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Sevilla - Tile Advertisement


I expected a lot from Seville; and I wasn't disappointed! The city has an atmosphere all its own and yet so very Spanish, just like the food, beer, wine, people, even that special (or should I say thpethial) accent. I didn't want to leave and I can't wait to get back there. The place just reeks of history and having the old Roman settlement of Italica right on the doorstep is a real bonus. On top of all this, it's one of the friendliest places I have found in Spain.

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Sevilla - Cathedral

The magnificent Seville cathedral, with its chapels, Moorish heritage and the famous weather vane "La Giralda" is a must see. You can't het lost in Seville because you can see La Giralda over the top of just about all the other buildings.

Sevilla - Cathedral Tower

The magnificent tower of the cathedral in Seville shows its mixed heritage clearly in its mixed architectural styles.

Sevilla - Cathedral Bricked Door

Moorish signs are everywhere all around the cathedral in Seville - the architecture of this door is unmistakeable.

Sevilla - Cathedral (Oct 2006)

The magnificent Seville cathedral is an imposing building.

Sevilla - La Giralda & Tower (Oct 2006)

Another view of the beautiful tower (La Giralda on top) of the cathedral in Seville.

Sevilla - Cathedral Courtyard of the Orange Trees (Oct 2006)

The Courtyard of the Orange Trees in the cathedral in Seville is where the Muslim faithful once performed ablutions before prayers.

Sevilla - La Giralda

The famous La Giralda atop the cathedral tower.

Sevilla - Courtyard of Orange Trees

The serene Courtyard of the Orange Trees dates back to when the Seville cathedral was a mosque and those lovely arched doorways hadn't yet been bricked over.

Sevilla - Rooftops from Cathedral Tower

A spectacular view of the upper parts of the Seville cathedral and the surrounding town and rooftops can be gained from the tower.

Sevilla - Andalucia Horse & Buggy Ride Around Cathedral (Oct 2006)

These typically Andalucian buggy rides are available all around the Cathedral in Sevilla.

Sevilla - Arab Water Pool Courtyard in Palace (Oct 2006)

A beautiful water feature and internal garden in the old Arab section of the Palace in Sevilla.

Sevilla - Intricate Carving in Palace

Right next to the Cathedral is the Royal Palace; now in use by Spain's Christian royalty it was once home to the Moorish rulers.

Sevilla - Palace Ornate Doorway

A beautiful and ornate doorway in the Seville Palace.

Sevilla - Palace Gardens

The Palace Gardens in Seville are a beautiful and restful oasis in the busy city.

Sevilla - Palace Gardens (Oct 2006)

Another section of the lush Palace gardens in Sevilla.

Sevilla - Archbishop's House (Oct 2006)

The palatial Archbishop's residence is just across a small plaza from the Cathedral in Sevilla.

Sevilla - Stylish Apartments (Nov 2006)

Stylish apartments in one of Sevilla's main streets.

Sevilla - City Council

The Seville City Council building has an interesting history. You can read all about Seville and its amazing history here.

Sevilla - Moorish Fortress on Guadalquivir

This old Moorish fortress on the banls of the Guadalquivir in Seville once anchored one end of the old city walls.

Sevilla - Old Church near Hercules

This old, OLD church in a back street near Avenida de Hercules in Hercules showing its mixed heritage in the bell tower's amazing architecture.

Sevilla - Narrow Santa Cruz Lane (Oct 2006)

A typical narrow lane in the old Santa Cruz area of Sevilla.

Sevilla - Santa Cruz

The lovely filigree iron cross in the centre of the old barrio of Santa Cruz in Seville is the source of the name of the area.

Sevilla - Tile Advertisement

An interesting old advertisement done in tiles in one of Seville's busy streets.

Sevilla - World Fair Site

The site of the Seville World Fair is very extensive. Each of the alcoves details the reconquest of a Spanish town from the Moors.

Sevilla - Italica Colloseum

The ruins of the old Roman town of Italica are on the northern edge of Seville and easily accessible by local bus. Visit the Andalucia Provincial web site for more info. This is the ruins of the amazing amphitheatre.

Sevilla - Italica Colloseum Floor

The floor of the amphitheatre in the old Roman town of Italica, just outside Seville.

Sevilla - Italica Colloseum Passageway

One of the internal passageways in the amphitheatre in the old Roman town of Italica, just outside Seville.

Sevilla - Italica Tiled Fllors

The tiled floors in some of the houses in the old Roman town of Italica, just outside Seville.

Sevilla - Italica Tiled Floors Detail

Close up detail of a tiled floor in the old Roman town of Italica, just outside Seville.

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