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USA - Catoosa OK - Blue Whale (16 Apr 2009)
The Route 66

Route 66 Main Page
New Mexico

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USA - Chicago IL - Art Institute of Chicago Lion (6 Apr 2009)

The beginning of Route 66, with its fierce guardian, Chicago IL - Art Institute of Chicago.

USA - Chicago IL - Billy Goat Tavern Entrance (6 Apr 2009)

Billy Goat Tavern Entrance.

USA - Chicago IL - Dell Rhea Chicken Basket (7 Apr 2009)

Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket was the first Route 66 icon on our way (even though Willowbrook is really part of Chicago nowdays).

USA - Romeoville IL - White Fence Farm Sign (7 Apr 2009)

White Fence Farm near Romeoville was our next stop. Very restricted opening hours meant we just got outside photos.

USA - Joliet IL - Rialto Theatre (7 Apr 2009)

Make sure you check first and visit Joliet when the Rialto Theatre is conducting tours of the magnificent building,

USA - Joliet IL - Joliet Jackhammers Mascot (7 Apr 2009)

The first of the Illinois 66 Giants - the Joliet Jackhammers' mascot at Silver Cross Field ballpark.

USA - Wilmington IL - David with Gemini Giant at Launching Pad Diner & David (7 Apr 2009)

We met the next of the Illinois Route 66 Giants - the Gemini Giant, outside the Launching Pad Diner in Wilmington.

USA - Wilmington IL - Launching Pad Diner (7 Apr 2009)

The famous Launching Pad Diner.

USA - Wilmington IL - Old Sinclair Dinosaur (7 Apr 2009)

Another Route 66 fossil - a Sinclair dinosaur on what is now a tyre outlet.

USA - Braidwood IL - Polk-a-Dot Diner (8 Apr 2009)

Another 66 icon, the Polk-a-Dot Diner with its cast of characters.

USA - Gardner IL - Closed Riviera 1928 Restaurant (8 Apr 2009)

The famous 1928 Riviera Restaurant is on the way into Gardner. It's been a fixture on the Route for 80 years - let's hope someone saves it.

USA - Gardner IL - Closed Riviera 1928 Restaurant 1920s Streetcar Diner (8 Apr 2009)

This 1920s steetcar in the grounds behind the Riviera has been converted to a diner and is maintained by more Mother Road volunteers.

USA - Dwight IL - Becker's Marathon Station (1933) (8 Apr 2009)

The restored Becker's Marathon Station (1933) is another 66 icon.

USA - Dwight IL - Old Route 66 Family Restaurant (8 Apr 2009)

The Old Route 66 Family Restaurant - yes even the Dwight Police eat here!.

USA - Odell IL - Restored Meramec Caverns Barn (8 Apr 2009)

The famous restored Meramec Caverns barn near Odell IL.

USA - Lexington IL - Memory Lane Seat & Johari (9 Apr 2009)

Jo in Memory Lane, Lexington IL.

USA - Towanda IL - Dead Mans Curve (9 Apr 2009)

Famous Dead Man's Curve, Towanda IL.

USA - Towanda IL - Historic Route 66 - A Geographical Journey Entrance (9 Apr 2009)

A stretch of abandoned lanes of Route 66 has been converted into "Historic Route 66 - A Geographical Journey" in Townada IL.

USA - Funks Grove IL - David at Old Country Store (9 Apr 2009)

The famous Old Country Store, Funks Grove IL.

USA - McLean IL - Dixie Truckers Plaza Diner (Former Dixie Truckers Home) Sign 2 (9 Apr 2009)

The Dixie Truckers Plaza Diner (Former Dixie Truckers Home) has been serving Route 66 since 1928.

USA - Atlanta IL - Bunyon Giant & David (9 Apr 2009)

Another of the Illinois Route 66 giants, the Bunyon Giant, Atlanta IL.

USA - Atlanta IL - Palm's Grill Cafe Sign (9 Apr 2009)

A mural advertising the just re-opened Palms Grill Cafe, Atlanta IL.

USA - Atlanta IL - Public Library Museum (9 Apr 2009)

The unusual 1908 Public Library Museum in Atlanta IL is octagonal.

