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Typical Wacol Army Barracks Accommodation Buildings
Former Wacol Army Base
Barracks Buildings

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Loos with a view

Some buildings are only partly there - like these loos with a view!

Wacol Army Barracks Accommodation Buildings

These soldiers barracks are typical of the the state of the remaining buildings, although some are more complete than others.

Ablution Block

I couldn't believe my eyes when I stumbled across this old ablution block. During one of the interrogation exercises I mentioned above, we used this very block to hold the "prisoners" away from the sights and sounds of the base. They were kept with pillow cases over their heads and loud music echoed off the tiles constantly. Bright lights blazed at all times to further disorient the poor trainees.

Shower Cubicle

One "prisoner" was kept sitting in each of these cubicles between each interrogation. Amazing that they are still so well preserved - even down to the shower curtain.

Clothes Lines

The old "Hills Hoist" clothes lines wait patiently behind the ablution block, even though the washroom in front of them is now also "invisible".

Soldiers Barracks

The interior of one of the soldiers barracks buildings - pretty basic, but it kept the rain off.

Senior NCOs Accomodation - Common Room & Bedrooms

Looking into the common room and the hallway servicing small individual bedrooms in a Senior NCOs accommodation block (one of the rooms still have a name tag for WO2 Davidson).

Gents Urinal in Ladies Toilet

They breed them tough in the army - this Ladies Toilet block contained a male urinal!!

Wacol - Old Ablution Block Site

This ablution block foundation is at the end of an overgrown small road which led from the small westermost Ipswich Road gate towards the old mess complex (see separate pages for both of these sites). This definitely dates back to National Service days in the 1950s or perhaps even back to WW2.

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Last Updated: 20 January 2011