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Typical Wacol Army Barracks Accommodation Buildings
Former Wacol Army Base
Tentage and Bivouac Area

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The hillside in the south-western area of the base is heavily dotted with rows of concrete pads along the contours descending the hillside. At the end of most rows are the foundations of old ablution blocks. Three, now very overgrown, parade grounds are spaced through the area. At the yop of the hill is the old mess hall complex (see separate page for details). My conclusion is that the pads were permanent bases for tents set up perhaps for transitting units, units undergoing training at Wacol or reserve units doing their weekend service and the mess halls, ablutions and parade grounds served the needs of these units.

I'd love to hear from you if you ever stayed here or can correct my analysis!

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Wacol - Tentage Area Concrete Pads

A row of the concrete pads nestled among the gum trees with the remains of an ablution block visible at the end of the row.

Wacol - Tentage Area

Another row of concrete pads.

Wacol - Tentage Area Overgrown Path

This overgrown path leads up the hill past the rows of pads, via a parade ground to the mess hall complex which can be seen in the distance,

Wacol - Tentage Area 49RQR Sign & Washing Block

This is all that remains of an old washhouse / laundry at the end of one of the rows of pads. The sign is from 49RQR, one of the local reserve units. (I think RQR stands for Royal Queensland Rifles?)

Wacol - Tentage Area Gents Urinal

This old three sided gents concrete urinal is all that still stands of one of the ablution blocks - quite a bizzare sight.

Wacol - Tentage Area Ablution Block base

The concrete foundation of a much larger ablution block.

Wacol - Tentage Area Parade Ground

One of the three parade grounds in the tentage area.

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Last Updated: 20 January 2011