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Rockhampton - Criterion Hotel
Operating Country or Historic Australian Hotels

Pubs that are still Pubs!
Closed & Abandoned Pubs
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Allora - Commercial Hotel

One of three hotels in the main street at Allora. The Commercial Hotel was built in 1882 and hosted the celebration dinner when the Allora branch railway line opened in 1897.

Allora - Railway Hotel

The Allora Railway Hotel opened in 1902 and is recently renovated. Having stayed there, I can vouch for its value and comfort.

Allora - Blue Cow (was Royal) Hotel

The Blue Cow Hotel (formerly the Royal Hotel) was built in Allora in 1879. It replaced the Queens Arms Hotel which was buily on the site in 1866.

Aratula - Aratula Hotel Motel

The Aratula Hotel Motel is perfectlty situated to capture passing trade and has a huge car park to cater for it. It was virtually empty however, and our own experience here back in 2004 was very average.

Bangalow - Bangalow Hotel (26 Jun 2008)

The excellent Bangalow Hotel is nearly intact. They even feature some great art deco chairs and lounges rescued from the Sydney Hilton. The owners are friendly, beer's cold and the meals are great.

Beenleigh - Imperial Hotel

No matter where I went I couldn't find a angle to do justice to the interesting Imperial Hotel in Beenleigh.

Beenleigh - Royal Hotel

The Royal Hotel in Beenleigh has been extensively modified but still looks like an interesting place for a drink or meal.

Beenleigh - Sundowner Hotel

The Sundowner Hotel in Beenleigh looks like it is the most original condition of the three old pubs clustered together at the end of the business district.

Billinudgel - Billinudgel Hotel (26 Jun 2008)

The Billinudgel Hotel is in quite original condition and offers lots of choice of dining areas to sample their extensive pub menu. Take it from me, the food is great and the beer cold!

Boonah - Australian Hotel

The Australian Hotel is one of three in the main street in Boonah.

Boonah - Commercial Hotel

The Commercial Hotel is the pick of the three hotels in Boonah's main street, at least architecturally. Note the mannequins on the verndah!

Boonah - Simon's Tavern

Simon's Tavern completes the trilogy of pubs in Boonah's main street.

Coominyah - Bellevue Hotel (Dec 2006)

The Bellevue Hotel is located right at the entrance to Coominya. Despite dating back to 1903, it's rather uninteresting architecturally. Later modifications, such as closing in the verandah, have detracted from, rather than added to, its appeal to me. The old train station and a nice small picnic area are directly opposite, however.

Dayboro - Crown Hotel (1913) (28 Jan 2008)

The inviting Crown Hotel at Dayboro.

Esk - Club Hotel (Dec 2006)

Like many Australian towns, there are a couple of pubs in the main street of Esk. The Club Hotel began life in 1890 as the Central Hotel in the town of Sandy Creek, before being moved to Esk in 1906.

Esk - Grand Hotel (Dec 2006)

The Grand Hotel is a much more modern building than the Club Hotel, and keeps it company in Esk's main street.

Forest Hill - Forest Hill Hotel

The Forest Hill Hotel was built in 1898. While modified over the years it still has its own page on the Environmental Protection Austhority database.

Forest Hill - Lockyer Hotel

The other hotel in Forest Hill is the Lockyer Hotel. Unfortunately it was under heavy refurbishment when I visited so I'll have to return next time I'm out that way to see how it turned out.

Gatton - Commercial Hotel (3 Nov 2007)

The Commercial Hotel in Gatton is one of the landmark set of country pubs near the railway station.

Gatton - Imperial Hotel (3 Nov 2007)

The Imperial Hotel appear to still be in quite original condition. It's in the main street opposite the former Federal Hotel.

Gatton - Royal Hotel (3 Nov 2007)

Saving the best for last, here's the attractive Royal Hotel in Gatton. It has undergone some "enhancements" over the years but is still as pretty as a picture.

Gin Gin - Highway Hotel

The Highway Hotel in Gin Gin, about 370Km north of Brisbane.

