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Coominyah - Entrance Sign (Dec 2006)

Coominya is a historic little town just south of Esk in the Brisbane River valley. Formerly served by a now disused rail line, the town now seems to survive on local trade and tourism from Brisbane and other larger nearby towns.

For more information on the town and environs, visit the Esk Shire Council site on Coominya.

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Coominyah - Bellevue Hotel (Dec 2006)

The Bellevue Hotel is located right at the entrance to Coominya. Despite dating back to 1903, it's rather uninteresting architecturally. Later modifications, such as closing in the verandah, have detracted from, rather than added to, its appeal to me. The old train station and a nice small picnic area are directly opposite, however.

Coominyah - Former Railway Station (Dec 2006)

The old railway station is in excellent repair and is used by local interest groups as a meeting place in Coominya.

Coominyah - Old Railway Route (Dec 2006)

The old railway line route through Coominya now lacks tracks!

Coominyah - St Francis Xavier Catholic Church (Dec 2006)

St Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Coominya is a fine example of rural Queensland churches. It was opened in 1921. Thanks to Stephen of Melbourne who sent in this sad and touching story about his great grandfather "William returned to Australia in early 1919 from the first world war, and went back to his trade of house painting. In October 1928 Bill had just finished painting the roof of the Catholic Church at Coominya when his boy apprentice pointed out that he had missed painting the back of the cross adorning the front entrance. It was while climbing the pitch of the roof that he fell, suffering huge internal injuries from which he never recovered. He died in Ipswich Hospital, and was buried at Esk cemetery (with his favourite gob-stick [clarinet] beside him) to the accompanying music of the Ipswich Brass Band.

Coominyah - Former St Martins Anglican Chirch (Dec 2006)

The former St Martins Anglican Church in Coominya is now abandoned and rotting away. Built in 1922, it is visually similar to St Francis Xavier Catholic Church. It is unusual to see these ex-churches not taken up as interesting housing.

Coominyah - Blue Teapot Cafe (Dec 2006)

The original General Store in Coominya burnt down in 1912 and was replaced by the Blue Teapot Cafe in 1913.

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