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Rosewood Rising Sun Hotel

The larger town of Rosewood, population 3,000, seems to exist to serve the local coal mines and farms. It also has some interesting and historic buildings. For more information on the town and environs, visit the SMH Travel Site on Rosewood.

An visitor to the site has shared this interesting anecdote about the Rising Sun Hotel (see below) and Australia generally in the 1970s: "Hi, I visited your site to look at pics of the Rising Sun Hotel. The Sloan family who owned the pub at one time (sometime around the 1940's) were **related**. The only time I ever had a drink from the Rising Sun my Mother and I had to sit in the car outside and Dad bring glasses of lemonade out to us as women and children were not allowed inside (early 1970's)."

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version and then click on your browser's "back:" arrow to return to this page.

Rosewood Belltower Outside Uniting Church

Frankly, I don't normally find much that's photogenic about Uniting, Baptist and similar churches but this free standing bell tower outside the Rosewood Uniting Church is both historic (built 1875) and worth a shot.

Rosewood Railway Station

The Rosewood Railway Station was one of the earliest stations in South-east Queensland, with the current station constructed in 1918.

Rosewood Rising Sun Hotel

The original Rising Sun Hotel was built in Rosewood in the 1860s, with the current Art Nouveau beauty dating to 1908.

Rosewood Hotel

The original Rosewood Hotel was destroyed by fire in 1914. The current hotel helps to keep a sense of the past alive in the main street.

Rosewood Royal George Hotel

The Royal George Hotel, on the corner of Royal George Lane, Rosewood, looks good in the photo. Let's leave it at that!

Rosewood St Brigid's Roman Catholic Church

What an unexpected pleasure to chance upon the large St Brigid's Roman Catholic Church in Rosewood. Built in 1909, the pressed metal ceiling and stained glass windows, plus the general light and airy ambience are sure to please. The altar and fixtures around are all timber but are painted to appear as marble.

Rosewood St Brigid's Roman Catholic Chhurch Stained Glass Window

The pretty stained glass window above the altar in St Brigid's Catholic Church in Rosewood.

Rosewood St Brigid's Roman Catholic Chhurch Exterior

St Brigid's Roman Catholic Church is part of a larger comples comprising St Brigid's Primary School, the church itself, a Presbytry which appears semi-derelict (partly visible on the right) and a larger child care complex.

Rosewood St Luke's Anglican Church

St Luke's Anglican Church, Rosewood is well maintained by a devoted little band of ladies who were polishing and cleaning when we visited. Inside is a statement in timber and country ambience.

Rosewood Abandoned House

Spotted this abandoned old settler's house in one of the main streets in Rosewood. What a beauty. Even though the house in no longer used, its yard sports several large aviaries and some bee hives.

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