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Minden - Old Shed (8 Sep 2007)

Minden (population about 200) is another of the small towns and settled areas along the Warrego (Brisbane-Toowoomba) highway. According to the former Esk Shire Council website " The town and district is situated on part of the original Tarampa run which was taken up by Charles Cameron in 1847. In the pastoral days the site was generally referred to as Back Plain. A receiving office called Rosewood Scrub was opened there in 1878, but the name was changed to Minden in 1879, after the town of Minden in the Kingdom of Westphalia in north-western Germany. Many of the early agricultural settlers were German immigrants. As a result of the anti-German feeling during the first world war, the name of the town and district was changed to Frenchton in October, 1916. The name Minden was restored in April, 1930.".

An unusual feature of the town is the two Lutheran Churches, one in the township and the other a couple of kilometres away, apparently formed as a result of a schism between two Pastors. We were able to view inside the one in town thanks to a friendly local lady cleaning it in preparation for the Sunday service the next day.

Unlike most Australian country towns this on had no pub!

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Minden - General Store (8 Sep 2007)

The Miden General Store is right on the highway intersection and was doing a busy trade when I passed through.

Minden - Ye Olde Minden Shoppe (8 Sep 2007)

"Ye Olde Minden Shoppe" appeared abandoned (and of course attracted my attention for that reason) however it was NOT abandoned and I had to beat a hasty retreat!

Minden - Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (8 Sep 2007)

The Minden Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church is the larger of the two Lutheran churches serving the town and also features a large graveyard illustrating the town's German heritage.

Minden - Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Interior (8 Sep 2007)

The interior of the Minden Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church is neat as a pin and very welcoming.

Minden - Old Shed (8 Sep 2007)

A magnificent old rural shed near the Minden Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Minden - St Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church (8 Sep 2007)

St Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church is a couple of kilometres down the country road serving Minden.Unfortunately it was locked up tight when we visited.

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