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Base Area
Former Wacol Army Base
Google Earth Images

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Out of curiosity I found the old base using Google Earth's satellite imagery. As you can see below, the results were worth the effort and the overhead views really help to put the geography into context. All these photos are basically oriented north-south top to bottom.

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version and then click on your browser's "back:" arrow to return to this page.

Base Area

This is an overview of the base, clearly showing busy Ipswich Road to the north-west, the band of trees marking the creek line through the middle of the base, various playing fields and the prison to the north of the base.

Southeast Area

The south-east area of the base showing the main entry at top right, then going down to the large sealed parade ground and transport compound below it, and the Soldiers' Mess complex to the left of that. The headquarters building now under renovation is immediately to the left of the parade ground. The Sergeants' Mess is just off picture to the top.

Northeast Area

The north-east area of the base. The Officers' Mess is at top left, down the left side and bottom are mainly barracks buildings with training areas and headquarters buildings at top right. The area at centre right is the main motor vehicle workshops and yard.

Northwest Area

The north-west base area. The Australian Rules football field is at the top, the large fenced secure area is immediately below it (forming a U shape although the building forming the bottom of the U is now burnt down). A large headquarters building is to the left; left and above it is the site of the fountain and below it is the Child Care Centre. To the right of that are various training buildings.

Southwest Area

The south-west base area. In the centre at the bottom is the largest of the dirt parade grounds. Left of that is the old Mess Hall Complex. The ground to the left of the mess halls falls away and is occupied by a series of camping areas and smaller parade grounds, while the tennis courts can be made out just above the large central parade ground. The smaller secure area is to the right, just below yet another parade ground.

South Central Area

The south central area shows the smallest secure area at bottom left, the creek and treeline running through the centre of the base and the edge of the Soldiers' Mess are at the far right. The Obstacle Course is on the left side of the creek above the road while the pistol range is just below the road.

Old Mess Complex

Zooming in on the old Mess Hall Complex.

Tentage Area

Zooming in on the tentage area and various parade grounds.

Large Secure Store

Zooming in on the large secure store and surrounding area.

Smaller Secure Stores

Zooming in on the smaller and smallest secure areas.

Soldiers Mess

Zooming in on the Soldiers Mess and surrounds.

Main Parade Ground

Zooming in on the main parade ground and transport compound.

Officers Mess

Zooming in on the Officers' Mess and surrounds.

Boundary Road Entrance

Zooming in on the main Boundary Road entrance. The Segeants' Mess is almost obscured by trees just above the entrance.

Barracks Blocks Area

Zooming in on the complex of barracks blocks and ablution blocks just west of the Sergeants Mess.

Chapel Area

Zooming in on the base Chapel and vehicle parking and maintenance areas.

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Last Updated: 20 January 2011