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Esk - Lyceum Hall (Dec 2006)

Esk is the capital of Esk Shire, just an hour's drive from Brisbane. It is an interesting town, set amid stony hills which tower over and cradle the town. Thanks to Carolyn for writing to advise me of the loss of the lovely Lyceum Hall in 2010 (see below for details).

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Esk - Club Hotel (Dec 2006)

Like many Australian towns, there are a couple of pubs in the main street of Esk. The Club Hotel began life in 1890 as the Central Hotel in the town of Sandy Creek, before being moved to Esk in 1906.

Esk - Grand Hotel (Dec 2006)

The Grand Hotel is a much more modern building than the Club Hotel, and keeps it company in Esk's main street.

Esk - Old Shops and Hills (Dec 2006)

The main street of Esk is lined with old heritage commercial buildings, complemented by the dtony hills as a backdrop.

Esk - Staging Post Inn (Dec 2006)

Originally operating as the Metropole Hotel, the Staging Post Inn in Esk is now operating as a series of small antique stores. The present building was built in 1932, replacing the original 1907 building which burnt down.

Esk - Streetscape (Dec 2006)

A typical Esk streetscape, in this case looking downhill toward the main street, again framed by the rocky surrounding hills.

Esk - Classic Country Queenslander House (Dec 2006)

A classic Queensland country house in an Esk back street.

Esk - Former Railway Station (Dec 2006)

The Esk Railway Station served the town from when the railway opened in 1886 until the line was closed in 1993. Unlike most old railway stations I've seen in the Brisbane River Valley, this one is NOT being preserved and is beginning to show signs of decay.

Esk - Interesting Sign in Former Railway Station (Dec 2006)

Despite being abandoned for 13 years, the old Esk Railway Station hasn't (yet) been trashed or heavily defaced by grafitti. This old chalk board notice dates back to 1993 and is surprisingly still legible. It reads "Fares as from 1-2-1993 are as follows: Brisbane single $10.10 return $20.20, Ipswich single $6.90 return $13.80, Pensioners and children half fare. Ticket to be purchased from Bus Driver. For long distance bookings contact Station Master or phone Toogoolawah 1-3pm."

Esk - Hospital (Dec 2006)

The Esk Hospital is an interesting complex of buildings, the oldest dating back to 1926.

Esk - Lyceum Hall (Dec 2006)

Originally constructed in 1909, the lovely Lyceum Hall has functioned as the local School of Arts, dance hall and movie theatre. Sadly this landmark was completely destroyed by fire on 7 May 2010. Enjoy the photo of this irreplaceable piece of history, taken in December 2006.

Esk - Post Office (Dec 2006)

The Esk Post Office is one of the least well maintained I have seen in the area.

Esk - St John Biarra Masonic Lodge (Dec 2006)

St John Biarra Masonic Lodge occupies what appears to be a former church building in Esk.

Esk - St Agnes Anglican Church and Hall (Dec 2006)

St Agnes Anglican Church and Hall in Esk look shady and inviting.

Esk - Heritage Shops and Hills (Dec 2006)

More fascinating heritage shops in the main street of Esk.

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