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Merida - Roman Amphitheatre Overall (Oct 2006)


If you are like me and love ancient history and ruins then Merida in central Extremadura is like heaven. It has a reputation for having the best Roman ruins in western Europe outside Italy and I couldn’t argue with that. There are ruins of the old Roman town of Caesar Emeritus everywhere and first class museums. The Roman bridge, theatre, amphitheatre, circus, aqueduct, arches, villas, pre-Arab Christian relics, Arab fortress; the list goes on and on.

The one thing I can’t recommend in Merida is the Hostal El Alfarero. For the first time in my life I have lodged a formal complaint with the authorities about an accommodation venue. Contact me if you want the full story but take my advice and stay away!

Apart from that we loved Merida!

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version and then click on your browser's "back:" arrow to return to this page.

Merida - Roman Bridge Panoramic (Oct 2006)

Merida is crawling with fantastic ruins and old historic buildings but this old Roman bridge takes the cake at over 700 metres long and still in use after 2,000 years!

Merida - Roman Theatre Panoramic (Oct 2006)

Parts of the incredible, stylish Roman theatre are amzingly well preserved because part of it was filled with rubble and this prevented it being pillaged.

Merida - Huge Aqueduct Ruins (Oct 2006)

Merida, in its days as the Roman town of Caesar Emeritus, was served by a huge aqueduct which was kilometres long; alas only a small part remains today.

Merida - Roman Amphitheatre Overall (Oct 2006)

The Roman amphitheatre in Merida is located right next to the theatre, as part of an ancient entertainment precinct! Parts are very well preserved and the points where the decorative marble cladding was attached can be seen all around.

Merida - Roman Amphitheatre Entrance Tunnel (Oct 2006)

The tunnels and access ways through which the crowds poured in or out of the Roman public places, such as the amphitheatre in Merida, are aptly called "vomitoria"!

Merida - Roman Theatre Roman & Modern Steps (Oct 2006)

What a poignant view of ancient Roman steps alongside some less eroded modern ones at the Roman theatre in Merida.

Merida - Circus (Oct 2006)

Memories of Ben Hur are brought to mind when strolling around the Roman circus in Merida.

Merida - Roman Forum Statues (Oct 2006)

A Roman forum is being excavated in one of Merida's main streets.

Merida - Trajanic Arch (Oct 2006)

The modern and ancient street plans must be VERY similar in Merida! This Trajanic arch spans a street in a busy part of downtown.

Merida - Roman Temple of Diana (Oct 2006)

A large Roman temple to the Godess Diana is being uncovered a block away from the excavation site for the Roman Forum.

Merida - Casa del Miithreo Terrazo Floor (Oct 2006)

A grand Roman villa known as Casa del Mithreo is being uncovered in Merida. This is the terrazo floor in one of its rooms.

Merida - Casa del Miithreo Roman Street (Oct 2006)

A roman street being excavated near Casa del Mithreo.

Merida - Basilica Santa Eulalia (Oct 2006)

The Basilica of Saint Eulalia is built on the site of an early Christian (pre-Arab invasion) church. We attended mass here while in Merida.

Merida - Basilica Santa Eulalia Early Christian Era Grave (Oct 2006)

The entire area under the Basilica of Saint Eulalia has been excavated revealing all kinds of early Christian graves and relics.

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