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Typical Wacol Army Barracks Accommodation Buildings
Former Wacol Army Base
Gates, Roads & Entrances

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Wacol Messes & Clubs
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Wacol - Main Base Entry

The entry street to the former main gate of the base on Ipswich Road; Brudenall White Avenue. This is the central, and grandest, of the three entrances off Ipswich Road.

Wacol - Main Base Entry Guardhouse

The guardhouse at the former main entry gate. Isn't it incredible how nature is taking over agin, less than 6 years since the soldiers left.

Wacol - Main Base Entry Warning Sign

The warning sign lacks teeth now that the guards have gone.

Wacol - Main Base Entry Guardhouse Garden

The guardhouse boasted a little garden with these small red stones as a decorative mulch.

Wacol - Main Base Entry Welded Boom Gates

The boom gates probably went up and down a million times but not any more - they've been welded in place!

Wacol - Main Base Entry Road

Looking back along Brudenall White Avenue toward the old main entry. The very overgrown road leading to the fountain complex area (see separate page) is to our left. Note how the grass is reclaiming the road.

Wacol Army Barracks Boundary Street Entrance

This is the only entrance which I could find which is still functioning. Despite the warning signs there was no one around and I was able to just duck under the boom and walk around openly. From here, the Officers and Sergeants Messes and a large collection of barracks and administrative and Headquarters buildings are off to the right. The parade ground, transport compound and Soldiers Mess are off to the left.

Guard Shelter at Ipswich Road Gate

The old guard shelter near the former, smaller easternmost Ipswich Road entrance.

Wacol - Bridge Between East and West Base Sections

The old timber bridge linking the east and west halves of the old Wacol base.

Wacol - Ipswich Road Minor Entrance

This very small entrance, blocked off by coils of old concertina barbed wire, is the westernmost of the three Ipswich Road entrances I saw. The road from here leads directly toward the tentage area and the old mess hall complex (see separate pages).

Wacol - Ipswich Road Minor Entrance Poss Guard Station

Next to this small entrance is an old concrete pad where a small building once stood - a small guardhose perhaps?

Wacol - Ipswich Road Minor Entrance Road

Looking along the old road leading from the tentage area toward the small westerly Ipswich Road entrance. This road hasn't been used for some time.

Wacol - Ipswich Road Minor Entrance Road Ablution Block

Heading into the old Wacol base about 50 metres along the road from the small entrance is the old concrete foundation of a larger ablution block. There doesn't seem to be much evidence of any old buildings in the near vicinity so perhaps at one time there was more tentage around here?

Wacol - Give Way Sign

The base still boasts the full complement of traffic signs in the streets, slowly rusting away.

Wacol - Old Timber Posts

These VERY old timber posts are alongside the road leading toward the 25 metre pistol range (see separate page) in the western half of the base. To the left is a very old asphalt area and the concrete foundation of a building, both very overgrown and overlooking an overgrown parade ground opposite the POL store (also see separate page). The area is so old I think it may date back to WW2.

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Last Updated: 20 January 2011