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Typical Wacol Army Barracks Accommodation Buildings
Former Wacol Army Base
Messes & Clubs

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Sergeants Mess
Wacol - Sergeants Mess Site

The pictures below of the Sergeants Mess were taken in May 2006. When we returned in June 2006 to finish recording the base we found that demolition had proceeded quickly and that the Sergeants Mess was gone; this is all that's left. The large fan palm which flanked the main entry is visible but the buildings are now invisible. Even the childrens swings are now invisible! Lucky we visited when we did.

Sergeants Mess Entrance

This is the former Wacol Base Sergeants Mess building showing some of the wings and the large fume extractors over the cooking area.

Sergeants Mess Entry

The main entry to the Wacol Base Sergeants Mess, flanked by what must once have been quite a majestic large palm tree.

Sergeants Mess Kitchen

The Wacol Sergeants Mess kitchen still has some of its fittings in place. It looks like the demolition workers might be using the sinks here.

Sergeants Mess Courtyard

The Wacol Sergeants Mess courtyard with its pergola and pleasant shaded area must once have been a nice place for casual lunches through to formal functions.

Sergeants Mess Courtyard Pond

The entrance to the Wacol Sergeants Mess courtyard even featured a small pond water feature wgich is still in place.

Sergeants Mess BBQ

A nice paved area and BBQ also graced the Wacol Sergeants Mess courtyard. You can still see the large garden lighting in the overgrown gardren next to the BBQ.

Sergeants Mess Childrens Swings

A swing set still sits outside the Wacol Sergeants Mess, not far from the Boundary St entrance, patiently waiting for the next little visitor.

Officers Mess
Wacol - Officers Mess Main Entrance

The Officers Mess is already heavily demoloished.

Soldiers Mess
Soldiers Mess Motto

This very army motto is inscribed above the doorway into a large empty room which must once have been the soldiers dining room.

Soldiers Mess Main Bar

This appears to have been the main bar of the Soldiers Mess (Soldiers Club?). On the other side is a similar but smaller bar - for the Corporals?

Collapsed Roof Extractor Unit at Soldiers Mess

The old Soldiers Mess complex appears to have been quite extensive originally. There are two of these large fume and smoke extractor units on the ground in the old kitchen. From here, other wings contained dining rooms and recreation areas.

Mushroom Club
Mushroom Club Mess Bar

The bar of the Wacol Mushroom Club. The building contained the bar, an ante room and a garden area with BBQ.

Wacol - Mushroom Club Interior

The Wacol Mushroom Club interior.

Wacol - Mushroom Club Garden and BBQ

The garden and BBQ area of the Wacol Mushroom Club.

Old Mess Hall Complex
Wacol - Old Mess Hall Complex

An old mess hall complex near, and almost certainly formerly serving, the tentage or camping area (see separate page for details). Parts of the complex are WW2 igloo type construction and I'm sure date back to US Army days. The complex is shaped like a trident, with the tines being three separate, parallel dining halls (Officer, Senior NCOs & Soldiers?) joined by the kitchen area.

Wacol - Old Mess Hall Complex East Dining Hall Exterior

The exterior of the eastern dining hall of the old mess hall complex.

Wacol - Old Mess Hall Complex West Dining Hall Parade Ground

Looking west from the exit at the top (north) end of the western dining hall of the old mess hall complex across the parade ground toward the tentage area. The trees on the parade ground indicate that it has been disused for some time.

Wacol - Old Mess Hall Complex Main Entrance

The entrance to the kitchen area of the old mess hall complex. Note the old hot water system.

Wacol - Old Mess Hall Complex Kitchen

The kitchen area proper of the old mess hall complex. This central cooking area is surrounded by small utility and office rooms and the whole complex is littered with wallaby and kangaroo droppings.

Wacol - Old Mess Hall Complex Cold Store

The cold storage / freezer for the old mess hall complex.

Wacol - Old Mess Hall Complex Kitchen Exhaust

Like all the kitchens on the base, an extensive smoke and gas exhaust system was installed above the cooking surfaces of the old mess hall complex.

Wacol - Old Mess Hall Complex East Dining Hall

The east dining hall of the old mess hall complex.

Wacol - Old Mess Hall Complex Centre Dining Hall

The central dining hall of the old mess hall complex.

Wacol - Old Mess Hall Complex West Dining Hall

The west dining hall of the old mess hall complex.

Wacol - Old Mess Hall Complex Secure Compound

There was a small secured area outside the kitchen section of the old mess hall complex, surrounded by a fence topped by barbed wire. It appears there may have been a gate large enough for a vehicle in the fence. If anyone knows what this area was used for I would love to hear from you.

Child Care Centre
Wacol - Child Care Centre

The base contained a fully functional, well fitted out child care centre; a sign of the times.

Wacol - Child Care Centre Sign

We found this old sign lying face down. I'm not sure why it says Enoggera Barracks as that is a separate (and still functioning) establishment quite some kilometres away.

Wacol - Child Care Centre Bozo the Clown

Bozo must have once graced some item of play equipment, but he's been waiting a long time since his last customer.

Wacol - Child Care Centre Swings & BBQ

The child care centre had an outdoor area with an (now) overgrown sand pit, swings and BBQ.

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Last Updated: 20 January 2011