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Granada - Alhambra Reflections Header


It is no wonder the Arabs lingered longest here in Granada, and were so stubborn in their resistance to the final stages of the reconquista. The city of Granada is a treasure; set among hills and mountains which are like a crown for it, the twisting atreets of the old city, the Alhambra, Generalife and ambience are all special and unique. Granada is one of the "must sees" in your life.

On our first visit in 2000 we stayed at a forgettable small hostal up the hill near the entrance to the Alhambra and Generalife. We though we were doing the smart thing by being near the main attraction, however once we has seen these wonderful sights we spent the rest of our stay trekking up and down the long STEEP hill between town and the hostel - NOT smart. On the other hand Granada has lots of ambience, and this translates into unbelievably large and LOUD groups of people thronging the city plazas. The moral of this story is to find a hostel in a quiet street and NOT in a plaza!

On our second visit in 2006 we found a great place, the Hostal Meridiano, perfectly situated near to Plaza de los Lobos (Place of the Wolves!) and would have stayed longer if we could have.

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Granada - Alhambra (from Mirador de San Nicolas (Nov 2006)

A view of the magnificent Alhambra taken from Mirador de San Nicolas, Granada.

Granada - Alhambra Detail 2 (from Mirador de San Nicolas (Nov 2006)

A more detailed view of the Alhambra, also taken from Mirador de San Nicolas, Granada.

Granada - Alhambra Lions Courtyard

The historic Lions Courtyard in the Alhambra, Granada.

Granada - Alhambra Lions Fountain

The Lions Fountain in the historic Lions Courtyard in the Alhambra, Granada.

Granada - Alhambra Reflections

Reflections in a peaceful water feature in the Alhambra, Granada.

Granada - Alhambra Walls at Dusk

The walls of the Alhambra in Granada in dusk light. The walls are illuminated at night and are a truly magnificent sight.

Granada - Cathedral from Alhambra Walls

A view of Granada and the cathedral from the lofty walls of the Alhambra. As a defensive position it must have been virtually impregnable.

Granada - Detailed Stonework in Alhambra

Detailed stonework in the Alhambra, Granada.

Granada - City from Generalife

Granada city streets from the Generalife.

Granada - Generalife Arabic Inscriptions

Stylish arabic incscription in the Generalife, Granada.

Granada - Generalife Water Feature

One of many peaceful water features in the Generalife, Granada.

Granada - Hilly Streets from Alhambra Walls

Hilly Granada streets taken from the walls of the Alhambra.

Granada - Mountains from Generalife

Some of the mountains around Granada taken from the Generalife.

Granada - Palace & Walls from Generalife

The Christian Monarchs newer palace and Alhambra walls viewed from the Generalife in Granada.

Granada - River Course from Alhambra Walls

Looking down on the stream next to the Alhambra and city streets in Granada.

Granada - Town through Generalife Arch

An unusual view of Granada from a pretty arched arabic window in the Generalife.

Granada - Cathedral (Nov 2006)

The beautiful Granada Cathedral, last resting place of the Catholic Monarchs Fernando and Isabella and their daughter Juana la Loca (the crazy) and her husband.

Granada - Cathedral Altar (Nov 2006)

The central aisle and high altar of the Granada Cathedral. The vaulted cieling seems to reach up to heaven.

Granada - Cathedral Organ (Nov 2006)

The massive organ in the Granada Cathedral is a beautiful work of art visually, as well as its sound.

Granada - Cathedral Pulpit (Nov 2006)

The ornate pulpit in the Granada Cathedral.

Granada - Yellow Rat Bastard Shop (Nov 2006)

I had to take a shot of the "Yellow Rat Bastard" shop in a Granada, in (from memory) Plaza de la Estrella (or similar), not far from Plaza de los Lobos. If anyone knows the origin of this shop name I'd love to hear the story!

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