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Murwillumbah - Imperial Hotel (17 Dec 2007)

Murwillumbah is a real old-world charmer of a town. Great facilities and packed with interesting architecture, it's somewhat of a capital for northern NSW. It was bypassed by the freeway in the last couple of years some I'm hoping the Route 66 phenomenon isn't repeated. However there seems to be enough "critical mass" from the surrounding small towns, savvy tourists and "tree changers" like me to keep it vibrant. Fingers crossed. For more information on the town and environs, visit Murwillumbah Visitor Information at the "Big Volcano" site.

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version and then click on your browser's "back:" arrow to return to this page.

Murwillumbah - Courthouse (1909) (17 Dec 2007)

Established in 1909, the Murwillumbah Courthouse still graces the main street.

Murwillumbah - Government Offices (17 Dec 2007)

This old Local Government Offices building is still functioning in the main street of Murwillumbah.

Murwillumbah - Home Overlooking Main Street (17 Dec 2007)

The wooded hill immediately behind the main street in Muwillumbah is dotted with very well positioned homes like this one.

Murwillumbah - Imperial Hotel (17 Dec 2007)

The Imperial Hotel on the main street in Murwillumbah is a statement in pink! We had a very good lunch here on the rainy day we visited.

Murwillumbah - Main Street & Shops (17 Dec 2007)

Murwillumbah's main street and some of its shops.

Murwillumbah - Museum (17 Dec 2007)

The Murwillumbah Museum was unvisited by us on our visit due to time constraints, however it looks very interesting and we will be sure to visit it next time.

Murwillumbah - Old Shops in Main Street (17 Dec 2007)

Another view of the main street and old shops in Murwillumbah.

Murwillumbah - Ols Shop (17 Dec 2007)

Closer view of one of the old shops in Murwillumbah's main street.

Murwillumbah - Post Office (17 Dec 2007)

Murwillumbah Post Office.

Murwillumbah - Regent Theatre (17 Dec 2007)

The old Regent Theatre in Murwillumbah is an art deco beauty!

Murwillumbah - Southern Cross Credit Union Building (17 Dec 2007)

The Southern Cross Credit Union Building is another interesting building in Murwillumbah's main street.

Murwillumbah - St Andrews Presbyterian Church (17 Dec 2007)

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church is a Murwillumbah landmark - not so sure about the blue highlighting though.....

Murwillumbah - Tweed House (17 Dec 2007)

Tweed House is another of those old world charmers found all through Murwillumbah.

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