglican Church in Beaudesert features lovely stained glass windows and some of the wooden items from the original church.

Beaudesert Old Dairy Coop

The old Dairy Coop in the main street at Beaudesert now appears abandoned and, I suspect, will not remain much longer as a landmark

Beaudesert Old Train Station

The abandoned Beaudesert Railway Station was a disappointment - as they say, the picture tells the story. Thanks to Matt Aitken for notifying us in July 2012 that the old station had been completely refurbished - looks great in the photo Matt provided.

Old Train Line

The brick building in the background is in BIG trouble if the railway line to Beaudesert is ever re-instated!

Beaudesert War Memorial

The KFC backdrop is a bit incongruous in this view of the Beaudesert War Memorial!

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