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Caceres - Iglesia San Francisco Javier (Oct 2006)


Caceres was another one of those Spanish towns which exceeded all expectations. It is typically Spanish in the friendliness of the people and its familiar yet unique architecture. No words or pictures in a guide book can prepare you for the reality of the fantastically preserved old town. The streets, Plaza Mayor, grand avenidas - all were memorable. And best of all; hardly any foreign tourists!

For a reasonable €70 per night we stayed at the Hotel Don Carlos and thoroughly recommend it for its cleanliness, quietness and central location.

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Caceres - Plaza Mayor from Torre de Bujaco (Oct 2006)

A view of the Plaza Mayor from the largest Arab redoubt in the old city walls, Torre de Bujaco. The Plaza Mayor is nestled underneath the imposing old city walls and is surrounded by interesting buildings and, of course, restaurants (oh my poor waist line!).

Caceres - Arco de Estrella from Torre Bujaco (XII) (Oct 2006)

One of the main entries into the amazing old town of Caceres, Arco de Estrella, taken from Torre de Bujaco.

Caceres - Calle Ancha (Wide Street) (Oct 2006)

Calle Ancha, a typical street in the old town of Caceres. Calle Ancha means "Wide Street"!

Caceres - Casa del los Veletas (XII) (Oct 2006)

The old town of Caceres is full of what are now grand homes and palaces but which were originally fortified manors for the local nobility and well-to-do during more lawless times, particularly in the period after the reconquest of the region from the Arabs. This is the Casa del los Veletas (XII century).

Caceres - Casa del Sol (XV) (Oct 2006)

The Casa del Sol (XV century) (House of the Sun) in Caceres.

Caceres - Torre de los Plata (XIV) (Oct 2006)

The Torre de los Plata (XIV century) is an excellent example of the defensive aspect to mediaeval Caceres house architecture!

Caceres - View down Cuesta de Marques (Oct 2006)

A view down Cuesta de Marques toward open countryside outside Caceres.

Caceres - Ornate Window Grille & Embellished Surround (Oct 2006)

A beautiftl ornate window grille and embellished surround in the old town of Caceres.

Caceres - Crane Nest on Casa de los Toledo-Moctezuma (XIV) (Oct 2006)

Cranes nests are seen perched on top of buildings all over Extremadura. This one is on top of Casa de los Toledo-Moctezuma (XIV century) in Caceres.

Caceres - Largest Arab Redoubt (Oct 2006)

Torre de Bujacothe is the largest Arab redoubt in the old Caceres city walls, and in the best condition. The top of Casa de los Toledo-Moctezuma with its crane nests is also visible in the background.

Caceres - Torre de Santa Ana (Oct 2006)

Another of the old redoubts in the Caceres city walls is Torre de Santa Ana.

Caceres - Iglesia San Francisco Javier (Oct 2006)

The striking Iglesia San Francisco Javier in Caceres is a fine example of the religious buildings scattered through the old town.

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