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Former Marburg Hotel

The interesting small town of Marburg, population 1,000, is about 55 kilometres west of Brisbane. For more information on the town and environs and its interesting German history, visit the SMH Travel Site on Marburg. The town's (and surrounding area's) German heritage is strikingly illustrated by all the German language headstones in the local cemetary.

The annual Marburg Show was on the day we visited (6 May 2006), just by coincidence. It certainly drew a large crowd from the surrounding district. The town is also well know among the meteorological community as it is the site of the South-East Queensland weather radar.

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Marburg Abandoned Methodist Church

What an interesting old site is the former Marburg Methodist Church. You turn off the street into an old-fashioned yard - with the old fences you can just imagine the yard full of horse-drawn buggies and horses tied up to the fence. The path up to the front entrance has tall grass as it can't be easily mown, creating quite an unusual scene. Please contact me if you know more about the history of this church.

Marburg All Saints Anglican Church

All Saints Anglican Church in Marburg is in excellent condition and is a fine example of small wooden country churches, with stained glass windows over the altar. We attended Mass here on Sunday 5 June 2006 and were very warmly welcomed by the parishioners.

Interior of Marburg All Saints Anglican Church

The interior of All Saints Anglican Church in Marburg. The stained glass windows over the altar add a splash of colour to the neat interior.

Marburg Former Marburg Hotel

The old Marburg Hotel was built in 1881 and is the local landmark. It is a striking building which I previously had listed as a disused pub. However I received an email from Alexis putting me right "Just letting you know that the Marburg Hotel is indeed used as a pub. It has great meals, great people and a great atmosphere (no cafe here). I work in the kitchen, and it does indeed have interesting dips and bumps (in the verandah), but is the best pub I've ever visited.".

Marburg Motors

Marburg Motors has seen better days. There is a similar building opposite which seems as if it may have been a workshop or similar but abandoned now.

Marburg Motors Old Service Ramp

If Marburg Motors has seen better days, what about this old wooden service ramp! It looks old enough to have catered to Model Ts.

Marburg Community Centre

The Marburg Community Centre was once the local National Bank branch until closure in 1970. There is a small WW1 memorial in front of it.

Marburg German Cemetary tombstone

There are two cemetaries in Marburg, separated originally by religion and now also by the highway to Toowoomba. The larger one is predominantly populated by German surnames and indeed, up until about the 1930s, almost all the headstones were in the German language.

Marburg Anglican Cemetary Headstones

The Anglican Cemetary is smaller than the German one and enjoys a magnificent view across the surrounding countryside and especially to Woodlands House, the former Roman Catholic seminary.

Marburg Trinity Lutheran Church

The Trinity Lutheran Church is the largest church in town, as you would expect with the town's German heritage.

Marburg Woodlands House

The former private mansion, then Roman Catholic seminary and now Conference Centre Woodlands House stands on a beautiful wooded knoll just outside Marburg.

Please feel free to contact me with your feedback or comments, especially any extra background or information you may be able to provide, and while you're here why not sign my guest book so I know you've been visiting.

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