USA - Atlanta IL - J H Hawes Grain Elevator (1903) Sign (9 Apr 2009)

While taking photos downtown, we ran into Larry Brandt, owner of the J H Hawes Grain Elevator (1903) which is currently nearly ready to open as a tourist attraction. When Larry heard we were foreign visitors he very kindly opened up the elevator and showed us right through. Typical Illinois hospitality. Thanks Larry and Gidday from Australia.

USA - Lincoln IL - The Mill (9 Apr 2009)

The Mill in Lincoln IL is a Route 66 icon and is under renovation currently.

USA - Springfield IL - Cozy Dog Drive In Sign (10 Apr 2009)

Springfield IL is also home to the Cozy Dog Drive - home of the corn dog.

USA - Springfield IL - Lauderbach Giant (10 Apr 2009)

The Lauderbach Giant in Springfield IL is the last of the Illinois giants.

USA - Springfield IL - Shea's Gas Station Museum (10 Apr 2009)

Shea's Gas Station Museum is another Route 66 icon in Springfield IL.

USA - Auburn IL - 1930s Brick Route 66 2 (10 Apr 2009)

The famous stretch of 1930s red brick Route 66 near Auburn IL.

USA - Girard IL - Whirl-A-Whip Friendly Staff (10 Apr 2009)

The friendly staff at the Whirl-A-Whip in Girard IL. We were lucky to be able to eat here as they had just opened for the season.

USA - Nilwood IL - The Turkey Tracks (10 Apr 2009)

The famous tracks left by a turkey which walked over a freshly poured section of 1920's concrete Route 66 near Nilwood IL.

USA - Benld IL - Former Coliseum Ballroom (10 Apr 2009)

The former Coliseum Ballroom in Benld IL dates back to 1924.

USA - Litchfield IL - Ariston Cafe (10 Apr 2009)

The Ariston Cafe in Litchfield IL dates back to 1931. Lunch is great!

USA - Litchfield IL - Wabash Depot (10 Apr 2009)

Wabash Depot, Litchfield IL.

USA - Mt Olive IL - Old Soulsby Shell Station Pumps with Johari (10 Apr 2009)

The Old 1926 Soulsby Shell Station, Mt Olive IL.

USA - Staunton IL - Henry's Rabbit Ranch Building (11 Apr 2009)

The driveway into Henry's Rabbit Ranch in Staunton IL. Note the old Standard sign.

USA - Staunton IL - Crystal Ball Room Chandelier 3 (11 Apr 2009)

The famous Crystal Ball Room chandelier in Staunton IL. A very kind person setting up for a wedding let us in to see it even though they were closed. Thanks, mate!

USA - Mitchell IL - Luna Cafe Sign (11 Apr 2009)

The Luna Cafe neon sign in Mitchell IL. What a friendly bunch of people we met here. We sat next to a Vietnam veteran who had appreciated friendly Aussie hospitality while on R&R and insisted on paying for our lunch.

USA - Mitchell IL - Old Chain of Rocks Bridge 2 (11 Apr 2009)

One of the old Route 66 Chain of Rocks bridges, Mitchell IL. Goodbye Illinois.

USA - Venice MO - Old Chain of Rocks Bridge Dogleg 22 deg (11 Apr 2009)

The old Chain of Rocks Bridge with its 22 degree dogleg is a Route 66 icon near Venice MO enroute St Louis.

USA - St Louis MO - Gateway Arch (11 Apr 2009)

The Gateway Arch is probably one of the best known tourist sites in St Louis and is something you must visit.

USA - St Louis MO - Ted Drewes Frozen Custard (13 Apr 2009)

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard is a Route 66 icon in St Louis MO.

USA - St Louis MO - Eat-Rite Diner (12 Apr 2009)

The Eat-Rite Diner is a St Louis and Route 66 icon.

USA - Marlborough MO - Johari & Giant Farmer & Son (13 Apr 2009)

One of the Missouri "giants" is the Giant Farmer & Son in Marlborough MO.

