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Cordoba - A Gilded Entry Door in the Mezquita


Cordoba was only intended as a three day stopover between Seville and Madrid but we could have spent three weeks here and still not have had enough.

We stayed at a small guesthouse called Huespedes Martinez Rucker. Built around its own lovely patio courtyard garden, it is located very close to the old mosque in the old part of town. Very highly recommended for its friendly atmosphere, comfort and central situation.

If you are visiting Spain, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to explore ALL of Cordoba, because there is so much more to see than the famous attractions like the old mosque, bridges etc - the whole town is wreathed in history and the signs are everywhere. As an example, when the local council tried to extend the main council building they turned up an amazing Roman temple to Diana right next door (see below for more).

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version and then click on your browser's "back:" arrow to return to this page.

Cordoba - Mian Plaza

The impressive main plaza in the newer part of Cordoba, with its statue, fountain and impressive buildings.

Cordoba - Main Plaza Buildings

More of those magnificent Spamish "wedding cake" buildings around the main plaza in Cordoba.

Cordoba - Fountain in Peaceful City Park

Pleasant sunlit fountain in a peaceful city park in the newer part of Cordoba. I found it while hunting far afield for an internet cafe.

Cordoba - Large Plaza Under Renovation

Very large traditional plaza under refurbishment in the old town of Cordoba.

Cordoba - A Gilded Entry Door in the Mezquita

Magnificent gilded entrance door in the old mezquita (mosque)in Cordoba. This was the largest mosques outside the Middle East and is an architectural treat. The Courtyard of the Orange Trees is intact, as is most of the mosque, with a Christian cathedral added to the centre of the structure. This building is so impressive that it is up there with the wonders of the world.

Cordoba - City Walls from River

The magnificent Moorish city walls in Cordoba, taken from the river.

Cordoba - Old City Walls & Archway

Another section of the old Cordoba city walls with archway.

Cordoba - Old Moorish Water Wheel

An old Moorish water wheel on the Guadalquivir river banks at Cordoba. The story goes that the wheel delivered running water to the palace and mosque but that, after the reconquest, Fernando and Isabella had it stopped as the creaking was keeping them awake at night!

Cordoba - Old Roman Temple

The magnificent old Roman temple to Diana which was uncovered during extensions to the Cordoba city council chambers,

Cordoba - Roman Bridge across the Guadalquivir

This bridge across the Guadalquivir at Cordoba was originally built by the Romans and carries two lanes of traffic to this day.

Cordoba - VERY Spanish Church Facade

A very Spanish church facade in Cordoba.

Please feel free to contact me with your feedback or comments, especially any extra background or information you may be able to provide, and while you're here why not sign my guest book so I know you've been visiting.

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