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Trujillo - Monument to Pizarro (Conquistador del Peru) on Plaza Mayor (Oct 2006)


Trujillo is always written up in the guide books as a great place to visit and it doesn’t disappoint. The birthplace of the Conquistador Francisco Pizarro, Trujillo is a small town which oozes charm and history. Beautiful plazas, compact size, stylish and historic buildings, an excellent old Arab fortress, a satisfying number of abandoned and disused buildings all combine to make Trujillo worth more than a day trip.

Access is easy too, with convenient bus connections to Caceres and other towns in Extremadura.

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Trujillo - Iglesia & Convento de la Encarnacion (Oct 2006)

Trujillo has many abandoned grand religious buildings like Iglesia y Convento de la Encarnacion which were built in the Middle Ages during the height of the Spanish empire in South America. Later, when funds ran low, they were either sold off or sadly sit abandoned like this one.

Trujillo - Convento de San Miguel & Santa Isabel (XV) (Oct 2006)

The Convento de San Miguel y Santa Isabel in Trujillo dates back to the 15th century but appears abandoned now.

Trujillo - Iglesia de Santa Maria Tower (XIII) (Oct 2006)

This tower on the Iglesia de Santa Maria dates back to the 13th century, not long after the reconquest of the area from the Moors.

Trujillo - Puerta de Santiago (XV) (Oct 2006)

The Puerta de Santiago (Gate of James) in Trujillo dates back to the 15th century.

Trujillo - Plaza Mayor from Tower of Iglesia de Santiago (XIII) (Oct 2006)

This photo of the Plaza Mayor in Trujillo was taken from the tower of the 13th century Iglesia de Santiago (Church of James), right next to the Puerta de Santiago.

Trujillo - Palacio de Duques de San Carlos on Plaza Mayor (XVI)(Oct 2006)

The Plaza Mayor in Trujillo is bordered by many grand houses of noble and merchants like the 16th century Palacio de Duques de San Carlos.

Trujillo - Monument to Pizarro (Conquistador del Peru) on Plaza Mayor (Oct 2006)

This statue dedicated to Francisco Pizarro, the Conquistador del Peru (Conqueror of Peru) dominates the Plaza Mayor in his hometown of Trujillo and is a fitting monument to the man who defeated the mighty Inca empire.

Trujillo - Arab Castle (IX) (Oct 2006)

This wonderfully preserved 9th century Arab castle dominates Trujillo and the surrounding countryside from its hilltop position. The large glass window was added by the victorious Spaniards after the reconquista to allow a statue of the Virgin Mary to look out over the countryside. Legend has it that the Christian soldiers saw visions of the Virgin during the battles for Trujillo and helped them defeat the Moors.

Trujillo - Arab Castle (IX) Archetypical Gateway (Oct 2006)

A very typically moorish gateway in the splendid Arab 9th century castle in Trujillo.

Trujillo - Arab Castle Looking out to Open Country(IX) (Oct 2006)

The view to the open countryside around Trujillo from the Arab 9th century castle.

Trujillo - Arab Castle View Down to Old Town (Oct 2006)

This is a view to an old part of Trujillo from the Arab 9th century castle.

Trujillo - Arab Castle View Down to Plaza Mayor (Oct 2006)

This is a wonderful view of the Trujillo Plaza Mayor from the Arab 9th century castle.

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