USA - Gray Summit MO - Diamonds Restaurant & Gardenway Motel Sign (13 Apr 2009)

The much photographed Diamonds Restaurant & Gardenway Motel Signs, Gray Summit MO.

USA - Villa Ridge MO - Abandoned Diamonds and later Tri County Restaurant (13 Apr 2009)

Originally Diamonds and later the Tri County Restaurant; this was a substantial art deco building in Villa Ridge MO - alas it appears to have been boarded up for quite some time.

USA - St Clair MO - Lewis Cafe (13 Apr 2009)

The highlight of our visit to St Clair was lunch at the iconic Lewis Cafe.

USA - Meramec Caverns MO - Entrance (13 Apr 2009)

The entrance to the famous Meramec Caverns, near Stanton MO.

USA - Bourbon MO - Water Tower (13 Apr 2009)

The iconic "Bourbon" water tower.

USA - Bourbon MO - Circle Inn (13 Apr 2009)

The Circle Inn in Bourbon MO is another Route 66 landmark.

USA - Cuba MO - Mural 1 (13 Apr 2009)

Cuba MO is famous for its murals.

USA - Cuba MO - Restored Jims Motors (13 Apr 2009)

The restored Jims Motors graces the main intersection in Cuba MO.

USA - Cuba MO - Wagon Wheel Motel Neon 2 (13 Apr 2009)

The classic Wagon Wheel Motel neon sign, Cuba MO.

USA - Rolla MO - Mule Trading Post (14 Apr 2009)

Mule Trading Post, Rolla MO.

USA - Doolittle MO - Abandoned Johns Modern Cabins  Sign (14 Apr 2009)

The famous and VERY well photographed abandoned Johns Modern Cabins Sign, near Doolittle MO.

USA - Doolittle MO - Vernelles Motel & Neon (14 Apr 2009)

Vernelles Motel still running, near Doolittle MO.

USA - Devils Elbow MO - Elbow Inn Bar & BBQ Pit Signs (14 Apr 2009)

Elbow Inn Bar & BBQ Pit, Devils Elbow MO.

USA - Devils Elbow MO - Sheldons (was Allmans) Market (14 Apr 2009)

Sheldons (was Allmans) Market, Devils Elbow MO.

USA - Lebanon MO - Munger Moss Motel Sign (14 Apr 2009)

The famous Munger Moss Motel, Lebanon MO.

USA - Halltown MO - Whitehall Mercantile (15 Apr 2009)

Whitehall Mercantile, Halltown MO.

USA - Paris Springs MO - Gay Parita Restored Sinclair Station (15 Apr 2009)

The Gay Parita Restored Sinclair Station at Paris Springs owned by Gary Turner. Gary is another of those Mother Road charmers! He welcomed us very warmly, plied us with refreshments and regaled us with stories about the history of the old station and the restoration. One of nature's gentlemen is Gary. Plenty of other people drop in to visit him daily - while we there a Scottish couple passed by and also Jeff Meyer "The Original Roadologist". Gidday from Australia, Gary!

USA - Maxville MO - Red Oak II Sign (15 Apr 2009)

Maxville MO is the home of Red Oak II. The owner has moved in all kinds of old buildings, vehicles, implements etc to create a whole small vintage town. It wasn't quite open when we passed by but will be soon so do drop by.

USA - Carterville MO - Peggy Sue Drive-In (15 Apr 2009)

The Peggy Sue Drive-In is a Route 66 icon, Carterville MO.

USA - Webb City MO - Bradbury Bishop Deli (15 Apr 2009)

The Bradbury Bishop Deli is another Route 66 icon in Webb City MO but alas we arrived 5 minutes before closing and got refused entry,

USA - Galena KS - 4 Women on the Route Restored Gas Station (15 Apr 2009)

The now well-known 4 Women on the Route Restored Gas Station, Galena KS.

USA - Galena KS - Howard 'Pappy' Litch Park Site Sign (15 Apr 2009)

Howard 'Pappy' Litch Park, Galena KS.

USA - Riverton KS - Eisler Bros David & Johari (15 Apr 2009)

A very friendly lady in Eisler Bros in Riverton KS took our photo outside the store.

