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Forest Hill - St Josephs Catholic Church
Forest Hill

Forest Hill is a small town not far from Gatton, not too far from the foot of the range leading up to Toowoomba. While still historic, it appears a little faded and now somewhat overshadowed by the much bigger Gatton. I still found a number of historic buildings and other things of interest so it is certainly worth the short detour off the Warrego Highway to check it out.

For more information on the town and environs, visit the Forest Hill Information Page.

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Forest Hill - Forest Hill Hotel

The Forest Hill Hotel was built in 1898. While modified over the years it still has its own page on the Environmental Protection Austhority database.

Forest Hill - Lockyer Hotel

The other hotel in Forest Hill is the Lockyer Hotel. Unfortunately it was under heavy refurbishment when I visited so I'll have to return next time I'm out that way to see how it turned out.

Forest Hill - Country House

A typical country house in a Forest Hill street, set off beautifully set off by the flowering jacaranda tree in the front yard.

Forest Hill - Abandoned Fire Station

The old Forest Hill fire station with its water (?) tower appears abandoned now. There are a few disused or "recycled" buildings around town.

Forest Hill - Disused Church (believe Anglican)

Nestled in a side street, this "recycled" church has a new concrete driveway and appears to be set for a new life as a residence.

Forest Hill - Old Country Store

This old country store in Forest Hill is now home to the Lockyer Catchment Authority.

Forest Hill - Original Station

The original Forest Hill railway station has been restored and is now the centrepiece of a nice picnic area near the war memorial.

Forest Hill - Post Office

The Forest Hill Post Office.

Forest Hill - Presbyterian Church

The Forest Hill Presbyterian Church is a typical example of a small wooden country church; unusual only in that there aren't many Presbyterian churches around now days.

Forest Hill - Recycled Church

Another "recycled" church in Forest Hill - this one has been moved onto a property on the road leading into town from the highway.

Forest Hill - Recycled Movie Theatre

Another "recycled" building in Forest Hill; this time it's the old movue theatre. It's been converted into two spacious apartments. Thanks to Kim who advises that it was once the Civic Theatre and closed in the early to middle 1960s.

Forest Hill - School of Arts

The Forest Hill School of Arts is again typical of its type.

Forest Hill - Shops

A couple of typical old country shops in the main street of Forest Hill.

Forest Hill - St Josephs Catholic Church

The lovely St Joseph's Catholic Church in Forest Hill was an unexpected find, hidden away in a side street.

Forest Hill - Tennis Court

An abandoned tennis court in Forest Hill.

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