Grandchester Hotel

There is not much that can be said about the Grandchester Hotel. I gues the yellow stairs say it all!

Laidley - Exchange Hotel (8 Sep 2007)

The Exchange Hotel is the most striking of the three hotels still operating in the main street at Laidley.

Laidley - Hotel Laidley (8 Sep 2007)

The Laidley Hotel is another quite large hotel in the main street at Laidley.

Laidley - Queensland National Hotel (8 Sep 2007)

At the other end of the main street in Laidley from the (former) Railway Hotel, the Queensland National Hotel was basking in spring sunshine!

Marburg Hotel

The old Marburg Hotel was built in 1881 and is the local landmark. It is a striking building which I previously had listed as a disused pub. However I received an email from Alexis putting me right "Just letting you know that the Marburg Hotel is indeed used as a pub. It has great meals, great people and a great atmosphere (no cafe here). I work in the kitchen, and it does indeed have interesting dips and bumps (in the verandah), but is the best pub I've ever visited.".

Railway Hotel

The Railway Hotel in Marmor, just south of Rockhampton, Central Queensland.

Maryborough Criterion Hotel

A fine example of a classic Australian pub; the Criterion Hotel in Wharf Street, Maryborough.

Maryvale Hotel

Unfortunately the Maryvale Hotel hadn't opened for the day when we passed by. Maryvale is on the Cunningham highway, west of Brisbane just past Cunninghams Gap. When I find out more about the pub I'll update this entry.

Miriam Vale Hotel

The Miriam Vale Hotel, about 150Km north of Bundaberg. Thanks to Alan, a site visitor, who tells us "During the 60s and early 70s I remember the army convoys frequently staged overnight outside this pub when traveling to or from the Shoalwater Bay Training area north of Rockhampton."

Mooball - Hotel Victory (17 Dec 2007)

The Mooball Hotel Victory is a brick beauty and is certainly pleasing architecturally. It's on my list to check out its counter meals - I'll let you know what they're like!

Mullumbimby - Middle Hotel (formerly Commercial Hotel) (18 Apr 2008)

The Middle Hotel (formerly the Commercial Hotel) in Mullumbimby. I had lunch here and can vouch for the meals.

Murwillumbah - Imperial Hotel (17 Dec 2007)

The Imperial Hotel on the main street in Murwillumbah is a statement in pink! We had a very good lunch here on the rainy day we visited.

Rathdowney Hotel

The Rathdowney Hotel is the only pub in town and therefore is a popular watering place and meal stop for locals and travellers alike.

The landmark Commercial Hotel

The landmark Commerial Hotel is an excellent example of the best in Australian historic hotels (pubs). It is now being restored to its former glory and I'll be back for a beer and a meal here!

The Criterion Hotel

The Criterion Hotel is on historic Quay Street, Rockhampton. If you're in Rockhampton you must visit this one. The entry foyer with is staircase is reminiscent of grand hotels in capital cities and the bars do a roaring trade.

Miriam Vale Hotel

The Rosedale Hotel, just off the Lowmead road between Bundaberg and Agnes Waters.

Rosevale - Rosevale Retreat Hotel

Built in the 1800s, the Rosevale Retreat Hotel has occupied its current location since 1902, after it was moved to avoid flooding. What a fantastic old pub; you've got to see it. The following pictures tell the story!

Rising Sun Hotel in Rosewood

The original Rising Sun Hotel was built in Rosewood in the 1860s, with the current Art Nouveau beauty dating to 1908.

Rosewood Hotel

The original Rosewood Hotel was destroyed by fire in 1914. The current hotel helps to keep a sense of the past alive in the main street.

Rosewood Royal George Hotel

The Royal George Hotel, on the corner of Royal George Lane, Rosewood, looks good in the photo. Let's leave it at that!

Tarampa - Tarampa Hotel (3 Nov 2007)

The Tarampa Hotel has been "modernised" but the old country hotel can still be seen under the added trimmings.

Uki - Mt Warning Hotel (4 Jan 2007)

The Mt Warning Hotel in Uki is a local landmark.

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