USA - Riverton KS - Rainbow Curve Marsh Arch Bridge 2 (15 Apr 2009)

The last of the "Marsh Arch" bridges on Route 66, Riverton KS.

USA - Baxter Springs KS - Restored 1930 Phillips 66 Station (15 Apr 2009)

Restored 1930 Phillips 66 Station, Baxter Springs KS.

USA - Miami OK - Coleman Theatre (16 Apr 2009)

The Coleman Theatre, Miami OK; a 1929 Spanish Mission beauty!

USA - Afton OK - Restored DX Gas Station  'Afton Station' (16 Apr 2009)

Restored DX Gas Station 'Afton Station', Afton OK.

USA - Vinita OK - Dead Mans Corner (16 Apr 2009)

Dead Mans Corner and LONG abandoned gas station ruin, north of Vinita OK.

USA - Vinita OK - Worlds Largest McDonalds 2 (16 Apr 2009)

While I didn't come to Vinita OK to see the world's Largest McDonalds (spanning I-44), it certainly was worth photographing!

USA - White Oak OK - Abandoned Country Court Motel Neon Sign (16 Apr 2009)

The abandoned Country Court Motel's neon sign is a landmark at White Oak OK.

USA - Chelsea OK - David & 1926 Iron Bridge (16 Apr 2009)

1926 Iron Bridge on the road into Chelsea OK.

USA - Foyil OK - Top Hat Diner (16 Apr 2009)

The excellent Top Hat Diner, Foyil OK.

USA - Foyil OK - Park Andy Payne Statue (16 Apr 2009)

Foyil OK was the birthplace of the runner Andy Payne.

USA - Foyil OK - Totem Pole Park 90' Totem Pole (16 Apr 2009)

The Totem Pole Park with its 90' Totem Poleis a tourist attraction in Foyil OK.

USA - Claremore OK - Former Will Rogers Hotel (now Will Rogers Center) (16 Apr 2009)

The former Will Rogers Hotel (now Will Rogers Center) still graces Claremore OK.

USA - Claremore OK - Will Rogers Memorial Building (16 Apr 2009)

Will Rogers Memorial and Museum Building, Claremore OK. We were made extremely welcome here.

USA - Verdigris OK - McClellan-Kerr Navigation System Twin Bridges 1 (16 Apr 2009)

McClellan-Kerr Navigation System twin road bridges, Verdigris OK.

USA - Catoosa OK - Blue Whale (16 Apr 2009)

The famouse Blue Whale, Catoosa OK. This is probably my favourite Route 66 icon. What a charming story there is behind its building.

USA - Tulsa OK - Giant Oil Worker at Tulsa Fairgrounds & Johari (17 Apr 2009)

"The Golden Driller", a giant oil worker at Tulsa Fairgrounds, Tulsa OK.

USA - Tulsa OK - Tallys Cafe Interior Neon Sign (16 Apr 2009)

Inside Tallys Cafe, Tulsa OK. Very retro!

USA - Sapulpa OK - Giant Coke Bottle (17 Apr 2009)

Giant Coke Bottle on the way into Sapulpa OK.

USA - Sapulpa OK - Old Diner Incorporating Boats (17 Apr 2009)

A bizarre sight in Sapulpa OK is this old Diner incorporating boats into its structure.

USA - Sapulpa OK - Happy Burger Diner (17 Apr 2009)

The Happy Burger Diner is another Route 66 icon, Sapulpa OK.

USA - Kellyville OK - Former Cotton Gin then Diner now Antiques (17 Apr 2009)

A former Cotton Gin then Diner now Antiques store, Kellyville OK. That's versatility!

USA - Bellvue OK - Old Route 66 Loop Scenic Section (17 Apr 2009)

Old Route 66 "tank farm" loop scenic section near Bellvue OK.

USA - Stroud OK - Rock Cafe Sign (17 Apr 2009)

The Rock Cafe has long been a Route 66 icon in Stroud OK but was under renovation when we passed through.

USA - Davenport OK - Gar Woolys Food-N-Fun (17 Apr 2009)

Gar Woolys Food-N-Fun, Davenport OK.

