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NSW - Coopernook - Hotel Coopernook (22 Feb 2010)
Coopernook NSW

Coopernook (pop. 365) was originally a small river port serving the surrounding areas. Since being bypassed by the highway, the village has begun to rediscover its history; the old sawmilling-era jetty is being restored and greater prominence is being given to its heritage-listed buildings - be sure to check out the 1928 Hotel Coopernook on the banks of the Lansdowne River. Bypassed in 2006, Old Highway One used to follow Old Bridge Rd from Jones Island across a now dismantled 1933 bridge over the Lansdowne River (see a picture of the old bridge in the bar of the Hotel Coopernook) and then through Coopernook on George Gibson Dr. Look out to the west, north and south of Two Mile Creek, for an old 1978 alignment (Valhaven Rd north of the creek and Two Mile Creek Rd south of the creek); the drivable parts still provide access to properties there, but the old road is now cut by private property.

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NSW - Coopernook - Hotel Coopernook (22 Feb 2010)

The 1928 Coopernook Hotel.

NSW - Coopernook - Old Bridge Rd (Old H1) (22 Feb 2010)

Old Bridge Road, the old Pacific Highway, dead ends at the site of the old bridge on the south side of the river from the Coopernook Hotel.

NSW - Coopernook - Old bridge remnant (22 Feb 2010)

A small remnant of the old bridge still stands on the river bank just outside the Coopernook Hotel.

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