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Typical Wacol Army Barracks Accommodation Buildings
Former Wacol Army Base
Secure Areas

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Large Fenced Secure Area

This large fenced secure area was originally bounded on the fourth side by another building but this has burned down at some time since the base closed. All kinds of valuables were stored here, including weapons it appears.

Wacol - Secure Area Panorama

Panoramic view of the large fenced secure area. Vehicle access appears to have been through an opening in the fence at the far right hand end of the compound. Various secure storage rooms are in the building on the left, while the building on the right contains five bank vault style storage rooms, each fronted by a serving counter - rapid weapon issue? The burned down building is behind me.

Wacol - Secure Area Issuing Points

The building containing the bank vaults.

Wacol - Secure Area Weapons Storage Vault Hallway

The narrow hallway behind the issuing counters served five bank vault stores.

Wacol - Secure Area Weapons Storage Vault Damage

Someone has tried to cut into one of the vaults with a blowtorch.

Wacol - Secure Area Weapons Storage Vault Interior

The interior of the vaults is absolutely empty, cold and very dark.

Wacol - Secure Area Storage Room Lining

One of the store rooms of the other building, showing the extra steel lining used to deter thieves.

Wacol - Secure Area Alarm System

The buildings were protected by an alarm system which is still in place....

Wacol - Secure Area Alarm Cover

....with its cover lying on the ground below.

Wacol - Secure Area Store

Another storeroom in the fenced secure area.

Smaller Fenced Secure Area

The function of this fenced secure area is unknown but my best guess is that it may have been either a POL (petrol oil lubricants) or flammables store or perhaps a Quartermasters store (I think the former is most likely).

Wacol - Petrol Store Entry

The entry gate into quite a large fenced secure area. Although the area only contains a couple of buildings now, it must have been more extensive in the past.

Wacol - Petrol Store

The main building in the secures area. Inside is mainly open area and simple storage, shelves etc. The issuing counter arrangement in the door makes me think this was a store of some kind.

Wacol - Petrol Store Tank Stands

This set of concrete stumps are so closely spaced that they must have supported a heavy load - a raised large liquid tank? The only other building on the site is a small office.

Smallest Fenced Secure Area

This is the smallest of the three fenced secure areas in the western part of the base, and the biggest mystery! If you can help with information I'd love to hear from you. It is located near the southern base perimeter in the western half of the base, just south of the medium enclosure pictured above and just west and south of the pistol range.

Wacol - Secure Valuables Store Entrance

The entrance to the mystery area. The signs warn regarding the danger of naked flames and also warn of the danger of entering. Could it be an ammunition store? It is close to the 25m pistol range (see separate page) and the doors are like vaults but with no combination locks like in the largest secure area (see above).

Wacol - Secure Valuables Store

This is the only building. There are four vault-like doors on each side of the quite small building.

Wacol - Secure Valuables Store Communications

The building was fitted with alarms and a phone system.

Wacol - Secure Valuables Store Door Inscription

The most poignant of all - the chalk inscription reads "WO2 C Marsh - last man out, Dec 2000" (when the army abandoned the base for good). The triangular shape on the vault door is often used for explosives or flammables,

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Last Updated: 20 January 2011