USA - Davenport OK - Restored 1933 Texas Co Gas Station (17 Apr 2009)

Restored 1933 Texas Co Gas Station, Davenport OK.

USA - Chandler OK - Restored 1930 Phillips 66 Gas Station (17 Apr 2009)

Restored 1930 Phillips 66 Gas Station, Chandler OK.

USA - Chandler OK - Route 66 Interpretive Centre (1937 Armoury Building) (17 Apr 2009)

The Route 66 Interpretive Centre is in a restored 1937 Armoury building in Chandler OK.

USA - Luther OK - Abandoned Little Brothers Station (17 Apr 2009)

The long, LONG abandoned Little Brothers Station, Luther OK.

USA - Arcadia OK - Round Barn (17 Apr 2009)

The famous 1898 Round Barn is a Route 66 landmark in Arcadia OK.

USA - Oklahoma City OK - National Cowboy Museum (18 Apr 2009)

National Cowboy Museum, Oklahoma City OK.

USA - Oklahoma City OK - Anns Chicken Fry House Street Art (18 Apr 2009)

Anns Chicken Fry House street art, Oklahoma City OK. Wow, we're really here, alright.

USA - Oklahoma City OK - Closed 1924 Lake Overholser Bridge Detail (19 Apr 2009)

Closed 1924 Lake Overholser Bridge, Oklahoma City OK.

USA - Yukon OK - 'Watch Your Curves' Beef Sign (19 Apr 2009)

Old 'Watch Your Curves' beef sign near Yukon OK.

USA - El Reno OK - WW2 Bomber (19 Apr 2009)

Old WW2 Bomber as street art, El Reno OK.

USA - Hydro OK - Lucilles (19 Apr 2009)

Lucille's is a Route 66 icon near Hydro OK, now replaced by a new Lucille's slightly further west.

USA - Weatherford OK - Lucilles Roadhouse (19 Apr 2009)

The new Lucille's Roadhouse in Weatherford OK has retained much of the vintage "look and feel" of the original one, just a few miles east on the other side of Hydro.

USA - Weatherford OK - Air & Space Museum (19 Apr 2009)

An old Starfighter (I think) graces the entrance to the Air & Space Museum at Weatherford OK.

USA - Clinton OK - Route 66 Museum Entry (19 Apr 2009)

The Route 66 Museum is a major tourist attraction in Clinton OK.

USA - Clinton OK - Giant Indian (19 Apr 2009)

The Giant Indian, Clinton OK.

USA - Foss OK - Abandoned Kobels Place (19 Apr 2009)

The abandoned Kobels Place, Foss OK.

USA - Elk City OK - National Route 66 Museum (19 Apr 2009)

National Route 66 Museum - very impressive and extensive, Elk City OK.

USA - Erick OK - Roger Miller Museum (1929 Building) (20 Apr 2009)

Roger Miller Museum (1929 Building), Erick OK, a fellow King of the (Mother) Road!

USA - Texola OK - Historic Territorial Jail (20 Apr 2009)

Historic Territorial Jail, Texola OK.

USA - Shamrock TX - U Drop In Tower Conoco (20 Apr 2009)

The U Drop In Tower Conoco station in Shamrock TX is a famous Route 66 icon.

USA - McLean TX - Restored Phillips 66 Gas Station (20 Apr 2009)

Nice restored Phillips 66 Gas Station, McLean TX

USA - McLean TX - Route 66 Museum & Devils Rope Museum (20 Apr 2009)

Route 66 Museum & Devils Rope Museum, McLean TX.

USA - Alanreed TX - Bradley Kiser 1930 66 Super Service Station (20 Apr 2009)

Bradley Kiser 1930 66 Super Service Station, Alanreed TX.

USA - Groom TX - Giant Cross 190 feet (20 Apr 2009)

Giant Cross (190 feet), Groom TX.

USA - Groom TX - 'Leaning Tower' (20 Apr 2009)

'Leaning Tower', Groom TX.

USA - Amarillo TX - Big Texan (20 Apr 2009)

Undoubtedly the highlight of our visit to Amarillo TX was the dinner at the Big Texan. Great fiendly service and possibly the best steak I've had in a life full of eating good steaks!

USA - Amarillo TX - Natatorium Entry (20 Apr 2009)

The Natatorium is another Route 66 icon in Amarillo TX.

USA - Amarillo TX - Cadillac Ranch Cars (21 Apr 2009)

It was great to see Cadillac Ranch in person on our way west out of Amarillo TX.

USA - Vega TX - Dots Mini-Museum (21 Apr 2009)

Dots Mini-Museum is a long standing Route 66 icon in Vega TX.

USA - Vega TX - Restored 1926 Magnolia Gasoline Station (21 Apr 2009)

This restored 1926 Magnolia Gasoline Station in Vega TX is a Route 66 must see.

USA - Adrian TX - Midpoint Cafe (21 Apr 2009)

If you ever pass through Adrian TX be sure to stop at the Midpoint Cafe. We were greeted with warmth and interest by the people there and the "ugly crust" pie is a must-eat and a Route 66 legend. You'll meet friendly fellow road travellers and spend a memorable time here for sure! Gidday from Brisbane Tom and Fran!

USA - Adrian TX - Former Bent Door Midway Station and Phillips 66 Station (21 Apr 2009)

Tom, now working at the Midpoint Cafe, is the former proprietor of the now closed Bent Door Midway Station and Phillips 66 Station - another Route 66 icon in Adrian TX.

USA - Adrian TX - Stanley Marsh 3 Sign (21 Apr 2009)

One of those enigmatic, indeed eccentric, Stanley Marsh 3 signs, this one in Adrian TX. Stanley Marsh 3 is the creator of the Cadillac Farm outside Amarillo, amongst other things.

New Mexico
USA - Endee NM - Abandoned Tourist Complex 'Modern Rest Room' (21 Apr 2009)

Abandoned Tourist Complex 'Modern Rest Room', Endee NM - long abandoned.

USA - Tucumcari NM - Famous Blue Swallow Motel Neon Sign (21 Apr 2009)

The famous Blue Swallow Motel and its iconic neon sign has long been a Route 66 mainstay in Tucumcari NM. It's been fully renovated by new owners now.

USA - Santa Rosa NM - Route 66 Auto Museum (21 Apr 2009)

The Route 66 Auto Museum is worth a visit on the way into Santa Rosa NM.

USA - Santa Rosa NM - Blue Hole Whales (21 Apr 2009)

The Blue Hole is a popular swimming spot in Santa Rosa NM.

USA - Wagon Wheel NM - Abandoned Longhorn Ranch Neon Sign (21 Apr 2009)

The abandoned Longhorn Ranch neon sign in lonely Wagon Wheel NM.

USA - Las Vegas NM - Plaza Hotel (23 Apr 2009)

The stylish and interesting Plaza Hotel is well worth visiting in Las Vegas NM.

USA - Pecos NM - Pecos National Historical Park Entrance (23 Apr 2009)

If you're ever diving the old Santa Fe loop of old Route 66 be sure to visit Pecos National Historical Park NM.

USA - Santa Fe NM - Bobcat Bite Diner (23 Apr 2009)

The Bobcat Bite Diner is another Route 66 icon just outside Santa Fe NM.

USA - Santa Fe NM - Loretto Chapel (23 Apr 2009)

The Loretto Chapel is a jewel in the Santa Fe NM crown.

USA - Santa Fe NM - San Miguel Catholic Church (1610) (23 Apr 2009)

San Miguel Catholic Church dates way WAY back to 1610, Santa Fe NM.

USA - Santa Fe NM - Oldest House in USA (1646)(23 Apr 2009)

Santa Fe NM boast the odest house in the USA (1646).

USA - Albuquerque NM - 66 Diner (24 Apr 2009)

The 66 Diner is another Mother Road icon, Albuquerque NM - love that art deco look.

USA - Albuquerque NM - Aztec Motel (24 Apr 2009)

The Aztec Motel in Albuquerque NM is another icon and certainly looks different.

USA - Albuquerque NM - Kimo Theatre (24 Apr 2009)

The Kimo Theatre in downtown Albuquerque NM is yet another Route 66 icon.

USA - Albuquerque NM - San Felipe de Neri Catholic Church 2 (24 Apr 2009)

San Felipe de Neri Catholic Church, old town Albuquerque NM.

USA - Rio Puerco NM - 1933 Through Truss Bridge (24 Apr 2009)

Closed 1933 Through Truss Bridge, Rio Puerco NM.

USA - Mesita NM - Dead Mans Curve & Route 66 Sign on Road (24 Apr 2009)

Dead Mans Curve & Route 66 Sign on road, just north of I-40, Mesita NM.

USA - Budville NM - Budville Trading Company (24 Apr 2009)

Budville Trading Company established 1928, Budville NM.

USA - Cubero NM - Villa de Cubero Trading Post (24 Apr 2009)

Villa de Cubero Trading Post (1937) of Hemmingway fame, Cubero NM.

USA - Continental Divide NM - Marker (24 Apr 2009)

Continental Divide NM - separates the water drainage to the Pacific and to the Gulf of Mexico.

USA - Defiance NM - Chief Yellowhorse Trading Post (24 Apr 2009)

Chief Yellowhorse Trading Post, Defiance NM.

USA - Houck AZ - Fort Courage Trading Post (24 Apr 2009)

Fort Courage Trading Post in Houck AZ, said to be the home of "F Troop", is now closed and abandoned.

USA - Sanders AZ - 66 Diner (24 Apr 2009)

The 66 Diner in Sanders AZ is a pink and white statement, apparently relocated from Holbrook at some time and combined with a house trailer to create the current establishment.

USA - Petrified Forest National Park AZ - Entrance Sign (24 Apr 2009)

Petrified Forest National Park AZ entrance sign.

USA - Holbrook AZ - Wigwam Motel (25 Apr 2009)

The Wigwam Motel is a famous Route 66 icon, Holbrook AZ.

USA - Geronimo Trading Post AZ - Petrified Tree (25 Apr 2009)

Geronimo Trading Post AZ claims this as the LARGEST petrified tree.

USA - Joseph City AZ - Jackrabbit Here It Is Sign & David (25 Apr 2009)

The Jackrabbit "Here It Is Sign" is one of the most iconic signs on Route 66, Joseph City AZ

USA - Winslow AZ - Standin' on the Corner Statue (25 Apr 2009)

Standin' on the Corner Statue, Winslow AZ. I just love the "ghost painted" reflection of the "girl in a flat bed ford" in the shop window.

USA - Winslow AZ - La Posada Entry (25 Apr 2009)

La Posada was an unexpected treat in Winslow AZ. Don't miss it if you pass through, classy place and great food.

USA - Meteor City AZ - Closed Trading Post & Route 66 Map (27 Apr 2009)

This closed Trading Post & large Route 66 map are all that is to be found at Meteor City AZ.

USA - Meteor Crater AZ - Crater Panoramic (27 Apr 2009)

A panoramic view of the incredible Meteor Crater AZ.

USA - Two Guns AZ - Tourist Complex Ruins (27 Apr 2009)

All that's left at Two Guns AZ are these Tourist Complex ruins.

USA - Twin Arrows AZ - Abandoned Trading Post 2 (27 Apr 2009)

Abandoned Trading Post, Twin Arrows AZ.

USA - Flagstaff AZ - Miz Zips Restaurant (27 Apr 2009)

Miz Zips Restaurant is another very well known Route icon, Flagstaff AZ.

USA - Flagstaff AZ - Granny's Closet Restaurant (25 Apr 2009)

Granny's Closet Restaurant is a Route 66 icon and a great place.

USA - Williams AZ - Goldie's Route 66 Diner & Neon Sign (26 Apr 2009)

We dined at Goldie's Route 66 Diner and can give it a big thumbs up, Williams AZ.

USA - Williams AZ - Grand Canyon Railway Old Locomotive (26 Apr 2009)

This Grand Canyon Railway old locomotive is on display at Williams AZ.

USA - Williams AZ - Rods Steak House & Neon Sign (26 Apr 2009)

Rods Steak House & neon sign, Williams AZ.

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